Issue#1269: Dell Lattitude E6400: How to turn on the microphone so I can use skype etc

  • I have tried everything to get it to work even downloading another driver for the microphone nothing worked... PLEASE HELP ASAP

    ⟐ Commented January 24, 2016 at 12:47 am -0700

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#378989: Dell - Precision 4700 laptop, microphone issue

    Hello. This IDT driver is supposed to be for 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 on a dozen models including yours, however as it was written in 2013 I suspect that it is the 7/8/8.1 driver that has been re-labeled for 10.

  • Issue#461419: HP - Skype microphone issue

    Hi, I have laptop "HP 15-af001nm (M9G59EA) 15.6",AMD QC A8-7410/4GB/1TB/R5 M330 2GB" and i have issues with microphone only when im using skype, every other program works fine e.g. TeamSpeak, and some mic recorders in browser... These are my settings from skype.

  • Issue#834767: Dell - DELL Inspiron 5547 - Start Button Issue (won't turn on after power button shutdown)

    I am not the individual who initiated this query but I did have the same issue with my Dell Inspiron 5547, where it wouldn't turn on after a power button shut down.

  • Issue#967525: Skype - Laptop Dell Inspiron 7537/Windows10 (Desctop).Microphone isnt working on Skype.

    I am not only person having this problem.I have checked similar posts to my subject - Mic isn't working.  Mic isn`t working when I started a Skype conversation. Only Mic, people cant not hear me, no other problems (people see me on screen and I see and hear people well).My mic is not muted -checked. How can I solve the problem. I tried all the ideas on here. Thank you. 

  • Issue#1067318: Skype - Nexus 5x microphone issue while using headset ear buds

    I have an issue that the pull down menu in skype for the speaker on my Nexus 5X only works through my ear buds when I have chosen "device speakers".  My earbuds are not device speakers.  But the other two options of "ear piece" and "headset" only come through the 5X's regular speaker and not in a speaker phone volume but one that requires you to put your ear to it.  Seems like the menu is totally screwed up aligning with the operation of this phone.  In addition, in device speaker mode, the microphones on the phone are still active and cause issues with background noise.  

  • Issue#1069528: Skype - Microphone/audio driver fails in Skype on 2015 DELL Inspiron 15 7000 series

    I know there have been posts on this or similar problems before. None of the solutions worked for me so far. The symptoms are as follows:Shortly after beginning of the conversation the other party cannot hear my voice. Video is fine, the voice of the other party is also fine.When this happens the microphone green bar in Options/audio settings will not be seen when speaking into it.However I can hear what's spoken into the microphone in the local speakers. I uninstalled the microphone in manager, re-installed the driver, did not help.Uninstalled the Realtek hi-def audio driver. This helped first but then after 4 minutes talking the problem returned again. I can see that when this happens the speaker icon in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\manage audio devices\recording\microphone\microphone properties\levelsis crossed out. If I uncross it and put boost and level above zero the other party can hear me again.This happens spontaneously, by itself. Any ideas? 

  • Issue#1069841: Dell - Realtek Microphone/audio driver fails in Skype on 2015 DELL Inspiron 15 7000 series

    Hi everyone, I am having a problem with the Realtek microphone in Skype. The symptoms are as follows: Shortly after beginning of the conversation the other party cannot hear my voice. Video is fine, the voice of the other party is also fine. When this happens the microphone green bar in

  • Issue#1116731: Dell Latitude E6400: How to turn on my bluetooth?

    turning on my bluetooth is the problem

  • Issue#436: Dell - My Dell inspiron 15 3521 wont turn on and sounding like a beep several times

    Big Smile Dell Inspiron 3521 manual:

  • Issue#511: Asus - GL551JM Random Turn On Issue

    I'm having an issue with my ASUS ROG laptop where it will turn on by itself without being touched. When it does it says the last wake state was due to the Power Button. I found a thread here that says an update to the BIOS fixed it however the latest for the GL551JM is 204 and that was a GL551JW which has a newer BIOS update. Any help would be appreciated, it's annoying to have a dead laptop because it turned itself on over and over again in my backpack.

  • Issue#574: Dell Latitude E6400: Activating the bluetooth wireless switch

    I have been trying to teather me i phone using bluetooth. When I click on the bluetooth icon, it tells me to activate the wireless switch. How do I do this? ⟐ Commented January 23, 2016 at 4:46 pm -0700

  • Issue#2470: Unity - Random Editor issue.. | seems VS 2016 is causing editor to turn all warnings into err

    It happens in all my projects, and it only happens after I open VS (double click on script), make a script change, hit save..I can fix 'one' of the errors(warnings), unity re compiles...and Editor comes back to normal..for awhile..then back to that behavior,,, This is blocking my development chi....(I could fix every single warning)... here is the thing..under 'preferences', attach to editor...I can not Turn that Off...EVER.... I unchecked it, restart is active again...(that is... Random Editor issue.. | seems VS 2016 is causing editor to turn all warnings into errors..

