Issue#1420: Unity - [RELEASED] DarkPatcher - Patcher & Launcher

  • Hello!
    I'm witcher112 and I want to show you my solution for creating patcher & launcher for your game.


    DarkPatcher - your solution for launcher and game patching system

    "Thanks to DarkPatcher we no longer have any problems with providing fast and easy patching system to our community. One of the best assets ever!" ~ Gloria Victis (...

    [RELEASED] DarkPatcher - Patcher & Launcher

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  • Issue#43422: Unity - Unilauncher - Advanced Pro Launcher,File Verify,Patcher Kit (Open Source)

    (UniLan 1.0) is intended for Unity3D game engine. Professional Open Source Project Login Server , Launcher , File Validate , File Patcher ,Server Side Protection KIT * Tested for work most sustainable and the fastest way to update your game files which used with aim to check * Offers unlimited support improved programming with "Adobe Builder 4.6" and interface can be easily integrated into your project. * Login Server fully prepared on HTTP... Unilauncher - Advanced Pro Launcher,File Verify,Patcher Kit (Open Source)

  • Issue#47989: Unity - [WIP] Release Manager. (Installer, Patcher, Launcher)

    Release Manager (WIP) A Launcher, Updater and Release Manager for Unity Games. Design your Launcher, Manager patches and update your customers with ease. We started release manager for the distribution and management of our game Battle Arena Drones. High level feature list: Launcher WYSIWYG Designer HTML panels (supports html 3.2) Unity settings (before executing to replace the unity launcher dialog). Patching (as small as possible). Ability to... [WIP] Release Manager. (Installer, Patcher, Launcher)

  • Issue#736754: Unity - [RELEASED] Missile Launcher 4 Rockets

    Hey guys, released a new asset for mobile and PC. 1 Rocket - 632 tris Launcher... [RELEASED] Missile Launcher 4 Rockets

  • Issue#1443: Unity - [RELEASED] City Building Perfect Kit

    About This is 'City Building Perfect Kit' (CBPK). Use CBPK to create city building games like 'clash of clan' or 'boom beach', and any kind of city or town build game. Feature - all source code included (c#) - unity 4.6x, 5.0x support - uGui only (no other asset required) - a star path finding included - mobile friendly (android demo apk will be supported) Features Detail - 3d city building framework - tile grid ( with grid to... [RELEASED] City Building Perfect Kit

  • Issue#1482: Unity - [RELEASED] Corgi Engine - Complete 2D Platformer [new v1.7 new levels, characters, and stuff

    I'm glad to announce the release of : the Corgi Engine on the Asset Store For $50, the Corgi Engine gives you everything you need for your platformer / run and gun / whatever you want 2D game. It's a very fast, tight (non physics based) character controller, that will allow you to create amazing desktop or mobile games.... [RELEASED] Corgi Engine - Complete 2D Platformer [new v1.7 new levels, characters, and stuff]

  • Issue#1528: [Released] Simple Swipe & Touch Controller for Android/iOS - Unity 4 & 5 compatible!

    Get it on Unity Asset Store of course! Web Player PREVIEW Android DEMO This asset is great for beginners and experts who don't want to spend much time in coding swipe controls. It could be used for retro one-click games for example a road crossing game or roll a ball game.... [Released] Simple Swipe & Touch Controller for Android/iOS - Unity 4 & 5 compatible!

  • Issue#1531: Unity - Third Person Game Foundation Kit [RELEASED]

    !!UPDATE 24-November-'15!! Version 2.0 (since version 1.0) is around 90% finished already! So! I have finally gotten rid of the flicker when ledge climbing. AH! Version 1.5 is at long last available to download/buy! Store Page:!/content/39426 Webplayer Demo: Windows Download:... Third Person Game Foundation Kit [RELEASED]

  • Issue#1541: Unity - [RELEASED] Out of Brakes [iOS][Android]

    Hi, I'm an indie game developer and Unity enthusiast. I'm exited to introduce my upcoming game Out of Brakes. «Driving without brakes is dangerous». Features * Custom made vehicles and their unique drivers. * Endless highway. * Voxel artwork. * Free to play. * Physically-based destructible objects and vehicles.

