Issue#128: Lenovo - Lenovo Y700-15isk boot in black screen.

  • My laptop y700-15isk does not start normally. I bought it last December. Today I tried to start it, but after pressed the power button, it stayed in the black screen and the keyboard did not response. Even the recovery button does not work. Is there any solution about this? or what is the easiest way to send back to Lenovo to get repaired? I'm in Calgary and there is no Lenovo repair center though.

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  • Issue#83771: Lenovo - Y700-15ISK Black screen, hard disk indicator is off.

    My Y700-15ISK Screen is black, hard disk indicator if off. Hi, this is my second Lenovo Ideapad Y700-15isk 80nv, the first one stop working (the motherboard failed) after 6 hour of use. Lenovo sent me another laptop, this one arrived 20 days ago and now has problem too. The machine was working fine, I restart it and the screen keep black, the keyboard was on but the screen doesn’t show anything. After 2 min and nothing, I shut it down and I realize that the laptop doesn’t display the Lenovo logo, doesn’t show anything again, the hard disk indicator is off, it doesn’t blink. I try to recovery the system using “Lenovo OneKey Recovery System” or try to enter to the BIOS, but the Lenovo Novo Button only start the laptop, doesn’t show the menu. The laptop restart and the keyboard blink but I can turn it on, I can’t access to the PC, I can't see anything! Here is the Machine Info:Lenovo Ideapad Y700-15ISKModel: 80nvMTM: 80NV005FUSMO: PF9XB5B09117Factory ID

  • Issue#160382: Lenovo - Y700-15ISK Black screen after restarting

    Everytime I restart my Y700-15ISK the laptop gets stuck at a black screen with the power light on. The only thing I can do at that point is to hold the power button down, turn it off and then turn it on again. My major problem is I cannot install ANY Windows Updates that require restarts. I've tried reinstalling Windows 10 and I still have this issue.

  • Issue#170394: Lenovo - Ideapad Y700 BIOS upgrade did not fix the Black screen issue

    I was really hoping Lenovo would prove to have kept the IBM support, along with the brand names.  I was wrong.  This is not cool.  At this point, I am unwilling to recommend Lenovo products to anyone.  The reason being:  This issue has been known for how many months?  And I paid how much for a sweet gaming laptop?  I guess I should have paid more fo the Toshiba laptop, though it wouldn't look as cool.  I'll take anything that works as long as it works over something that claims to work.

  • Issue#179234: Lenovo - Ideapad Y700-15isk restarts to black screen.

    Everytime I perform a restart, the computer enters a black screen where there is nothing I can do except for holding down the power button to power off. A normal shutdown then power on works, its only with restart that this issue appears. I read a different post on here, saying that a new bios update Lenovo released is supposed to fix this issue. However the process of updating the bios forces the PC to restart. This initiates the same issue as before and I am forced to power off via the power button. My question is whether there is another way to update the BIOS, maybe through a USB drive and the boot menu, or some other method I am unaware of.  This is a very frustrating issue and I appreciate any help or insight anyone on here can give. 

  • Issue#579184: Lenovo Essential G560: Issue with won't boot and black screen after HDD upgrade

    What happen: My laptop was working fine, no blue screen issue, no funny business at all. I bought a new SSD Intel 120 GB and thought it would be a good idea to replace the HDD. I shutdown and disconnected the power adapter, waited a couple of minutes and removed the battery. I opened up the back case and replaced the HDD. And put all the screws back and put the battery back in. Problem: The very first time I turned the power on, nothing happens besides a black screen. I pressed the dvd drive it works and opens up and closes. I waited for about 30 mins and still has blac screen. When I mean black screen, no bios menu, no logo, just a black screen with the fan sound on. I have tried these: 1. Unplugged everything - battery, adapter, and pressed the power on button for about 60 seconds, nothing, the laptop turns on with the LED display on for both on and battery LED's. But nothing but black screen, no sound of windows loading just the fan and black screen. 2. I tried putting back my o

  • Issue#918213: Lenovo - Y700 Touch-15ISK .Black screen.The CPU is not working!

