Issue#127: Lenovo - G50-45 USB Root Hub (xHCI) problem

  • unknown device



    USB Controller



    USB Controller




    OS: Win8.1 64-bit

    all updates installed


    seems that Microsoft nor AMD could help me with this ?

    anyone here can ?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#663403: Lenovo - USB Root Hub (xHCI) Unable to Update. USB and touch screen not working

    Yoga Laptop (ThinkPad) - Machine Type 20C0, Model S15F00 My USB ports and touch screeen are not working and there is a yellow exlamation on the USB Root Hub emblem under device manager. I attempted updating driver but says it's unable to find device update information. USB ports still provide power but do not communicate. Screen will work with stylus/pen but will not respond to touch. I am interning in Switzerland and unfortunately do not have access to warranty providers here, so any help would be greatly appreciated. -Steve


    Guys,I have recently noticed that Moto G 4 plus does not support file transfer to USB devices via can only copy a file in the usb and paste it to ur device internal storage...It was a very big issue for me....because I need to transfer files from the phone into the pendrive very often...... I have searched many websites for any available solution...There are many so called solution in internet..but nothing actually could resolve this issue... But after several attempts I have found a solution....So here it is for u guys who want to enjoy the full functionality of USB ON THE GO... Just download SOLID FILE EXPLORER AND SOLID FILE EXPLORER USB PLUG IN...... And install them...Then u can find the USB DEVICE along with internal storage in the sidebar....just click on the usb device and Grant access to the usb device...and that s all........ u can now enjoy the full functionality of USB ON THE GO.... UNFORTUNATELY BOTH THE APK ARE to be purchased from google play store...but hey...

  • Issue#20569: Lenovo - Lenovo HILFE vor Medion abzocke!? G50, Touchpad Problem !!!!

    Hi, ich habe einen G50 im Sommer gekauft und hatte von Anfang an das Gefühl, dass irgendwas mit dem Toochpad nicht stimmt. Ich brauche das Gerät zwar jeden Tag, bin aber kein Profi oder viel nutzer, sodass meinem bekannten das Problem erst richtig aufgefallen ist, leider erst nach paar Wochen... Nun zum Eigentlichen, der linke Mausbutton hing teilweise 2  minuten lang gedrückt, sodass der Curser auf dem Desktop alles makiert hat, heisst linke Maustaste gedrückt und übern Desktop bewegt....Dann kam ja das Windows 10 Update und wir hatten nach allen Treibern vorher geschaut und hofften nun dass, das Win10 update das beheben könnte. Tat es aber nicht... Nun sind schon ein paar Monate verstrichen und wir mussten das gerät wegen eines anderen schwerwiegenden Fehler einschicken. Man hat uns das eine Teil kostenlos ersetzt nur jetzt gehts um das Touchpad, die bei Medion meinen festentschlossen, dass ich die linke Maustaste zu feste eingedrückt hätte und somit selb

  • Issue#56858: Lenovo - Conexant Audio Driver Problem (Headphones no sound) - Lenovo G50-70 Windows 10 64-bit

    I've been pulling my hair out with this problem. I have sound from the speakers, but not from the headphones.I've tried the headphones on my phone and they work, so it is the PC.It's like the headphone jack doesn't work, but I have suspicions that it's about the drivers.In the sound settings/playback devices, the speakers appear, but not the headphones.Any ideas how I may solve this problem?

  • Issue#77920: Lenovo - Lenovo Phab PLUS USB OTG Problem

    Hello.I am working on project converting Lenovo Phab plius into car headunit. ( due to perfect size of screen)I made USB DAC, have USB UVC camera, USB HID device for control, and USB flash to make it more usable. This is what i need from Lenovo phab plus to be able to work withAll parts in separate works great ( exept it only tolarates shot carbles on camera, while my HTC One M8 will work very happy with 5m of cables, since camera wil be mounted as car backup camera)But THE PROBLEM IS THAT IT CAN"T FOR SOME REASON WORK WITH USB HUB, IT JUST DON"T WANT TO RECOCNAZE ANY DEVICE. My phone HTC One M8 with my own made USB hub, can work with all of these devices togerther, without any problem, can lisin to music, use camera ic camerafi app, use HID USB device for sound and other control, but Lenovo phab plus, no!Why lenovo sucks so hard ? Why it can work just like HTC One M8 ? All of my project now is hangind, because some stupid software or hardware bug, i wanted to smach Lenovo phab plius s