  • Issue#2489: Dell Inspiron N5010: N5010 - 8 beeps. Screen won't turn on

    Hello. I've had my N5010 for almost 3 years now, and lately I've come across some problems, which peaked with the last one - dead monitor apparntly. It started with overheating problems sometime ago, then 2-3 weeks ago whenever I turned on the laptop it wouln't boot or show anything, meaning it would turn on, the lights were on but there were no beeps of signs of boot or any display (well, screen backlight was actually going on but it was still dark), What I did whenever that happend was letting the battery dry out and then would plug it to the power supply and turn it on, usually worked. Then, about a week ago, it stopped working all together - whenever I turn it on, the screen stays black and after a few seconds the laptop starts to beep 8 times over and over again until I shut it down. I've read online that 8 beeps means there's a problem with my screen or something like that. I've tried connecting it to an external monitor yesterday and it does work. What are my options? My wa

  • Issue#9019: Notebook - Dell Lattitude vs HP Probook vs Lenovo Thinkpad

    Hello My friend is looking for a notebook and ask me for a advice what notebook to recommend him. He will use a notebook for office work,facebook,skype,documents,movies plus light gaming(old games -2010-2013 ) plus Dota and League of Legends. He wants: -i5 processor -integrated graphics(HD 4600/5500/520/530) -low temperatures on stress tests. His limit is 700 euro I know that the best brands are Dell Lattitude,HP Proobook and Lenovo thinkpad. He has already liked ProBook-440-G3-72 degrees by... Dell Lattitude vs HP Probook vs Lenovo Thinkpad

  • Issue#10860: Skype - Link preview title issue

    So a friend just posted a link to an article titled "10 Signs You're [blah blah blah]" Skype Preview shows the title as "10 Signs You\'re [blah blah blah]" The apostrophe is "escaped". If you can't handle strings properly, how can you be trusted to handle our communcations?

  • Issue#11287: Skype - video message issue

    After recording a video message, I did a playback, to see how it sounds before I sent it and the playback  video, and sound had sped up where you couldn't understand it. How do I correct this?

  • Issue#12967: Skype - sign in issue.

    I have a sign in issue. My password is correct however the Skype app is telling me it cannot be opened because I am already signed in and is asking me to sign out and try again? I have no idea on how to sign out as there is no choice.  

  • Issue#13025: Notebook - Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

    Hi everyone, ppl, I will build a statue for you if anyone can advise experience with similar laptop. I am testing over a week all options in connecting eGPU Beast by miniPCIe instead of wifi module. With help of egpu guru - nando4 - we tried some options but getting stuck in the beginning - my eGPU could not be detected in device manager... - testing NVidia GTX745 with ATX power supply 300W, tested also with "paperclip trick" To be sure if it's not HW issue, I tested it on Dell E6530... Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

  • Issue#13868: Skype - An ethical issue

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  • Issue#17706: Lenovo - Built-in Microphone not working with Skype, Hangouts on - Yoga 3 Pro (Win 8)

    This is pretty annoying..The built-in microphone stooped from working with apps such as skype, hangouts and others.It works for "sound recording" app.I saw many threads about this issue, but none resolved yet.

  • Issue#18013: Dell Inspiron N5010: Turn on but I don't see anything

    When the I turn on the laptop I don't see anything No mouse arrow nothing really Plz give me an answer ⟐ Commented January 28, 2016 at 2:35 am -0700

  • Issue#18100: Notebook - Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

    I am facing weird issue with XPS 15 L501X screen. It displays windows image for 10-15 seconds and suddenly flickers and goes off(LED lights still on). Laptop screen display has lights but no image. I bought new laptop screen but same situation. I am little confused between cable problem or screen or Video chip problem. Observations posted is completely on external TV. Here below complete illustration. We have 4 option in laptop. 1. Disconnect Projector (Computer Only) - Laptop shows nothing.... Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

  • Issue#18476: Skype - Skype group calling issue

    We already open case  case number is 1323339483 we are continously getting problem in skype group calling for last 10-15 days please look into this  Varen ChughIndus Valley Partners Noida, India  Email :- [e-mail removed for privacy and security]

  • Issue#21667: Skype - turn OFF inbound skype number calls

    I can always do the obvious and log out of skype, but is there another way to DISABLE inbound calls to my skype number? Even when I de-select available I still get bothered with incoming skype number calls

  • Issue#25016: Skype - Current issue with chat, possible cause.

    I don't have a solution sadly, as I believe it's traced back to the recent Iphone/Ipad update. The contacts I can't chat with are using iphones/ipads.Anyone else using windows or a mac aren't affected.If anyone else having this issue could confirm that the people they're unable to chat with are on a iphone/ipad, will help with a solution sooner.

  • Issue#29493: Skype - group chat issue

    So this started yesteray.. I can't seem to get my group chats to work properly. I tried updating skype, reinstalling skype, and it's not working on either my iPhone or my desktop... This is really pissing me off right now. I have several group chats I'm in. I can seem to talk to people one on one, but no one can see what I post into my group chats nor can I see what they've said. I'm even the creator of one group, so I know it's not because of some permissions. I need to know what the heck is going on before I go crazy!

  • Issue#30502: Skype - Group Chat Issue - Messages Aren't Coming Through

    Yes yes, I'm highly aware that there's other threads like this but this one might be different from all the others. I do text role plays with one of my dearest friends and, to keep all our RPs sorted out so we're not scrolling through our own private chat for 10 (yes, 10!) different universes to pick up where we left off...none of my messages are going through. I've tested 7 out of the 10 and the only time that they DO go through is with our private conversation. I'm fully aware that my friend is online (he's trying to get help from a rep as we speak!) but he says that NOTHING is getting through! (If you really wanna be technical I've had a 70% failure rate of having my responses all within a matter of minutes!) Please help, we're at the ends of our respective ropes here...

  • Issue#35297: Skype - Skype number issue

    I am not receiving calls to my skype number.Am using skype on Windows , MAC, iphone 5, And MOTO E mobile.Kindly help me . I tried the steps given in the below link. Thanks

  • Issue#36422: Skype - Low microphone sensitivity

    I am using the latest version of Skype ( on Windows 10.  I don't know why, the sensitivity of the microphone on Skype is very low.  My friend unable to hear my voice when I speak normally.  For your information, if I using other platforms (hangouts video call or TeamViewer) with a "normal volume"/speak normally, my friend able to hear my voice very clear.  So, if I use Skype, I must speak louder than other platform and this is very annoying. Anyone could suggest me what should I do? Thank you.