Issue#1175162: Ubuntu - [server] Issues with DRBD afther upgrading the kernal to 4.4.0-36-generic

  • Dear reader,

    Last day's, we've upgraded a part of our servers, running on ubuntu 14.04, to kernal 4.4.0-36-generic. But now we got issues with DRBD.
    The isue: afther some hours/days, one of the nodes is missing his connectio to the other one, get in a time-oud but don't reconect. The other node has good status.

    The syslog message:

    Sep  5 09:16:18 node0 kernel: [169133.126069] block drbd0: Online verify done (total 117976 sec; paused 0 sec;
    32580 K/sec)
    Sep  5 09:16:18 node0 kernel: [169133.126082] block drbd0: conn( VerifyS -> Connected )
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.190193] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 00000000
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.190448] IP: [<ffffffff813e20d6>] memcpy_erms+0x6/0x10
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.190624] PGD 0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.190694] Oops: 0000 [#1] SMP
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.190800] Modules linked in: vhost_net vhost macvtap macvlan ip_vs ebtable_
    nat ebtables drbd lru_cache libcrc32c ip6t_REJECT nf_reject_ipv6 nf_log_ipv6 xt_hl ip6t_rt nf_conntrack_ipv6 nf_def
    rag_ipv6 ipt_REJECT nf_reject_ipv4 nf_log_ipv4 nf_log_common xt_LOG xt_limit xt_tcpudp xt_physdev br_netfilter brid
    ge stp llc xt_addrtype nf_conntrack_ipv4 nf_defrag_ipv4 xt_conntrack ip6table_filter ip6_tables ipmi_ssif x86_pkg_t
    emp_thermal nf_conntrack_netbios_ns nf_conntrack_broadcast nf_nat_ftp nf_nat nf_conntrack_ftp intel_powerclamp nf_conntrack coretemp iptable_filter kvm_intel ip_tables x_tables kvm irqbypass crct10dif_pclmul crc32_pclmul aesni_intel aes_x86_64 lrw gf128mul sb_edac input_leds glue_helper ipmi_si joydev dm_multipath ablk_helper cryptd mei_me mei serio_raw edac_core ioatdma shpchp wmi lpc_ich 8250_fintek ipmi_msghandler mac_hid bonding lp parport hid_generic usbhid hid igb i2c_algo_bit dca isci libsas ahci ptp psmouse libahci scsi_transport_sas megaraid_sas pps_core fjes
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.193897] CPU: 0 PID: 3205 Comm: drbd_w_r0 Not tainted 4.4.0-36-generic #55~14.04.1-Ubuntu