    I get a black screen (with backlight).No hard disk access,input output system does not work (It does not turn on/off CapsLk or NumLock).The CPU is not working! Only a long holding the power button turns off the computer.1) my OS installed from the Microsoft Download Center (“winver” into: release 1511,build number 10586,494)2) all drivers are updated from the support center Y700 Touch-15ISK Laptop (ideapad)   (including (ACPI) Driver.)3) I do not install any utility from Lenovo.4) I get a black screen when my laptop is connected to AC power and when running on battery power.5) Power plan is set up by default (Not Configured) 6) I never get problems in High performance mode with connection to AC power (Minimum processor state : Plugged in 100%). I attach my system log

  • Issue#1081463: Lenovo - Lenovo Y700-15ISK, OSK black screen, 0xc0000225 W10 Error

    Hello Guys i have a nice problem with my laptop (Almost 3 weeks old) I was eating my awesome lunch and when i came back the User interface was frozen and unresponsive, later on windows automatically gathered everything about the error and told me to reboot the computer. I rebooted my laptop and at some point of the boot it shows me "preparing automatic repairs", 20 seconds later it shows me the following picture;  Note: i had to crop the image because the forum only allows 2MB for the images  I have tried the following options with the same resultI tried F8 Turned off the computer and then press the OneKey recovery system, so i can have a fresh start,1. The lenovo sign appears, and down the sign the circle that means "loading" appears going aroundSince it is a windows problem i went with microsoft, using this link Microsoft forum, But when the system was booting i had the same results (from 2 to 7)The result:2. Black screen but the lamp i

  • Issue#1114649: Lenovo - Ideapad Y700 15isk Keyboard Doesn't Respond, Black Screen, Freezes

    Hello, I have had my Y700 for 2 months. Right from the start I had the issue where it wouldn't seem to boot up, and I would have to put it to sleep a time or 2 before it would start windows. This problem seems to be solved. However, after installing the windows 10 anniversary update, the laptop will randomly 'freeze'. The keyboard will not respond, but I can still use the mouse. When I try to restart, the screen will go black, and it will not respond at all. I have to force shutdown with power button. After turning back on, it will work for 20-30 min and then do the same thing. I did a total reinstall of windows 10 and have updated bios to the 37, but it is doing the same thing.  Lenovo Solutions Center does not detect hardware issues. Can someone please help me? Thanks! Here are my specs:Y700-15ISK TouchBIOS: CDCN37WWRAM: 16GBHD: 256 SSD 

  • Issue#44227: Lenovo - X220 black screen during boot

    I am having an issue with my Z50 which is running Windows 10.  The screen will suddenly go black while I am working.  Boots up fine. Happens maybe once a week or so.  When it goes black, the num lock and caps lock keys are still lit and I can hear it running, so it's not sleeping.   I can't find anything to bring it back up - moving the mouse or clicking buttons does no good.  Only solution is to hit the power button to put it to sleep, then wake it back up.  Anybody else encounter this?

  • Issue#86874: Lenovo - H50 First time boot - Black Screen?

    Just purchased a Lenovo H50 (AMD10) from PC World.Fresh out the box, plugged in - blank screen. I understand it could be load/installing (Win8.1) before use, but was slightly disconserted by the lack of progress bar. It recognises monitors, but they're just black backlit. In the past, all first time boots I've ran have acknowledged something on the display monitor.Sorry if it's a daft question and I'm just impatient and over worrying! Cheers, Will EDIT: It has been running (and hopefully building) for an hour now... It's just the lack of affirmation that worries me

  • Issue#95556: Lenovo - Y700, Black Screen of Death

    Hi, I live in Macedonia and I bought the laptop less than a month ago. Just now when I tried to turn it on, the power indicator turns on, the battery is being used but the hard drive light is not flashing at all and the monitor shows absolutely nothing, not even the logo. What the hell? I want my money back if it's already having problems! 

  • Issue#122707: Lenovo - Y700 PSA - Sleep turns it into a BRICK - No Display, Black Screen of Death

    I fell in love with my new computer... taking about 8 hours to get everything setup. We were so good together. Then I made the terrible blunder of putting it to sleep. No chance of ever waking.  I studied electrical engineering for 4 years and computer science for 1. I've never had a computer "problem". I make my living on my computer and this has been one of the worst things to happen to me. I've already lost hundreds of dollars not including the grand for the lappy. I've seen what appears to be hundreds of others posting on this forum with the same issue and the only response I've seen from Lenovo was to correct some guys grammer and tell him not to curse. Hahahahaha! I've bought only Lenovo's for years now including 3 for different clients. Lenovo if you know about this why not tell people who buy not to out to sleep until you fix it? Putting your computer to sleep and turning it into a brick should never be an option.... but if it is tel

