Issue#14: Tableau - Tableau Automated Extractions Update Tool

  • Good night folks,


    Because of the needs of a project, i am implementing a tool whose purpose is to update extractions indicated in .TWB files or .TWBX packages exported from Tableau Desktop, in scenarios where there is no Tableau Server.


    I know there is a similar function called RefreshExtraction in Tableau.exe, however unlike this feature, my implementation is intended to not rely on a Tableau Server, acting directly in .TWB / .TWBX files to automate the updating of data published to users that have only Tableau Reader.


    The main goal is to enable an upgrade process as self-sufficient as possible, through a command-line utility (TDEGen.exe), requiring only the following parameters:




    In this way, users could schedule its execution, for example, through the Windows Task Scheduler, establishing desired update frequency for each extraction, without worring about changes in panels / spreadsheets, schema defined data sources, filters sets, etc...


    So from the .TWBX / .TWB informed file, the application identifies the data source and the associated extraction, automatically identifies the schema required for related .TDE reassembly, connects to the data source, and prepare the necessary queries for its update. Connects to the Data Source using the informed credentials, and proceeds with information update, reassembling the original file (when pointed a .TWBX package) and its associated .TDE.


    Currently, im already using the tool with SQLServer Data Sources, but before provisioning other Data Sources Type, would like to share this initiative to get some feedback from forum members, regarding its usefulness in other scenarios.


    Thanks in advance !!!

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