    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.194155] Hardware name: Supermicro X9DRW/X9DRW, BIOS 3.0c 03/24/2014
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.199527] task: ffff883fefb81b80 ti: ffff883fe663c000 task.ti: ffff883fe663c000
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.210410] RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff813e20d6>]  [<ffffffff813e20d6>] memcpy_erms+0x6/0x10
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.221473] RSP: 0018:ffff883fe663fae0  EFLAGS: 00010282
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.227018] RAX: ffff88126bbb9370 RBX: 00000000000000c0 RCX: 00000000000000c0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.238447] RDX: 00000000000000c0 RSI: 0000000000000003 RDI: ffff88126bbb9370
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.250125] RBP: ffff883fe663fb20 R08: ffff883fe663fc30 R09: ffff883fefb82458
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.261875] R10: 0000000000000000 R11: ffff881fd629cc30 R12: 0000000000000a70
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.273975] R13: ffff883fe663fc50 R14: ffff883fe663fc50 R15: 0000000000000000
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.286295] FS:  0000000000000000(0000) GS:ffff881fff800000(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.298620] CS:  0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 0000000080050033
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.304776] CR2: 0000000000000003 CR3: 0000000001c0c000 CR4: 00000000001426f0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.316830] Stack:
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.322654]  ffffffff813e6917 ffff883fe663fc30 ffff88126bbb9430 ffff881fd629cb00
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.334390]  ffff88126be52200 000000000000fe88 ffff883fe663fc40 0000000000000a70
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.346116]  ffff883fe663fbb0 ffffffff8173ff47 ffffffff8137c548 ffff883fefb82458
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.357839] Call Trace:
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.363542]  [<ffffffff813e6917>] ? copy_from_iter+0x2b7/0x2d0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.369299]  [<ffffffff8173ff47>] tcp_sendmsg+0x997/0xad0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.374963]  [<ffffffff8137c548>] ? aa_sk_perm+0x78/0x230
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.380508]  [<ffffffff81769dd7>] inet_sendmsg+0x67/0xa0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.385916]  [<ffffffff816d6dd8>] sock_sendmsg+0x38/0x50
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.391165]  [<ffffffff816d6eeb>] kernel_sendmsg+0x2b/0x30
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.396371]  [<ffffffffc0514c40>] drbd_send+0xc0/0x1b0 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.401510]  [<ffffffffc0516641>] _drbd_no_send_page.isra.38+0x71/0xb0 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.411524]  [<ffffffffc0516b6c>] drbd_send_dblock+0x33c/0x630 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.416611]  [<ffffffffc04fcbf4>] w_send_dblock+0x94/0x150 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.421598]  [<ffffffffc04fdeca>] drbd_worker+0xea/0x350 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.426491]  [<ffffffffc0513210>] ? drbd_destroy_connection+0x160/0x160 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.435996]  [<ffffffffc051325b>] drbd_thread_setup+0x4b/0x130 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.440821]  [<ffffffffc0513210>] ? drbd_destroy_connection+0x160/0x160 [drbd]
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.450159]  [<ffffffff8109b859>] kthread+0xc9/0xe0
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.454798]  [<ffffffff8109b790>] ? kthread_park+0x60/0x60
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.459393]  [<ffffffff817f788f>] ret_from_fork+0x3f/0x70
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.463915]  [<ffffffff8109b790>] ? kthread_park+0x60/0x60
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.468333] Code: ff eb eb 90 90 eb 1e 0f 1f 00 48 89 f8 48 89 d1 48 c1 e9 03 83 e2 07 f3 48 a5 89 d1 f3 a4 c3 66 0f 1f 44 00 00 48 89 f8 48 89 d1 <f3> a4 c3 0f 1f 80 00 00 00 00 48 89 f8 48 83 fa 20 72 7e 40 38
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.482245] RIP  [<ffffffff813e20d6>] memcpy_erms+0x6/0x10
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.486709]  RSP <ffff883fe663fae0>
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.491024] CR2: 0000000000000003
    Sep  5 11:39:08 node0 kernel: [177703.501733] ---[ end trace 8d5cbca266e6c158 ]---
    Sep  5 11:39:09 node0 kernel: [177705.010207] block drbd0: Remote failed to finish a request within ko-count * timeout
    Sep  5 11:39:09 node0 kernel: [177705.018702] drbd r0: peer( Secondary -> Unknown ) conn( Connected -> Timeout ) pdsk( UpToDate -> DUnknown )

    DRBD Status node 0


    0: cs:Timeout ro:Primary/Unknown ds:UpToDate/DUnknown C r---n-
        ns:21436908 nr:7396 dw:21577856 dr:1719865368 al:1814 bm:0 lo:1 pe:18626 ua:0 ap:18627 ep:1 wo:f oos:53248
     1: cs:Connected ro:Secondary/Primary ds:UpToDate/UpToDate C r-----
        ns:19952 nr:28970644 dw:28990772 dr:1686312224 al:54 bm:0 lo:0 pe:0 ua:0 ap:0 ep:1 wo:f oos:0

    DRBD Status node 1


    version: 8.4.3 (api:1/proto:86-101)
    srcversion: 6551AD2C98F533733BE558C
     0: cs:Connected ro:Secondary/Primary ds:UpToDate/UpToDate C r-----
        ns:0 nr:21424744 dw:21424744 dr:1696396700 al:0 bm:85 lo:1 pe:0 ua:0 ap:0 ep:1 wo:f oos:0
     1: cs:Connected ro:Primary/Secondary ds:UpToDate/UpToDate C r-----
        ns:28956280 nr:16548 dw:28972828 dr:1714354980 al:2103 bm:86 lo:0 pe:0 ua:0 ap:0 ep:1 wo:f oos:0

    1 Answers

    #654 - 29-Sep-2016 16:10

    Got the same problem.