  • Issue#1544: Unity - [RELEASED] MultiOnline : multiplayer online kit - V3 now available

    MultiOnline : multiplayer online kit - Version 3 is now available Add easily an online multiplayer mode to your games. Main features : - Works with a simple web hosting - Lobby with the list of the open games : players can join it without enter the host's IP - Game list with filters, sorting and search - Blacklist - Players online account - Waiting room with players list, map preview and chat - Host migration management - Two hosting mode... [RELEASED] MultiOnline : multiplayer online kit - V3 now available

  • Issue#1545: Unity - [RELEASED] PUN Rally

    Asset Store link:!/content/51082 Link for YouTube Videos (part1, part2, part3, part4, part5) Bonus video: adding Edy's Vehicle Physics 5 to PUN Rally Demo versions: Android (new... [RELEASED] PUN Rally

  • Issue#1599: Unity - InfiniGRASS [RELEASED] - Fast Next gen interactive volumetric grass everywhere

    ARTnGame presents the next major asset, InfiniGRASS. ​ The system can paint ultra detailed static or dynamic grass everywhere, without any limit in shape, form, shader or placement surface. It is possible to apply any amount of grass anywhere, on objects or terrain. Based on a custom multithreaded LOD and AI system for ultimate performance and adaptability, from higher end systems to mobile (mutlicore is recommended). The... InfiniGRASS [RELEASED] - Fast Next gen interactive volumetric grass everywhere

  • Issue#1603: Unity - [RELEASED] Super API Kongregate

    ​ Super API Kongregate plugin provides hassle-free interfaces for your games to integrate to Kongregate API. Are you trying to create a game for Kongregate platform? Or having troubles integrating to Kongregate API due to lack of documentations/guides? We are glad you came here! This plugin could save loads of your time searching for guides, trial and error, debugging. Here are some... [RELEASED] Super API Kongregate

  • Issue#1703: Unity - [RELEASED] ICECreatureControl - creature AI for enemies, animals, monsters, zombies ...

    ​ICECreatureControl is a full-featured A.I. driven NPC Controller, which offers you a large spectrum of possibilities to breathe life into your virtual Characters - within minutes and without typing one single line of code! ...​ [RELEASED] ICECreatureControl - creature AI for enemies, animals, monsters, zombies ...

  • Issue#1705: Unity - 5.3 released

    View attachment 164982 Download Release Notes Docs​ Unity 5.3 is now released, so head over to the download page and grab it. In summary, 5.3 brings you: New tools: A MonoDevelop upgrade, multi-scene editing, 2D... 5.3 released

  • Issue#1709: Unity - [Released] Atavism MMO Creator

    Atavism Beta version has been submitted to Unity Asset store, awaiting for approval. If you need additional information you can find it on our Atavism website Atavism opens up the development of MMO games to everyone regardless of programming knowledge or artistic ability. Integrated with the Unity engine as the client, developers now have direct access to one of the highest anticipated MMO engines in the market.... [Released] Atavism MMO Creator

  • Issue#1715: Unity - 2D Level Menu Issue!

    Hello there devs! I am making a 2d game and i just created my level select menu but i seem to be facing a problem.When the player starts, level 1 is automatically unlocked and the player needs to finish it in order to get to level 2.So when level 1 is finished i set in playerprefs the ("UnlockedLevel") parameter to 2 and so on so that the next level unlocks.But, i just realized that if the player pressed on level 1 and then somehow he goes back to the levelmenu scene without finishing it,... 2D Level Menu Issue!

  • Issue#1747: Unity - [Released] Pro 3D Camera Plugin

    Hi, this is a little camera package I created that I like to use on all of my Unity3D projects to speed up styling and decision making. It allows the user to save camera settings from four presets: RPG/Standard, FPS, Top Down, and RTS. All you have to do is select one of these presets from the drop-down at the top of the control panel, and begin tweaking that particular camera to perfection for your game's needs.... [Released] Pro 3D Camera Plugin

  • Issue#1784: SVG Importer | Vector Graphics | Unity UI Supported [RELEASED]

    SVG Importer | Vector Graphics Plugin for Unity Download on the Asset Store​ Unity 4.6.0 and 5+ Compatible, fully cross-platform. Requires Unity 4.6.0 or higher. Vector Graphics in Unity Links: Website |... SVG Importer | Vector Graphics | Unity UI Supported [RELEASED]

  • Issue#1790: [RELEASED] Google Sheets For Unity

    Google Sheets For Unity (GSFU), enables the developer to send and fetch game data from Google Drive Spreadsheets at runtime. Google Sheets For Unity​ This opens a world of posibilities for collaboratively development, polishing, and statistics bookkeeping during development. By simplifying the... [RELEASED] Google Sheets For Unity

  • Issue#1793: Unity - Vertex/Fragment shader : issue with alpha blending

    Hi. I am having a hard time figuring out an issue I have with a simple alpha blending shader (I had the same kind of issue with alpha test). Here are a few pictures so you get the basic idea : View attachment 170683 View attachment 170684 By simply moving the camera back and force, my shader kind of switch between being displayed and not. These screens are from the Editor, but I have the same issue In Game. However, In Game, another issue comes up :... Vertex/Fragment shader : issue with alpha blending

  • Issue#1794: [RELEASED] ProBuilder 2.0 : Seamless, Intuitive Level Design in Unity. Finally LIVE!