  • Issue#88324: HP - Intel WiUSB - USB-IF xHCI USB Host Controller Problem - Windows 10

    Hi Support, I recently ( a couple of days ago) upgraded my HP Envy m6 laptop OS from windows 8.1 to Windows 10.One of the problem I noticed is this screenshot: I can't seem to find the right driver to fix this issue. Hope to hear anyone's help for this matter.Thanks

  • Issue#98367: Lenovo - USB 3.0 Problem bei ThinkPad Ultra Dock

    Hallo Zusammen, nachdem ich die Stöpselei leid war habe ich mir eine Dockingstation zugelegt. Genauer: Thinkpad Ultra Dock 40A20170EUFunktioniert überraschender weise mal fast gut...Einzig die USB3 Ports wollen nicht so wie sie sollten, denn sie erkennen USB 3.0 Geräte nicht richtig. Soll heißen: Verbindet man ein USB 3.0 Gerät (hab div. Sicks, 2,5"/3,5" Platten, und einen BluRay-Brenner ausprobiert) wird dieses zunächst erkannt, stürzt dann aber ab und wird nach kurzer zeit wieder erkannt... (Dauerschleife).Mit USB 2.0 geräten bestehen keine Probleme. Werden Erkannt und bleiben es auch. An den 2 USB 3.0 Prots an meinem W540 funktioniert auch alles problemlos. Hat hier schon mal wer das Problem gehabt und vlt. eine Lösung? Danke schon mal!

  • Issue#101824: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-80 Touchpad Problem

    As I have Noticed Many members of the community are frustrated with the Lag in the touchpad like me. Some forum sections didnt even get a reply to the topic. Some people stated that they called Lenovo and requested it to be fixed.... I cant afford 2 weeks without a laptop. Is there another solution to the problem I can fix through the software or is it a hardware problem? please help!

  • Issue#107524: Lenovo - Miix 3 USB hub - which one?

    Hi I need to by some USB hub, because my 80HV004PCK didn't come with "docking" keaboard with USB ports. Do you have any experiences with choosing right one?Obviously it's not the one from Aliexpress but what about this one?Or do you have good exprerience with otherone?

  • Issue#130189: Lenovo - G50-30 CPU FAN problem

    my G5030 Doesn't seems to be running a CPU Fan Does this model even has one ? sometimes my system is slow as dead cow even when viewing youtube in 480pI always need to restart the system and then it works but I could never fell the FAN running No Fan noise, and I don't see any Air from Left Side Vent. I cannot even run multple applications as system becomes very slow. Running Win7 (64 bit) with SP1 and not much applications installed. Drivers are updated and so is the windows from windows update and Norton Antivirus. Even the hardware monitor doesn't list any CPU FAN at all, tried Hardware monitor and speed fan ?  Should I be visiting a Lenovo Service center ?

  • Issue#131247: Lenovo - Issue with USB 3.0 port on Lenovo X1 Carbon 3444 -BDU

    I was recently given a Lenovo X1 Carbon and it has Windows 10 version 1511 (OS Build 10586.104). The USB port on the right side, which I believe is the 3.0 port doesn't function. When I connect a flash drive to this port, the light on flash drive comes on for couple of seconds and turns of. I am not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue. Here is the screenshot of USB controllers in Device manager. I read previous threads with similar issues, but did not find a solution. (I tried to unisntall device drivers, restart and re-install the drivers. It did not help)

  • Issue#133588: HP - via USB 3 root hub

    Hi, My USB 3 ports have stopped working.  When I go into diagnostics I see two alerts. the first says, 'device discovery error. Your system was busy performing other tasks when attempting to collect information.'This notice has been around for months. I just ignore it and everything seems to work. The second alert says ' Driver problem on VIA USB 3 root hub'. Two options are then displayed. One says' Restore original driver'. When I click on it, nothing happens. The other says 'Reinstall driver' When I click on it, it takes me back to the same page.Two weeks ago I installed the free version of 10bit, and I activated the 'clean registry' option. I don't know if that is connected. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Issue#148249: Lenovo - X1 Carbon, Dock/USB Issue

