Issue#12219: Radio Control - JXD 509G FPV Drone Mods

  • Here's a thread for any mods made on the JXD 509G FPV.
    Any mods to the 509W or 509V would be fitting too.

    Much discussion has been started on the thread JXD 509G FPV Drone Flight Test Review.
    Now that I received my own, I'm going beyond flight test reviews to modifications.

    Anyone upgrade the props? The motors? The batteries? Remove some of the weight of the body somehow? I'd love to see & hear if it increased your flight time. Pictures preferred.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#79083: Radio Control - JXD 509G JXD509G 5.8G FPV With 2.0MP HD Camera High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter

    JXD 509G JXD509G 5.8G FPV With 2.0MP HD Camera High Hold Mode RC Quadcopter I bought a JXD 385 a couple of years ago when I was flying Wltoys V202s and V252s and it was a good quad at that time that competed with the Wltoys quads well. It came with a transmitter that did not include autoflips at 100% rates like the V252 tx and had the same protocol as the Wltoys, so I used that transmitter for a while to fly the Wltoys quads. The 385 flew very well but did not have good LEDs for night flying. My 385 still works but all four motors have been replaced once. Banggood asked if I would like to review the JXD 509G, I said yes. This is only my second JXD quad. I recieved this quad on 2/01/2016 from Banggood. Good shipping time of only 14 days using China Post. You can find it here: Attachment 8680835 First Impressions As mentioned in the other JXD 509 threads this quad copies the design of the Yuneec Q500, a larger quad that I am

  • Issue#88677: Radio Control - My JXD 509G - Upgrades & Mods List

    Here's a list of all the desired upgrades and mods I have for the JXD 509G. Resolve video jello effect.Velcro on camera housing = partially resolved. Prop balanced on quad = WAITING ON RESULTS Remove all props & test individual motor vibration for source OPTION: Mount camera on top OPTION: Hot glue the camera on w/out housing (align before it dries!) - another pilots video shows virtually no jello with this mod! Wide Angle Clip Lens Monochrome LCD display on Controller - some JXD 509s have these, mine did not. Better Antenna’s - for Quad, Controller and FPV.Antenna mod done on quad = WAITING ON RESULTS Bigger FPV LCD and/or FPV goggle mod Multiple battery upgrade Engine upgradeI've read (not verified) the motors are 8.5x20mm. That means these models have compatible engines: Hubsan X4, 107C, 107D, NOT 107L Walkera W100s V929 V949 V959 V969 The engines I found: - $31.00 insane speed - $27 fast speed - $11.99 - Husband originals - $8.80 for two Stock Replacements Caring Case

  • Issue#95603: Radio Control - JXD 509G 5.8 GHz FPV Quadcopter with Altitude Hold (work in progress)

    One of the current hypes in cheap RTF "multirotor-country" is altitude hold. The idea is to make flying easier, as throttle control is one of the hardest functions to grasp, for fresh pilots. Another benefit should be, to have a more stable platform for shooting video. Will this work out as intended? A closer look at the JXD 509G might give some answers. Disclaimer: I don't get paid, or in any other way make money with reviews like these. Product specifications and quality may vary at the manufacturer's discretion, and are beyond my influence. I cannot guarantuee you will get a product that performs exactly the same as seen and described in this review. For easy navigation, here's a list of contents: 1: Specifications (posting #1) 2: Unboxing (posting #1) 3: Transmitter (posting #1) 4: Flying Performance (posting #1) 5: Preliminary Verdict (posting #1) 6: Suitable for a Beginner? (posting #1) 7: Camera & FPV Performance (posting #2) 8: Hints, Tips & Modification

  • Issue#484337: Radio Control - JXD 510W Unboxing - Wifi FPV, Altitude Hold Drone

    This is a new quadcopter from JXD named 510W with Wifi FPV HD camera, altitude hold features and phone app control. I received this product from Gearbest recently and here I am with unboxing video: This looks like a pretty good drone with nice plastic and futuristic design altogether. I like that it is compact and does not feel cheap. Comes with a wifi FPV camera with 1 axis fixed gimbal which can be rotated up/down with a very limited rotation angle (not so useful unless it turns completely 90 deg facing downward). Checkout my unboxing and first impression video below: JXD 510W Wifi FPV Drone Unboxing (10 min 23 sec) Here is the direct link: Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for updates and flight review video coming soon:

