Issue#152: Sony - Is very high image noise at ISO settings of 400 or higher a normal trait for the A77 camera?

  • I have an Alpha A77 camera that I use for photographing figure skating. I use a New Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens and typically have to shoot at ISO800.  My images are always extremely grainy and far from sharp. I have taken probably in excess of 8,000 images, and have tried the micro focus adjustment (see no real diference). I have tried both Raw and Fine JPEG formats, nothing seems to change the poor quality image. I have tried the Sigma lens on my A35 which seems to provide marginal improvements in quality.  I have asked other photographers on the Sony Facebook pages to comment and I have had recomendations to try the A99 and A77ii.  A couple of very experienced photographers using the A99 have told me to not bother with the A99 because it presents the high ISO noise issues. 


    I also purchased a Minolta lens 70x200mm f2.8 lens to see if it made any difference (I read around the internet where it was a tack sharp lens), however it produces the same results as the Sigma lens.


    I have 6 years experience with Skating photography and took photography in college (film days). 


    Any thoughts or recommendations?

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  • Issue#10175: Sony - A7S High ISO Low Noise

     I am a scientist who studies the way animal eyes evolve for low light vision. I am also an amateur photographer. A friend of mine who is in film showed me the relatively noiseless high ISO the A7s could achieve, and the physical basis for this increase in sensitivity reminded me of some adaptations I have found in animals. I would love to be able to cite a technical data sheet for the A7s in my next paper as an example of an in silico adaptation that mirrors an in vivo adaptation. Does the A7s achieve low noise at high ISO by increasing pixel size? I am aware there are 12.2 usable megapixels on the sensor and that the sensor size is 35.6mm x 23.8mm. What I don't know is if the low noise at the high ISO's can be attributed solely to a larger photosensitive area/pixel, or if other variables have been changed. Is there a technical data sheet that could provide some answers, beyond the spec sheets that are easily found (sensor size and pixel count)? Thanks in adva

  • Issue#875165: Sony - Sony HDR-AS20 high level of digital image noise

    Hi, I bought Sony Action Cam HDR-AS20 several month ago.I notised that filmed video has high level of  digital image noise.The objects on filmed trailer have low detalization. The quality of the video is low.Also the temperature of camera body increases and body becomes quite hot. The video was filme with next configuration:108060PSteadyshot ONThe exapmle of filmed video is on youtube: the original file is uploaded on Google Drive: Could you please take a look?Does anybody faced with same problem?

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    Shop Now : FPV System with Sony CCD Image Sensor Camera Setup (14 min 47 sec) New 5.8ghz FPV First Person View Kit (4 min 31 sec) This first person view system is perfect for UAVs, drones, and remote control vehicles. This complete package comes with a monitor, camera, video transmitter, video receiver, and accessories and will outperform some of the other more costly systems out there. The 5.8GHz system is a great option for those who wish to utilize FPV without interference problems associated with common household 2.4 GHz wireless and model radio control systems. The 200mW 5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver are capable of broadcasting your video wirelessly where many others transmitters can't. A small receiver comes with two video outputs. It will accept two video displays or one video display and a video recorder simultaneously. We tested this combo with the new mushroom antennas, and flew about half a mile with mo

  • Issue#73129: Sony - modifying wifi settings of action camera

    Hey guys! Happy to join the forum. I hope I will be able to get a lot of info here regarding the nice hdr as200v cameras. Surely one of my best investments I ever did.I bought 3 cameras so far, in 2 weeks they will become 4! I am recording multicamera video sessions and the default SSID and password settings are my biggest nightmare. I use the Play Memories in order to manage the cameras in real time. The default naming conventions are very frustrating and I cannot understand quickly which camera is which when I want to connect to any of them - TJH6 or any other non sense identifier for the cameras makes me connect 2-3 times in order to get the one I need. Having in mind I do this via the phone makes the things even worse.So can these settings be updated in the " wifi config" (I don't remember the file name now) file? Can I set my personal SSID and pass?Thanks in advance! 

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    Brand new STR-DH550 is having a disturbing background noise on PCM, can be clearly heard when music is stoped and the volume is over 30. There is a background noise even without input! Is this normal or should be repaired/changed?

  • Issue#180230: Sony - a77 not triggering off camera speedlight

    Hello, I shoot with a a77 and use a Sony speedlight (sorry dont have the model on hand). Just recently, it will not trigger wirelessly. The speedlight functions fine on camera, and I have also tried it on my older a300 and it triggers off camera. Then I return the speedlight to my a77, sync, remove and it no longer triggers. TIA for any suggestions

  • Issue#205187: Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX9: How to reset the camera to factory settings?