    Really odd issue I'm seeing, I've never seen before, Unable to get the usb and dock ports working on a new X1 Carbon laptop we deployed at my Company. Reinstalling Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Driver will cause the dock to immediately be recognized (Everything Works). Upon Reboot, Laptop will no longer recognize dock, its shown as detached, also USB keyboard and mouse will also no longer be recognized even if plugged directly into laptop. Or, with no reboot, the Dock and USB ports will just randomly shut off and no longer work. Other laptops work fine with the dock, so its not a dock issue. Anyone have any ideas? ----- All critical Windows updates Applied. Updated All Drivers to most current version. Updated BIOS to most current version. Updated Pro Dock Software to most current version. Updated Lenovo Solution center to most current version. Not seeing anything that jumps out in the event viewer. Ran Hardware

  • Issue#148635: Lenovo - G50 45 Scrolling problem with touchpad (only with pdf)

    Hi guys, I've just got a G50 45 and everything seems going well so far, apart the problem I have with the touchpad Basically, the scroll works well everywhere, apart when I scroll a pdf.I have tried more readers and for example, using acrobat reader, the scroll doesn't work at all, while using Foxit the pages move very fast to the end of the doc.Excel and word files work good, but not pdf. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? thanksI tried to slow it down through the option but it affects all the kinds of file, but pdf!!!

  • Issue#157059: Lenovo - Lenovo Tablet 2 1050F : Charging issue after using OTG USB

    Hi, I used an adapter miniUSB>USB to plug a flash drive on the tablet.Ecerything was alright. I could access to the data on the USB flash drive.I just select the unmount option before taking it off. After that, the tablet won't charge again.The battery level is decreasing even it's plugged to the charger.I tryed to charge the tablet when it was turned off but same issue.I even tryed a factory reset but the problem is still the same. Actually, the tablet is unusable. Please give me a solution.

  • Issue#190214: Lenovo - G50-80 hinge problem?

    I've had a G50-80 for about eight months now. Used in the home and stays on a table about 90% of the time. Recently I've noticed that if I try to move the screen, that the lower casing starts coming apart in the top right (near the optical drive). Not sure if this is a casing issue, a hinge problem, or a design flaw with the system. Contacted Lenovo and was told that the warranty I have doesn't cover physical damage to the system. They say send it in for a repair quote.Has anyone experienced a similar issue? If the warranty doesn't cover this I'm just going to have to take it to a local repair shop because I lack the tools/know-how to confidently make the fixes needed. It runs fine from an operational standpoint. But it's continuing to worsen with more use despite how careful I am. Any thoughts would help.

  • Issue#203972: Lenovo - G50-80 Case Problem (Warranty Won't Cover)

    My G50-80 is having constant problems:Screws keep falling outWhen I open the laptop, the case gets caught (Hinge is now loose and caused a bright blob on the screen)Track pad moves randomly and zooms in/out randomlyBattery is really weakAfter looking through the forum, seems like these problems occur often.I contacted support but they said that exterior damages are not covered by the warranty. What should I do?    

  • Issue#211185: Lenovo - X230 ultrabase issue with USB when using mouse

    I use Lenovo X230 2330-1E0 and Ultrabase Series 3 dockingstation in which I have a Lenovo mouse connected and my iPhone5s. Now and then the USB disconnects and the mouse and iPhone charging is not working. is not working.  Any clue?

  • Issue#226997: Lenovo - Windows 10 USB 3.0 problem

    I Have Lenovo G50-45 and after the update to Windows 10 , I noticed that USB 3.0 don't working I Have the latest Bios update and I did a clean install of Windows 10 but the problem still exist Please help me

  • Issue#262565: Lenovo - USB 3.0 Dock mit Yoga 260 Energy Problem

    Es soll möglich sein über das USB 3.0 Dock das Yoga 260 auch mit Strom zu versorgen.Nach der Installation der Treiber USB_Display_Driver_V17930 wird der Yoga nicht aufgeladen.Alle anderen Geräte am USB 3.0 Dock funktionieren ohne ProblemeKann die USB 3.0 Dock die Stromversorgung des Yoga nicht übernehmen? 

  • Issue#270450: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-30 Recovery Issue

    My G50-30 comes with a licensed copy of win 10, so i have an issue with the OS and some blue screen with it, a friend of mine told me to do windows recovery, but the thing is i don't have an installation disc of the OS, how can i do recovery through the boot manager when i don't have the disc with the OS? As a matter of fact, how do factory installed OS licensed laptops get to the maintenence with the lack of physical copy?