  • Issue#551555: Radio Control - JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6 Axis RC Drone

    In this video I unbox the JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6 Axis RC Drone, review its parts and pieces, put it through its maiden flight & first FPV Flight, and at the end of the video I wrap it up with a review based on my experiences with this RC Quad. Here are my review notes for this FPV multirotor: Pros: - Altitude hold is ROCK SOLID! - The 5.8G FPV has very little latency - The video display looks great in person - It is very responsive even on the first of three flight modes - The 2.0MP HD Camera is solid - I can use a wide variety of batteries with it given the battery connector is comes with. Cons: - Short flight time (4-5 minutes) This is the latest version of the JXD 509G FPV Drone and I am excited for the wind to calm down so I can get is some nice flights outdoors. JXD 510G 5.8G FPV 6-Axis HD Camera RC Drone Quadcopter Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review (11 min 53 sec)

  • Issue#592194: Radio Control - has anyone resolved the infamous JXD 509G binding issue?

    Hi everyone, been having a blast ever since i received my jxd 509G. a home made cloverleaf antenna on the fpv receiver has breathed new life into this thing! but in the last few days i've started having binding issues... after the binding procedure the LEDS keep blinking for a while and then they start blinking very quickly, like a strobe effect. it seems like it isn't binded at all but if if bring both sticks down and in the LEDS on the quad start flashing as if i'm calibrating the gyro!!! but it stil won't start, and no other buttons work either (lights, video...) what is this all about!?!?! it can take me SEVERAL attemps before i am finally able to bind. always seems to be a crapshoot. so i've read about this issue a lot but wasn't able to find a definitive fix or procedure... what is your experience with this? i want to get this right from the start!!! thanks!

  • Issue#759230: Radio Control - JXD Review, Camera Mods, and FPV Mod

    NEW JXD 510G Xpredators Review, camera gimbal mod, Fpv mod, and Flight test. I spend some time with the JXD 510G and show you what sucks about it, and what is good. This is the predecessor to the JXD 509G. DC/RC PROS vs CONS; Pros: - Fpv range around 100 meters - Altitude hold - Decent 600mah battery - Affordable price - Cheap batteries and parts - Fpv ready - 4" monitor on 5.8Ghz - Strong landing gear - No FAA registration required - Auto-land on low battery - Comes with a 4GB micro SD card and reader - 4" monitor. Plus the monitor has a re-chargable battery! - Headless Mode and 1 key return. Cons: - LOTS OF JELLO. You need to do the foam mod I show in this video. It's not hard to do. - Monitor is kind of small and hard to see. - Sad that my Fatsharks couldn't hold a signal far enough to do some fpv out of the box. Specifications: Brand: JXD Item No.: 510G Color: Black Frequency: 2.4GHz Gyro: 6 Axis Gyro Camera Pixel: 2.0MP Charging Time: About 60mins Flying Time: Abo

  • Issue#759231: Radio Control - JXD 510G - Camera mods, FPV Mod & Review

    NEW JXD 510G Xpredators Review, camera gimbal mod, Fpv mod, and Flight test. I spend some time with the JXD 510G and show you what sucks about it, and what is good. This is the predecessor to the JXD 509G. Buy one for yourself from here: DC/RC PROS vs CONS; Pros: - Fpv range around 100 meters - Altitude hold - Decent 600mah battery - Affordable price - Cheap batteries and parts - Fpv ready - 4" monitor on 5.8Ghz - Strong landing gear - No FAA registration required - Auto-land on low battery - Comes with a 4GB micro SD card and reader - 4" monitor. Plus the monitor has a re-chargable battery! - Headless Mode and 1 key return. Cons: - LOTS OF JELLO. You need to do the foam mod I show in this video. It's not hard to do. - Monitor is kind of small and hard to see. - Sad that my Fatsharks couldn't hold a signal far enough to do some fpv out of the box. Specifications: Brand: JXD Item No.: 510G Color: Black Frequency: 2.4GHz Gyro: 6 Axis Gyr