    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I am using the KDE desktop manager (i.e. Kubuntu). Here are the issues I have seen thus far: 1. My 14.04 KDE settings (located in ~/.kde) are not supported and/or not read by 16.04. 2. KDE Window manager occasionally crashes; this leaves the user with no ability to manage opened windows (i.e. move, resize, close, etc). New windows appear on the upper-left of the screen with the same problem in that they cannot be managed. A log-out/log-in solves the problem. 3. Audio playback of MP3 music sometimes stutters. 4. Custom IPv4 setting of wired network interface stopped working; I had to revert to using DHCP, which is not ideal for a server system. Before going to DHCP, I could not ping my router, much less anything on the outside (e.g. Overall, I regret going through with the upgrade. I recommend to others to forgo this version. It is quite clear that insufficient testing was conducted on the product. As for 14.04, it is supposedly supported until 2019, which should c

  • Issue#1008680: Ubuntu - Issues upgrading Kernel

    I was running 14.04.1 LTS server successfully for a couple years and recently performed an upgrade to Xenial, 16.04.1 LTS. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but the upgrade failed half way through, but 16.04.1 appears to be installed, but I'm running the old kernel. Code: [email protected]:~$ uname -r 3.19.0-64-generic [email protected]:~$ At first, when booting, the server would fail to boot each time. I've attempted to uninstall the Kernel and reinstall again with different versions, but each time the server does not boot. My latest attempt was with 4.04.0-31. First I removed the other kernels and attempted a fresh install of the kernel I'm attempting to boot. Code: [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install linux-headers-4.4.0-31 linux-headers-4.4.0-31-generic linux-image-4.4.0-31-generic --fix-missing Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done linux-headers-4.4.0-31 is already the newest version (4.4.0-31.50). linux-headers-4.4.0-31 set to m

  • Issue#1043378: Ubuntu server 16 - tty issues

    Hi I'm quiet new to ubuntu server , I installed it and then I added a desktop-gui I made some changes so it will auto login (necessary) and then bashrc runs "startx" and the gui launches (also necessary) when it finishes to boot it has a print from tty1 announcing "ubuntu tty1" & "[email protected] auto login" I have to delete those outputs , I tried to change the getty but it doesnt help/ how can I totally delete those outputs printings (I have to keep the server structure with the gui and the auto-login and ) Thank's ahead for helping:-)

  • Issue#1045798: Ubuntu - Issue with Nautilus after upgrading to 16.04

    Hi everyone, I have begun to have an issue with Nautilus after upgrading to 16.04. If I use Nautilus to access my external hard drive, maximise another window, and try to return to Nautilus by clicking on its icon, the little flag thing that indicates that there is an instance of a program running will disappear and it will open another Nautilus window instead of returning to the original window. This only occurs if I am accessing files on my external hard drive, if I access files on the internal hard drive, this does not occur. Is there a way of fixing this?

  • Issue#1066067: Ubuntu - i915_bpo error after upgrading kernal from 4.4.0-31 to 4.4.0-34

    Hi, Looking for some guidance on how to handle this suspected bug. After upgrading to 4.4.0-34, I am receiving this error in syslog: Quote: [ 1.688565] [drm:intel_dp_link_training_clock_recovery [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* too many voltage retries, give up [ 1.688863] [drm:intel_dp_start_link_train [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* failed to train DP, aborting [ 1.968975] [drm:intel_dp_link_training_clock_recovery [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* too many voltage retries, give up [ 1.974801] [drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_irq_handler [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* CPU pipe A FIFO underrun [ 1.975256] [drm:intel_dp_link_training_clock_recovery [i915_bpo]] *ERROR* too many voltage retries, give up I also got this error during the installation of the new kernel: Quote: W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/i915/skl_guc_ver6.bin for module i915_bpo The primary symptom that brought this issue to my attention was that the display does not return when the machine returns from sleep. This

  • Issue#1093495: Ubuntu - [server] Having troubles upgrading ssh 6.6p1 to 7.2p2

    Please i have been trying to update my open ssl version from 6.6p1 to 7.2p2 to close a vulnerability but i get the following error when i do ./configure and your kind assistance will be happily appreciated . configure: error: *** OpenSSL headers missing - please install first or check config.log *** Thank you.

  • Issue#1107215: Ubuntu - Issues since upgrading to 15.10

    I have no idea if these issues are linked 1. If I have updates set to LTS Releases only, I am not offered 16.04.1. 2 I have a red triangle exclamation icon which warns "The update information is out of date. This may be caused by a network problem, or by a repository that is no longer available. Please update manually by selecting "show updates" from the indicator menu, and watching for any failing repositories." Doing so results in "The software on this computer is up to date". 3. Boot issues. Repeated attempts to boot result in "Operating system not found". Eventually it boots. Quick Disk check reveals no errors. Any ideas?