Issue#130: Lenovo - Dual 4g in k4 note

  • I m unable to enable 4g network on the first sim even this slot is not supporting 3g too... Is it a 2g slot ? Can i enable both 4g at sane time

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#8417: Lenovo - K4 Note bluetooth connection issue

    Hi, I brought K4 Note fone from Amazon 2-3 days back. I am getting problem is while opening my bluetooth it is not detecting my jabra sports pulse wireless ear fone which is very depressing..Previously i have google nexus 4 with me and my jabra earfone works fine with that device and also with other fones as well but this K4 note not even detect it ..Please suggest me how to make feasible for my headset ... ThanksMithlesh Dwivedi

  • Issue#14689: Lenovo - Battery issue on my lenovo k4 note

    Battery is draining very fast in my lenovo k4 note. It charges very fast however it drains more faster. Its like 2000 mah. I doubt if its 3300 mah battery. I guess some update needs to be given to fix this battery issue. I have updated to the latest version but still battery is below average

  • Issue#54071: Lenovo - Issue on Lenovo k4 note

    After updating to newer versionSeeing 2 3 big issue1. Overheating and battery draining faster then before2.1080p video is not supporting (also in 3rd party apps)3. On charging time the phone is laging unable to use phone while charging. Felling like Chinese phone while charging. Mainly on keyboard typingRequest to Lenovo support team. Please update soon asap.

  • Issue#82325: Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe K4 Note Tethering & Portable hotspot issue.

    I have just got K4 note last Monday. I had taken 2 updates 238 MB and 40 MB.But I noticed below issues not sure device itself is defective or it is due to faulty system software.In Tethering & Portable hotspot.USB tethering : I can connect phone to my laptop but can not share internet.Portable WLAN hotspot : When I make K4 note a wifi hotspot other devices can connect but internet is not getting shared (same time internet is working in my mobile it is not network issue) Also Wifi gets disconnected sometimes.Bluetooth Tethering - We can connect device using  bluetooth but again internet is not getting shared with those connected devices. At last I have observed  slow internet speed using same network(same sim card &  same place) in some other mobile devices. I am getting speed of 2G even though I am on 3G (H+) network.Seems last 40 MB update included some update in Baseband that may have created Wifi and internet sharing issues.Now I am planning to retur

  • Issue#100981: Lenovo - K4 Note Contact Manager issue

    I m getting mesaage when open call log or contactsUnable to load contact manager.

  • Issue#106466: Lenovo - Vibe K4 Note Wifi Issue

    I recently purchased Vibe K4 Note. It gets connected to Wifi, however the speed is much slow as compared to other mobile mobiles connected with same Wifi.  I also posted my comments in another thread with no response. Please help ASAP. 

  • Issue#132842: Lenovo - Whatsapp Issue - K4 note

    hi The unread messages (badges) does not appear alongside the whatsapp shortcut on the home screen. I tried deleting the shortcut and also reinstalling whatsapp - did not work. Unless I open whatsapp, I dont even know if there are messages pending to be read.

  • Issue#145802: Lenovo - Lenovo k4 note vibrator/vibration issue

     my k4 note don't vibrate at all...  Plzzz fix this issue... 

  • Issue#156947: Lenovo - Lenovo k4 note Bluetooth issue

    I bought lenovo k4 note 3 days back and I recognized Bluetooth is not connecting and pairing with other devices. My phone is taking more time to identify Bluetooth devices and some time it's not able to identify devices too. For pairing also some time it's wrkng and not able to share any photos with other devices. In my device it's showing system update of 236mb, do I need to update this?? Please help or I have to give back mybphone to Amazon.

  • Issue#161139: Lenovo - Lenovo k4 note theme center issue

    HiI bought k4 note 2weeks back. After switching my phone from safe mode to normal mode digital clock and google search button from my home screen disappered and try to reset from theme center app but it's not working. I also tried  other themes too but  not able to get lenovo weather clock on home screen .can u help to rectify this issue.

  • Issue#164484: Lenovo - K3 note Front Camera Brightness Issue

    My K3 Note front camera in light not working. It shows object complete white. Unable to take good selfies from this. Please suggest me to control Brightness of front Camera.

  • Issue#172237: Lenovo - K4 note heating issue

    I face the same problem of heating and buring ear while on call and gamingDo fast levovo team

  • Issue#181014: Lenovo - Data connection issue in k4 note

    While using mobile data it automatically stops the net connection and again after some seconds of time it does starts to work .. It is not a network problem coz i hav checked it with other phones bt they didnt show like this n also i checked using different sim cards .this is happening with all of them . Plz help me out

  • Issue#205448: Lenovo - Mobile Data Issue-lenovo k4 note

    Hi, I have a Lenovo K4 NoteI am facing a problem when I am on mobile data.The images on apps do not load properly and looks washed out when I am on mobile data, but when I switch to Wifi, I have no problem, the images will load properly.Any solution for this issue

  • Issue#211503: Lenovo - K4 note network issue

    Few days back I purchased a lenovo k4 note and I am facing an issue with network both wifi and cellular. I am using 4g sim but when I start data it never connects to 4g and I am receiving speed in bytes and kb with cellular and wifi network. I am using 8 Mbps plan in wifi and my cellular data is also at 4g speed but I am not getting the same. Please help on this. I have updated the Android updates. One more thing I have tested this sim to another 4 g phone and works fine. My wifi is also fine in another Mobile but lenovo creates issue.