  • Issue#7197: Radio Control - Integrated modular design FPV racer--Smart 190 racing drone

    :popcorn:look here everybuddy Smart 190 190mm CC3D FPV 5.8G 40CH Transmitter 600TVL Night Vision Camera Integrated modular design Racing drone Attachment 8639574 Attachment 8639575 Attachment 8639576 Attachment 8639577 Specification: Brand name Smart Item name Smart 190 Racing drone BNF Wheelbase 190mm Arm Thinkness 2mm Frame Thickness 1.2mm Meterial 3K Carbon fiber+Aluminum Propeller 4040 Motor 1806 2400KV Flight controller CC3D ESC 16A BIheli Receiver Walera RX601 Battery 850-1000mAh FPV transmitter 5.8G 40CH 200mw Flight time 5-7 minutes Remote control distance ≤1000m FPV transmission distance ≤1000m Weight 192g(without battery) Weight: 280g(with battery) Camera Resolution: 700TVL Resolution: PAL: (720x576) / NTSC(720x487) FOV:120 Degree Image sensor:1/3 CMOS image sensor Illumination:0.008LUX Standard Lens :2.8 mm Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#11028: Radio Control - The Drone Racing League is the WWE of FPV

    !The DRL is here! !! Jason Koebler on the DRL Jason Koebler is not only a writer for MotherBoard, he is also an RCGroups user. He has written many articles recently about FPV. Check out his latest about the new Drone Racing League: DRL 101: What is Drone Racing? | Drone Racing League (2 min 1 sec) After watching the Drone Racing League’s launch video at the party in Brooklyn last night, the league’s premise reminded me of something, but I wasn’t sure of what. “You have to start with a vision,” Tony Budding, the league’s director of media, said. “What are the stories? Is it a true sport? Is it entertainment? Are we going WWE, is it NASCAR? Formula 1? There are many ways we can address it.” DRL 101: What is FPV Flying? | Drone Racing League (1 min 59 sec) The DRL is an attempt to take the hobby of first person view drone racing—in which pilots strap on video goggles that show a live stream of a front-facing camera on the drone, which can go nearly 100 mph

  • Issue#12295: Radio Control - LISAM KEEL-270 270mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Drone 5.8G 40CH Transmitter 700TVL Came

    :)new arrival USD170 for 270mm FPV racer LISAM KEEL-270 270mm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Drone 5.8G 40CH Transmitter 700TVL Camera ARF Attachment 8643081 Attachment 8643082 Attachment 8643083 Attachment 8643086 Attachment 8643087 Attachment 8643088 Attachment 8643089 Attachment 8643090 Attachment 8643091 Description: Brand: Lisam Model: KEEL-270 Wheelbase: 270mm Weight: 145g Material: 3k Carbon Fiber Size: 224 x 211 x 85mm Motor: Model: 2204L KV (rpm / v): 2300 Batteries number (cell): 2-4S Weight: 21g Height: 34.6mm Diameter: 28mm Propeller Aperture: 5mm Lisam oneshot125 ESC 12A: Continuous operating current: 12A Instantaneous current: 20A (5 seconds) Number lithium applicable section: 2-4S Size: 31 x 15 x 5mm Weight (with cord): 7.4g BEC Linear: No Can Programming: Yes Flight Controller: Flight Control Model: MICRO CC3D Size: 44 x 20 x 13mm Weight: 6.7g UBEC 5V power supply module: Input voltage 4.5V ~ 28V Output voltage 0.8V ~ 20V Output current 3A (maximum) Conversi

  • Issue#48821: Radio Control - Drone racing community for Dutch FPV pilots

    Hi Dutchies on RCGroups! We want to invite you to our new Drone Racing related community, we hope to help the sport grow by supporting it online and offline with events and races to come! Hope to see you soon as a member on Kind regards, Matt Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#66616: Radio Control - Yuneed Typhoon Q500 GPS FPV Aerial Video Drone Ready to Fly