    Anytime you're experiencing a problem and you want to make sure that the camera settings aren't contributing to the issue. ⟐ Answer accepted March 1, 2016 at 5:40 am -0700

  • Issue#273966: Sony - Image camera stabilization

    Hello guys! I'm going to buy a camera for video shootings mostly in low light. I choose Sony RX10 and Sony A68, I tryed to find out which camera is better for low light and more good for video (better stabilization system). Help me please, which one is more good for low lights and which one has more good stabilization system. Thanks a lot, Stanislav

  • Issue#305586: Sony - Sony a6000 displaying more noise than usual after the camera did shutdown from overheating.

    I have a sony a6000 purchased a couple of months back and i was very happy with it until some days ago my camera overheated and did shutdown.After that incident i am seeing more visible noise than usual in my photos at high iso's.It seems that the camera is capturing less light than before and so the reccent shots look more underexposed and also the even the autofocus seems to be hunting or taking more time to focus than it used to do previously.Is this a problem with the sensor or some other problem is causing it?I am uploading two images one taken before the incident happened and other after that.I have tried to recreeate the same settings.Both images were shot at 6400 iso with aperture at f/5.6 and shutter speed at 1/60 secsond.The first one before the incident: second one taken some days after the incident: 

  • Issue#321147: [Unity 5] Scene-View FX (See your Image Effects & Camera settings in your Scene View!)

    ​ Description Scene-View FX is an enhanced scene view window that operates like the regular scene view, only with added powerful visual features. All your post processing, image effects, advanced camera settings like rendering path, FOV and clip plane, are now reflected in your scene view, great for seeing the beauty of your levels properly whilst editing. You no longer need to reach for the... [Unity 5] Scene-View FX (See your Image Effects & Camera settings in your Scene View!)

  • Issue#388321: White flashing video issue on Premiere Pro CC 2015 with XAVC L50 from SONY FS7 camera

    I see this problem only on PREMIERE PRO, I don't see it on camera or SONY CATALYST. Anybody with the same problem ??? Regards from Costa Rica

  • Issue#418853: Sony - Is Sony working on a high end full frame weather resistant camera

    I am pleased to see Sony take up the current slack of development of the high end full frame mirrorless camera niche. However, yet to be seen is the 24 plus Megapixel camera with >10 fps, weather resistant unit with GPS, wireless remote fire, and suitable lenses to go with it.  Is it in  the works, soon.  I'm selling my Nikon D4s and my D800E, ready to move into mirrorless.  With an adapter, I can us my Nikon lenses on the new body, Yea!!!! Thank you Skiman 

  • Issue#426428: Sony - weird pixelated image issue at the corner FS5

    I was on a job with FS5 couple of days ago shooting with the new firmware. It was a overcast sky. I was using auto mode and sony 18-105mm F4 lens. When I was doing the edit, I noticed at the top left and right corner there are two dark pixelated edge. I don't think it is banding, I was shooting 1080P at 29.97fps 50mpbs. It is really weird. Any idea what it is? I have darken the image in Photoshop a little bit to enhance the issue.

  • Issue#520471: Sony - Camera a 6000 lens issue

    I bought this beautiful a 6000 camera on June 23, 2014. I use this camera about 3-4 x a year (regular usage). About 2 weeks ago when the camera lens (original lens that came with it)  started not being recognized anymore for no reason. I attempted trouble shooting the issue as per Sony's recommendation with no success and eventually brought the camera to a recommended place in Whitby Ontario (MTC). Here's the bomber! They wanted $416 (parts and labor) to have this fixed. I am surprised how much this would cost me. I bought this camera for $749.99 (excluding 13%tax) and it does not make sense that I have to pay more than half of the cost of this camera. I am really disappointed with this camera because I have such a high expectation that this will last me for a while,not for only 20 months. I have a Sony  digital camera before this and it still is working for over 10 years now. I thought that having to pay more with a supposedly really good camera will be a wise decision. It i