    Seamless, Intuitive 3D Creation Level Design for Unity 3D For full details, tutorial videos, testimonials, etc, visit "" New! Just prototyping, or want to test first? Check out our new tool “Prototype“! 5 Stars and 300+ reviews on the Unity... [RELEASED] ProBuilder 2.0 : Seamless, Intuitive Level Design in Unity. Finally LIVE!

  • Issue#1839: Unity - iTween issue

    Hi, I got error on the console about this line of code and don't understand how to solve it, anyone can help please ? iTween.ScaleTo(tailleDistance,iTween.Hash("x",15,"y",15,"z",15,"time",1.6,"easetype",iTween.EaseType.easeInOutCubic)); Regards,

  • Issue#1891: Unity - Auto Fence Builder [Released]

    Hey Guys Auto Fence Builder has just been released on the asset store:!/content/23201 It's a tool for both designing fences, and for laying networks of them across your ground/terrain. Its main goal was to see if it was possible to reduce this fiddly time-consuming task down to a few simple clicks, e.g. to put a perimeter fence around a terrain of any size can be done in four clicks, with the... Auto Fence Builder [Released]

  • Issue#1956: Unity - [Released] uConstruct - Fully generic, socket based runtime building system

    uConstruct is a runtime building system, It is fully generic and socket based, it can create any kind of buildings with just simple few steps and with no limitations. uConstruct is a very powerful and generic building system available for unity. It doesnt have to only be used a building system but it can also be used in a level editor for example. Why uConstruct ? FULL Source Code : The system comes with FULL source code. Clean And Full API : The system... [Released] uConstruct - Fully generic, socket based runtime building system

  • Issue#2019: Unity - [RELEASED] Abandoned Airport - Horror Environment

    Abandoned Airport - Horror Environment This package features modular horror environment assets and low-poly, highly detailed models. Includes plenty of materials and models. Download: Unity Asset Store Link Features: - Mobile Optimized (Android, iOS)-A lot of prefabs (ads, billboards, benches, decals...​ [RELEASED] Abandoned Airport - Horror Environment

  • Issue#2020: Unity - [RELEASED] Dreamscapes

    The asset pack of your dreams Dreamsapes is a massive collection of assets for creating vast exterior scenes. From small areas to huge exterior environments, you will find everything you need in this package. The package contains a handful of models and textures that can be used with Unity’s terrain system, and the built in tree generator. You can create your own trees and bushes with the provided base textures and materials, the possibilities are limitless. Three... [RELEASED] Dreamscapes

  • Issue#2023: Unity - [RELEASED] Ultimate Game Music Pack

    Hi, I've just released my biggest ever music pack. It's HUGE (1.4GB) and getting bigger as I'm adding more music to it all the time (Update 1.2 is now on its way). It includes almost all the music I've created for video games in the last two years and I put it together because I wanted to create a high quality music pack that's versatile enough to be useful over and over but affordable for everyone. I hope you like it, comments / feedback welcome. Full description below: Store Link:... [RELEASED] Ultimate Game Music Pack

  • Issue#2068: Unity - [RELEASED] UTNotifications - Professional Cross Platform Push Notifications and More

    ​!/content/37767 Unity 5 (any edition) / Unity 4.3+ Pro Cross-platform: iOS, Android (with Google Cloud Messaging or Amazon Device Messaging), Windows Store (Windows Phone 8.1 / Windows 8.1 / Universal 8.1 / Universal 10) UTNotifications is an advanced and professional Unity... [RELEASED] UTNotifications - Professional Cross Platform Push Notifications and More

  • Issue#2081: Unity - [RELEASED] Anima2D - Advanced 2D Skeletal Animation Plugin

    Anima2D is a new 2D Skeletal Animation Plugin that focuses in usability, workflow and quality. ​!/content/45879​Features: Bones Create Bone Hierarchies using the newBone2D Component. It has never been that easy to create new skeletons: just create, parent and link Anima2D's Bones. Control Bone's rotation just by dragging it's gizmo.... [RELEASED] Anima2D - Advanced 2D Skeletal Animation Plugin