    I have a like new Yuneec Q500 GPS and FPV 500 size quadcopter for sale. It was used a few times and never crashed. It is very easy to fly even for beginners. It measures about 22" from prop to prop crossways. This is a great machine for high quality full hd video that is easy to control and is known for its successful platform for aerial video production. You can read many reviews on these online. I know what these are going for and I am pricing it at the lower end of the spectrum. It comes with box, 2 batteries, charger, cotroller with HD screen that shows real time what the 1080p controllable camera sees. The camera can tilt is controlled by a slider on the radio. The radio has many modes to use. I mainly flew it in GPS mode. Also comes with optional hand held camera gimbal that you mount the quads camera on for video via hand. The screen shows your altidude, speed, gps location, and battery power along with other options. I have not tried it myself but they are capable of trave

  • Issue#78208: Radio Control - Camera drone with gimbal and FPV

    Hey! I'm about to build a quadcopter that should be able to use a gimbal (for GoPro) and be able to send FPV live. I also want to be able to make a route for the drone from the ground. So I was wondering what electronic setup I should use. The frame is F450 by Dji. List of things I need: -ESC (What capacity?) -Motors (What capacity?) -Receiver -Transmitter (w. gimbal movement options) -Flight controller (not Naza. Too expensive) -Compass -Altimeter -Software -FPV camera -Gimbal motors -Propellers Is it possible to get a system that also has a FPV system? I don’t want to use the GoPro as my FPV camera - because of the delay. Could something like this be a possibility (see picture)? My max price is (400 €) (450 $) (3000 DKK) (300 GBP). Any kind of help will really be appreciated! ;) Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#78724: Radio Control - Marco Polo Drone or FPV plane Locator - Needs tag

    Selling my Marco Polo system, works great at tracking drones and planes!! Comes with handheld unit, AC charger, and manual. It does need a new tag though as the old one will not fire up. (no lights) It may need a battery or something. I removed the heatshrink but didn't see anything obvious. Your welcome to try to fix it or a new tag is about $90. $65 shipped in USA only. :) See these links: Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#117131: Radio Control - FPV Distortion Issue

    Hey all, I've just got into drones and flying a lot of LOS. I've got my self a Quanum V2 goggle set which is great. I'm using an Emax Nighthawk 280 which is awesome to fly. I went out to try FPV for the first time. Bench testing was fine. I put it to the paces and it doesn't take long for the signal to start withering away. The picture would flicker and distort but not bad enough to lose signal. I'm flying with perfect LOS, no trees, no buildings etc, flat open land about 500msq but staying within say a 150m distance. It gets to the point I need my spotter to pull the goggles off to see where I am going. I've installed a heatsink ontop of the tx as it does get pretty hot I am running the standard antenna. I have ordered a set of antennas from Banggood which have some great reviews. Will these fix the issue? I have tried different channels and no luck. I tried a interference/no los test by leaving my setup near my wifi modem in the house and walked outside. I could only get about 10 m

  • Issue#119239: Radio Control - Blade Nano QX FPV Motor Issue

    I've replaced the motors on my Nano QX FPV after one of them went bad (hot and low power) with the MMW medium motors. After only a couple of flights, the same motor position went bad again. Transposed it to another position to confirm it was the motor and it was. Getting very hot and low power. I replaced it again and only 2 or 3 flights, it went bad again, same position. What is the issue here and is it a replaceable component I need to change? Thanks.