  • Issue#124606: Lenovo - y50-70 Black Screen on Boot

    Recnetly my computer has been having graphics issues, I guess it's automatically installing Intel video card drivers and then when I reboot it comes back with a blank screen just all black. I turn on pc, I see lenovo icon then it goes black.  Work around, I have to click the reset button next to power button. Choose system restore, go into settings to get into safe mode and in safe mode i have to uninstall this update and then when I uninstall and restart laptop it works again no problems... the update is:  Intel Graphics DriverVersion: Causes my computer to crash and also pops up warnings saying graphics driver having issues.. Unfortunately, windows update keeps installing it on it's own which is driving me bonkers.. Anyone else come accross this issue or have a permanent fix?

  • Issue#176724: Lenovo - Y700 black screen at startup problem

    Hi, Does anyone have a solution how to avoid the black screen at startup problem?And if it has happened how to solve it and turn on the laptop?

  • Issue#231332: Lenovo - Ideapad Y700 15ISK pixelised screen

    2nd day since purchase. Problem started few minutes after running a game. Screen freezes with pixels. Happened more frequently onward even when browsing the Web and starting up laptop. Had to power button off it over and over again.

  • Issue#399749: Lenovo - Lenovo Y700-15ISK screen issues

    I recently bought this laptop and I have two problems:1. Especially when the screen is black, there is a green light on the upper part of the screen. I don't know what causes it maybe a led or something is installed badly (it's a 5 cm² area). Should I take it back and ask for a new one?2. This problem is related to scaling. When it is set to 100%, everything is small but crystal clear. When at 150%, everything looks normal but some apps like Steam, BitTorrent... are blurry like they were just zoomed on. Reinstalling windows and drivers should solve this? Simply reinstalling drivers didn't help.Thanks!

  • Issue#438272: Lenovo - Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Screen Black out, also Mathematical Operations Test fail

    Hi, this is my new Lenovo Y700 which i recently bought. Very often, my screen will black out. I have to press the power button to shut down and restart the computer in order for the screen to show again.  Also, when i run hardware scan, it is showig Mathematical Operations Test. I am disappointed with this. Is this something that can easily fixed or i have to send in for servicing? Thank you.

  • Issue#444884: Lenovo - Y700-15ISK laptop Screen resolution !

    Hi ! this is my new Lenovo Y700-15 which i recently bought, i have  problem with resolution screen  all browsers ( Firefox - Chrome  ... ) so small  but all my intel HD 530 and nvidia drivers updated tested on : win10-win7-win8 ! any idea ? thaaanks : ))

  • Issue#452790: Lenovo - Y700-15ISK laptop Screen!

    Hi ! i have lenovo y700 15 ISK ,  but my screen color is not confortable with my eyes ! tried to calibration no results !  how  i can fix it ?  thaanks : )) OS : win8 resolution : 1920*1080  

  • Issue#461657: Lenovo - Y700 15ISK Screen brightness !

    Hi !  i have Y700-15ISK laptop  it is great but my screen bright white "more brightness" ( white ) ... so tired for my eyes  after 20 min ? rayons ? glare ?  bug ? problem from drivers ISSUE   or  the screen ? My Driver : Intel HD 530  : OS : windows 8.1 My Resolution : 1920*1080 any idea ? thaaanks :  ))

  • Issue#480862: Lenovo - Yet another P50 issue ... black flashing full screen steam videos / some games

    I downloaded the new Doom beta this weekend, just for grins. (Wasn't hoping for much, I know the P50 isn't a gaming laptop, but it shouldn't be _too_ much of a slouch). The game played like a slideshow.  2 FPS, max in the menus. Looked around on the 'net, found that other people were having the problem, so I looked around for upgraded Quadro drivers.  Grabbed the latest version from the nVidia site.  First the 362.13 ODE drivers.  No luck.  So I tried the VR/Performance drivers (364.72).   With the ODE drivers, I still had a slideshow -- yes, I know about the "stuttering" warning, I saw that stuttering and "waited it out" like I'm supposed to :-). With the VR/Perf driver, the game played at a reasonable framerate, BUT with very bad blank/black screen flickering, as if it was drawing every-other frame, and showing a black screen in-between. Everything else seemed to function fine, so I chalked it up to an issue with the Doom be

  • Issue#485010: Lenovo - Ideapad 500-15ISK Intel HD Graphics 520 black screen crash - is there a actually a solution