  • Issue#215792: Lenovo - Contact manager issue in k4 note

    Whenever i opened contact manager or call logs it started loading for 2-3 mint. So much irritating when u want to call urgent someone..and also when someone calls me only no. Shown name not shown..i updated all receiving updated and formatted also my phone thrice then also this prob. Is not going.which type of bug is this..can anyone help to find the solution of this i m fed up of this issue.

  • Issue#216787: Lenovo - K4 Note Bluetooth Issue

    Hello, My Lenevo K4 Note is not detecting the my Plantronics Edge bluetooth headset. The same headset is getting recognised in my Nexus 5 handset. I tried to pair the Nexus 5 with Lenevo Note, it got paired with it. However it is not detecting with my Plantronics Bluetooth headset. Appreciate your help Thanks,Sridhar

  • Issue#219040: Lenovo - K4 note Wifi Connection issue on slow speed

    hello All, after the recent update i have observed that whenever the speed of the wifi router is less, the lenovo k4 note cannot connect to internet while the other devices connect. The speed of conection about below 500B/s always.I cannot even send receive whatsapp message. But when i enter the office wifi area where the speed is good. there is no issue. So the conclusion is after the recent S150 update the mobile wifi cannot perform under less speed. Wifi Developers please resolve urgently, because we do not want to defamethis good mobile for a mistake of yours.  

  • Issue#257070: Lenovo - K4 note issue

    The proximity sensor of my lenovo vibe k4 note has suddenly stopped working. please help me solve this issue.

  • Issue#257487: Lenovo - K4 note heating and performance issue

    Hi support team,I am facing the mobile heating problem while calling and using camera. Plz try to solve this issue on priority. Otherwise plz provide refund.

  • Issue#276719: Lenovo - Dual sim issue in switching data

    I have 2 connections one vodafone and another airtel. I keep switching between them to optimize my data consumption. Things were all fine till yesterday. I tried switching my data from vodafone to airtel but it keep on giving me a message 'Data subscription change in progress" but my airtel data just doesn't switch on. The airtel sim works fine in another moto e phone. I have tried all means, changed the sim slots, Cleared APN, tried using the sims one at a time, put in another sim and tried. But nothing seems to be working. I have also tried with the service code *#*#4636#*#* with only airtel sim in slot 1 and tried enabling data. Nothing seems to be working. . I have also noted lately I am loosing my battery charge and the phone is a bit hot to touch.

  • Issue#282139: Lenovo - Lenovo k3 note Battery draining issue

    Battery drop in lenovo k3 note from 30% to 15% within 2-3 minutes.Anyone got any working solution of this problem.

  • Issue#308692: Lenovo - Lenovo k4 note contacts loading issue

    I just bought the lenovo k4 note a month ago ... It worked fine for 2 days. And now contacts are not loading it takes good 3 to 4 minutes to load them . I have also tried downloading different contacts manager but still having same issue. I have searched Google and many people are facing the same issue. It's really embarrassing to use wait for long time just to make a call. Please fix it as soon as possible.

  • Issue#311815: Lenovo - Touch Issue in K3 Note

    Hi friends!I am having Lenovo K3 Note and i am facing its Touch Issue since i had purchased it. I had also got it repaired it from Service Centre but still i couldnot get it fully resolved. Yesterday i had even upgraded to Android version 6.0 thinking of it to be a software issue, but still i am facing the same issue. If anyone else is facing the same issue, please reply your views and share something and get yourself added to this forum in order to seek a final help from Lenovo to resolve the matter completely.

  • Issue#314134: Lenovo - K4 note Wifi Issue

    Wifi is getting disconneted  after some time again and again   i tried all methods given in other posts please help..

  • Issue#316601: Lenovo - Lenovo Vibe K4 note Proximity Sensor Issue

    Hi, Recently, my phone has been having a problem with the proximity sensor during calls. When I finish a call, or want to look at my screen, the screen does not turn on by itself so I need to press the home button for the screen to light up. Even after pressing the home button the screen lights on but I am nable to click anything on the screen. I downloaded an application that showed the state of the sensor and found out the state is fixed to "Near/Close" setting even when nothing is in front of the sensor which is actaully incorrect. I googled and found that there is some code to calibrate the proximity sensor but unable to find it for Lenovo phones.  

  • Issue#316742: Lenovo - Network issue on k3 note

    Hi, my lenovo k3 note recieves very less network signal. Will updating to marshmallow solve the problem?

  • Issue#319726: Lenovo - camera issue after upgrade K3 note to Marshmallow

    hello sir some points I suggest you to work on it in front camera when we on mirror image option in to mobile it works opposite please check this feature because when we on it then its behaviour like it is off and when it's off then works as this feature is on and give us mirror images please check this issue.2.- in rear camera after upgrade I found that mobile camera is set very lately and give us low bright images.please Lenovo please work on this and provides as better updates so we choose always Lenovo.

  • Issue#319728: Lenovo - charging issue after upgrade K 3 Note to Marshmallow

    hello Lenovo team after I upgrade my mobile K3 note Marshmallow I don't get any type of changes in my mobile I close all running applications and my battery is on 15% I put it into charging and my mobile phone take 3 and half hour to fully charge I think this is a biggest issue please think about and please try to solve it fast.