  • Issue#127225: Radio Control - Blade Mach 25 FPV Racer Quad/Drone BNF. Brand New

    Please look at pictures closely, I do not offer returns. Prices include shipped to the continental United States. Shipping anywhere else must be paid for by the buyer. PayPal only. Not looking for trades. Brand new Blade Mach 25 quad BNF. Only opened to take pictures. Never even powered on. Asking $390 Shipped OBO

  • Issue#142209: Radio Control - Issue Producing an FPV Image

    Thank you for taking the time to look. My issue I've not been able to figure out... What I have... CX-20 (open source) SJ4000 WiFi Camera Eachine ET25 transmitter USB AV out cable Eachine LCD5802S What I'm trying to figure out is how to connect the USB cable to the transmitter. I am powering the transmitter from the CX-20 in the 12V plugs. I have the transmitter and the LCD on the same band & frequency. I see a black screen when the transmitter is powered up. So now I need to connect the USB out cable to the transmitter. I'm not going to charge the camera so I assume I won't need the red & black cables. Leaving the green(AV-) & white(AV+) cables. I assume I will plug the white USB cable to the yellow transmitter cable. Leaving the green USB cable left. What happens to it? Do I connect it to the black transmitter ground cable? Or match it to the white audio cable on the transmitter? Not sure if this is correct. Now.... **For full disclosure** I had ordere

  • Issue#147950: Radio Control - Micro drone 3.0, 2 extra batteries, 720p fpv camera....

    Just got this In the mail an hr ago. Not for retail for a few months. Comes with drone, camera, 3 batteries 550mah, extra regular props, inverted pops, dodo case for 3D fpv, controller with 500ft range, 3 flight speeds, phone mount for transmitter. video is 300ft range. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#151468: Radio Control - KINGKONG 260 FPV Racing Drone Plug & Play

    I got a notice from HK a couple of days ago about this new plug and play 260 fpv racing quad (just add Rx, flight pack, and goggles/monitor). Basically it looks like the current Kingkong 260 frameset with their Force 200 power set (one that includes the cc3d FC and 6x4 props), plus a 5.8g 200mw 32ch vtx, spironet antenna, and a 1000tvl cmos 5-12v cmos camera. Rather than just copy/paste the product's description, here is the link to the Green and Red versions; For $122 (when you are signed in, or wait a few minutes, lol!) it looks pretty good, esp with the FPV gear also included. I'm not too crazy about the one-piece bottom frame/motor arms but apparently these are pretty crash resistant and easy to repair with a couple of cable ties. Anyway, for $122 plus $19 DHL shipping to Oz I could not resist, and I ordered the Green version. I am not looking at this being a top-end 2

  • Issue#164309: Radio Control - Eachine Assassin 180 5.8GHZ RTF FPV Drone

    I just got this Eachine Assassin 180 RTF FPV Drone that just came out and made an Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review video for it. It comes in a really high quality case to keep it safe and for easy travel. In addition to the Eachine Assassin 180 FPV Drone with built-in OSD, GPS, NAZE32, it comes RTF with the newly released Eachine VR-007 HD Goggles, and the Eachine I6 Transmitter. Here is a quick summary of the my review: Pros - 2300KV Brushless Motors - It comes in a top quality product case - Three flight modes to choose from - It has a sports camera mount on top with vibration dampening material so I can get great footage with my Mobius cameras. - Clear and easy to use HD FPV Goggles - The goggles are very comfortable to wear in early testing due to very comfortable foam and top head strap. - The goggles operate on 5.8GHZ 600mW w/40 channel VTX - Very bright lights and the front lights have incredible power - Rear light indicate when roll, pitch, and yaw are activated on the st

  • Issue#164317: Radio Control - The newest wifi FPV Drone--CX-10W!(Coupon&Video)

    Cx-10W is an excellent FPV quadcopter that controlled by your smartphone! It has strong stability and good features! It's only $29.99 on Gearbest with coupon code "JR10W"!:D Here to Product: Main Features: 4 channels with LED lights 6-axis gyro with gyro calibration function Ascend, descend, forward, backward, turn left, turn right, hover, Left sideward fly, right sideward fly etc The battery is with protective function WIFI mobile control and the R/C distance is about 15m H/L Speed to switch FPV with 3D flip function It allows many people to play it at the same time and the transmission function has 8 frequency points, which would not disturb each other It has 0.3 mega pixel camera with taking videos and pictures Cheerson CX - 10W Quadcopter - (2 min 41 sec)

  • Issue#170339: Radio Control - Should I fly FPV with this drone?