    *I appreciate this issue has been brought up before, many solutions or possible fixes have been suggested but if I can request this thread isn't redirected to one of those as, for me, they haven't worked.* Ideapad 500-15ISK with Intel HD Graphics 520Windows 10, 64-bit The graphics driver problem which it seems many people have had: I too get the "driver has stopped working and recovered Windows 8.1" message, I also get the screen going black etc. I'm not bothered by the hardware scan fail, I'm happy that that's a false result, but for the graphics card crash there has to be a fix, surely? I've looked at the solutions which point to downloading the drivers and tried reinstalling these, as linked to by the TIP and various 'solved' threads - it hasn't helped. I've downloaded the same  - driver - from the Intel site directly, it hasn't worked. I've tried downloading later drivers from the intel site, but they all come up as saying e

  • Issue#509030: Lenovo - My new y700 17 inch gets black screen after 3 minutes with out plug the charger ?????

    plz help me this is my second day i just recived my new laptop from amazon  2 days ago  and the proplem is the screen gets black and the system freeze after the windows 10 starts with 3 minutes i dont know why  but if i plug the charger it comes normal ...................... but i want to use my laptop with out the charger any help 

  • Issue#512818: Lenovo - Y700 15ISK - Power related issues, Hibernation problem, Power up issue

    Hello, I have purchased the Lenovo Y700 15ISK but it has few issues1. When i turn it on, the power and keyboard light appears and suddently it shutdown and upon hitting the power button again turns the laptop on. Please help me how can i solve this issue.2. The laptop doesn't hibernate although i have turned on windows hibernate option. Upon hibernate, the blank screen appears, no hibernation processing even before closing. Please help me solve these power related issues.

  • Issue#533158: Lenovo - Lenovo Y700 Error, Screen goes Blank (Black Screen)

    Really frustrated after buying Lenovo Y700 15ISK recently. All drivers updated even applied steps from this post but still randomly screen goes blank (Black screen) while the power is still on. Also observed that harddisk light blinking turns off too after this. Is it hardware related issue?Please help to resolve it.

  • Issue#594787: Lenovo - Lenovo Y700-17ISK Black Screen Help

    To get straight to the point, I have a Lenovo Y700-17ISK and it has a black screen when attempting to turn it on. The power button is lit, and the keyboard flashes once (keyboard turns off after flash) when initially pressing the power button. The only indication of it being on is the power button being lit. Hard Drive is not running, fans spins briefly (5-10 seconds), and the power button stays on. Is this motherboard failure? Thank in advance.

  • Issue#690804: Lenovo - U310 won't boot, black screen, no response

    Hello everyone, Out of the blue my Lenovo Ideapad u310 will not boot anymore. I'f I press the power button, the power and battery lights turn on (as usual), the capslock light flashes once, but nothing else. No screen, no sound, no response. I've tried: an external monitorresetting Ram by removing itBooting with and without another hdd/sddunplugging the battery, booting only from external power Nothing worked though. Specs: Lenovo ideapad u310Model name: 4375 I think it is a motherboard problem, but yeah, let's hope it is something minor! 

  • Issue#719403: Lenovo - Y700 15ISK - LCD not turning on - Device monitor black after sleep

    As usual I put my PC on sleep at night (it was charging). Woke up, opened the lid and there's nod isplay. Screen is dead black, no display.  Long press power button, reboot, the keyboard backlight is up, PC is clearly booting with boot sounds but no display. Pressed Fn + F3 to see if it works, no luck Then connected an external monitor, no luck, restarted and well, the display shows up on the external monitor.  At this point, Windows sees only 1 monitor installed, that is on the HDMI, nothing internal.  Both duplicate screen and external only work on the external monitor.  Restarted several times, shut down and start, no luck. PC is working fine on external monitor but no display on laptop LCD.  I know there are other threads but they get no display on external only, hence starting this thread.  Any pointers will help. 

  • Issue#757446: Lenovo - y700 BSOD and BLACK SCREEN

    Y700 keep on getting BSOD & wont turn , screen stay black with backlight all on. sometime BSOD appear and the whole screen scramble, i must force shutdown in order to turn it back on. Tried updating all my driver to the lateest and my bios is ver.30>> tried almost everything, the only thing yet to try is reformat/reinstall window. this laptop is brought 3 months ago. not sure why's this happenening