  • Issue#278149: Lenovo - Problem with bluetooth G50-70

     hi i have probelm with my bluetooth she doesn't work despite driver installed

  • Issue#279963: Lenovo - lenovo G50-80 i3 no detecta puertos usb en win 7 32bit

    E comprado hace una semana esta lenovo G50-80 i3 me vino con win 10 64 bits el caso es que al utilizar mi modem bitel se conectaba y desconecta lo puse en modo compatibidad y lo mismo por lo cual procedi a instalarle win 7 32 bits instale los drivers de la pagina de soporte pero al conectar el modem bitel no me lo reconoce , probe con memorias usb y tampoco me lo reconoce ¿que divers puedo instalar para que me reconosca los 3 puertos usb?

  • Issue#287037: Lenovo - Hello guy's, i have problem with my lenovo g50-30

    When i turn my laptop on hdd makes a strange sound. Then it shows checking media_ after that it shows EFI Network 0 for IPv4 (68-F7-28-61-18-F4) boot failed. Then theres button ok then again checking media and it shows EFI Network 0 for IPv6 (68-F7-28-61-18-F4) boot failed. When i press ok button againe it shows Default Boot Dervice Missing or Boot Failed. Insert Recovery Media and Hit any key Then Select 'Boot Manager' to choose a new Boot Device or yo Boot Revery Media. I press ok it shows IPv4 and IPv6 and they all fail, what do i do?

  • Issue#287670: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-70 headphone sound issue after Windows 10 fresh install

    Hello. I've switched to SSD form default HDD and decided to install clean Windows 10 system. Everything went ok, I installed latest driver from G50-70 from the support website but when I played music on my headphones I was shocked how bad sound I had compared to previous system - vocals were really bad and backed. I looked around and decided to install separate smart audio app which is bundled with different driver ( and it's ok now - I've got same sound quality as before. Why don't you feature this app with G50-70 drivers??? It's not user friendly.

  • Issue#297485: Lenovo - Microphone Mic problem in my G50 Laptop

    Hi,I am using Lenovo G50 15" since one year, I was not aware about the combo audio input present, but I then ordered a splitter for my old headphone which did not worked. I then ordered HP Headphone with Combo Jack and connected to the port and tested for the test it worked very nice. After I removed and kept for couple of days and tried it does not recognise the voice at all, when I tried to adjust the jack it shows mic signal and then disappears, this is happening since from almost more than a month. I am just confused as what to do and how to set the Mic to work properly. I tried to follow instructions as told at but this did not solve. It appears some loose connection problem that is the reason when I tried to hold the jack or adjust it detects and then suddenly it goes off. I have not done anything to the port, I simply attached Headphone with Spli

  • Issue#318745: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-70 Screen Display Problem

    Hello EveryoneSo Finally I have to come here because of my Lenovo Laptop,Well Problem is that from few days i am facing Display problem in my laptop it seems like whenever I turn on my Laptop only Power comes in motherboard but not in screen.Because whenever I On my Laptop my laptop lights go on but screen remain black But after multiple Force restart from Power Button It start displaying.. But with the time Its getting serious day by day & its not turning on it even after many tries.. Please guide me how to overcome this issue . It seems like some current issue or don't know. Please let me know is this possible to fix this issue if yes how what wil be cost because i have already read in many threads many people facing similar issues but i don't find any proper answer for this My laptop is out of warranty now so even I can't give it for warranty claim so before going somewhere i preferred to check with Lenovo Experts so thats why i am here...Pelase guide me How

  • Issue#335467: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-70 microphone problem.Please Help ...Guys...

    I Have Messive probblem With My laptop Microphone.I Have lenovo G50-70 laptop With Conaxent HDsmart audio Driver And Dolby System.And Problem is:-When I record any sound or Do calling on skype .The sound level automatically Drops down And Get Muted.Before rec. or call. The sound level is fine After I speak Something Its automatically starts Dropping Down.Well Thats All thats Aproblem with my Microphone. I have done many solutions but Didn't work. Hope I get  Good Working Solution For this problem From Here...Please Guys Help.

  • Issue#347671: Lenovo - P50 usb port issue

    Hi guys, I got my P50 last week, and everything went pretty well. But today when I restart the laptop, one of the usb port stop working. I am just wondering if this is an issue in software end or hardware end. And is there anyway for me to fix it without sending it back to the lenovo service.