    I have experience flying quadcopters and I consider myself an intermediate pilot. I have flown the Inspire 1, RC Logger Eye One Xtreme, Parrot drone 2.0, a Tarot ironman 650 I built myself (with naza), and some other quadcopter toys such as the Dromida and the ProtoX to mention but a few. However, I'm new into FPV. I want to buy the Fat shark Dominator V3 and this drone I know I must be careful, fly low and practice before getting all crazy and start flying as superman. I'm concerned about the drone stability though. Its flight controller is the CC3D which I have never tried before. Since I'm an intermediate pilot I don't know if I should try the googles with this or other drone since it's my first time flying FPV. Based on my experience what would you recommend? Any advice or comments are welcome. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Issue#193593: Radio Control - Outdoor Maiden Flight Review Eachine Assassin 180 FPV Racer Drone

    I was able to sneak in a quick outdoor maiden today. This thing is EXCEPTIONAL in the air. It is quick and VERY stable :D Eachine Assassin 180 5.8GHZ FPV Racer Drone - Outdoor Maiden Flight Review (3 min 23 sec)

  • Issue#205868: Radio Control - Drone / FPV-Laws in Dubai (UAE)?

    Hey, has anybody here checked out the drone or FPV laws in UAE yet? Is it allowed to fly somewhere out of the cities for recreational use? Cheers, Marc

  • Issue#234326: Radio Control - WTT..Full FPV- 250 Drone Racer setup BNF.. Trade for 1.5 - 2M Slope Sailplane!

    In case anyone is into Drone Racing or mini-quads i have a New Space one Fpv (Orbit 250) Carbon Edition Fully loaded and FPV ready...just bind and Fly! only 4 to 5 flights on this Quad i have aprox. $550 invested would like to trade for 1.5 - 2m Slope or electric Sailplane. Anyone interested in trading Shoot me a PM and let me know what you have. Here are the Specs. and all that is included: This Frame comes with 2 Top Plates (Short and Long) for different configurations and super thick 6mm arms which also are configurable depending on your setup and flying style. Quad is setup and FPV Ready just add your Goggles and Rock @ Roll... also including all parts ,props and accesories in the pics. *Space One FPV ( Orbit 250 ) 7 Piece Carbon Edition *2 Top Plates short and Long *Naze32 Rave5 Flashed (Clean Flight-Boris B ) *FRSky dr4-ii ( PPM setup) *Boscam 600mw vtx *Fatshark Spironet antenna (LHCP or RHCP) choose one. *RunCam Sky 650 tvl.. fpv Camera with 3D Printed case plus Ori

  • Issue#235332: Radio Control - NYC Drone Film Festival FPV Racing

    The Safety Third Racing and FPVAddiction teams got together today and raced at the Liberty Science Center for the NYC Drone Film Festival. We had an unbelievable turnout, and people of all ages tuned in a watched on the big screens and the 50 pairs of fatshark goggles the liberty science center bought for this event. some of the biggest names in racing, showing down whose boss for a DJI phantom pro, and for the kids and spectators all over. NYC Drone Film Festival FPV Racing - Safety Third - FPVAddiction (2 min 12 sec)

  • Issue#239040: Radio Control - ARF FPV Racing Drone Robocat 270

    I bought this quad online and flew it only 3 times. The quad only has a few scratches and like 4 missing screws. All lights work, motors work, everything works. Controller is in neat condition. The drone is in very good condition, and yes it flies. I'm selling it because I realized that FPV racing was not for me. It was extremely hard for me to fly, so I didn't want to take more risk. I'm on a tight budget right now, so I can't afford wasting money for future repairs. Therefore, I thought it was better to sell it now that it is still in very good condition than later. I made a bad and rushed purchase, and now I just want to recover some of my money. What is included: (No battery included) Quadcopter - Robocat 272mm true carbon fiber chassis - EMax MT2204 2300kv brushless motors - SimonK 12A esc - CC3D Flight Controller - Battery alarm - 2 pairs of red Dalprop 6040 propellors. (One pair shows sign of use, the other is brand new) -1 pair of black Dalprop 5040 (Not sure if they work w