  • Issue#802741: Sony - SEL85F14GM - Sony 85mm f1.4 Focus Noise Issue

    Hi All, I am sorry if this has already been discussed but I could not find and existing post about the loud focus noise problem with Sony 85mm f1.4 G Master Lens. In addition, my new lens has a line of white fluid/glue kind of material inside the barrel on one side and some skid marks (scratchy lines that appear to have be caused by the lens moving in and out). My camera was already upgraded to the latest firmware 3.20 before I started using the lens with it. If you would like to know exactly what i mean, please search Youtube or watch these videos: Has Sony responded to this issue at all? I can see there are numerous videos on YouTube with other users reporting the same issue. I really love this lens but I do not want to continue using it if there is a fault/ issues with build quality that might cause the lens to fail later on. Please let me know. Thanks

  • Issue#1116625: Sony - Sony Camera HXV 400

    i have a sony camera HXV400 , the camera is switching  on automatically & the battery gets exhaust , even the camera takes a long time to restart after charging . Even when the camera is kept on charge it turns on ..Please suggest what must be the issue ....Awaiting for the reply .  Regards ,  Nikita Kawa 

  • Issue#1123135: Sony - Image noise on XBR75X850C

    When I'm watching the Netflix and Hulu apps on my XBR75X850C I see a lot of image noise in darker scenes. This comes in two forms; either a light 'snow' effect across the entire image or more often what appears to be horizontal bars of light snowy banding across the entire screen from top to bottom. I wouldn't call it ghosting because it appears to have a geometry independent of the image being displayed. It's more like the grainy effect you see in your phone camera when there isn't enough light and the signal gain is increased to capture the image. When I'm watching the same content from the Netfix and Hulu apps on my AppleTV, I don't see the issues. This makes me think that there's something wrong with the Android video software on the TV, or its interface to the video circuitry on the TV. Of course, I can't watch 4K content on the AppleTV, and this is why I want to use the Android apps on the TV instead. The fact that I'm seeing the same kind of noise in mul

  • Issue#1177140: BenQ HT2050 annoying high pitch noise. Is it normal?

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased BenQ ht2050 and its emitting this high pitch noise which is very annoying. I also bought Optoma HD161x to compare with it and compared to BenQ its very silent except the normal spinning fan noise. Both BenQ and Optoma also has normal fan noises which is a low pitch sound and it blends in with environment. I am ok with that. This high pitch sound seems like coming from the colour wheel. When I switch the input signal from 60Hz to 50Hz you can clearly hear the pitch of the whining noise becomes even higher. What do you guys think? Is this normal for BenQ projectors or cheap projectors? Optoma doesnt have any high pitch sound at all but also costs 700$ more. I would like to keep BenQ since its cheaper and picture quality is the same or better then Optoma. I purchased it from Amazon so if its not normal I will exchange it ASAP since I have a week left to return. I am attaching a sound clip so you can hear yourself. I recorded it from my seating dis

  • Issue#31: Tableau - Creating a table calculation that sets goals to be 50% higher than the previous high value in data set

    Calling all Tableau Experts! I have 10 months of data, January thru October. I’m trying to write a table calculation that sets a new goal for First Pass Yield that’s 50% higher than the previous high First Pass Yield monthly aggregate. That’s a bit of a mouthful, so here’s an example to better illustrate what I’m looking for (Reference the below table for the values I’m talking about):   First, obviously, January has no previous lookup value to measure against so I’m setting that Goal value to just be .5 (just so there are no Null values in the table calc). For February’s goal, the calculation should be January’s FPY actual plus 50%, which in this case would be 77.27%.      Goal % Calc = ((1-((Lookup(Previous High Value)))*.5)+(Lookup([Previous High Value)))  Now, because February’s FPY was lower than the first month, the goal would still be set at 77.27%. This trend conti

  • Issue#161: Sony - HDR-AS15 action camera connection issues

    Hi I have this action camera and won't to use my pnone as a view finder. previously when i first got this camera i installed playmemories wifi software and it all worked i've installed the latest version of the software and it is not compatible with my phone android 4.0.3 I found what i think is the correct version of sony PM software Vers 2.1 and hey presto it installed launced found the camera and allowed me to imput the password.  then just as it was arriving at the live image feed it stated error this is not a supported device. what is going on? can you help 

  • Issue#1255: Sony - Sony Bravia beep noise blemished Skewed

    when turn on my Sony Bravia KDL50w755c the beep sound is blemished skewed  ling. Only beep sound. the sound of any channel are ok. I restart my tv and it is all ok

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    Hi After screen replacement I can't seem to press or test camera button on lock screen. Please help. Screen seems to work, I can press pass keys or dial keys on lock screen. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#6519: Radio Control - Image randomly flipping upside-down in camera????

    I have a wierd problem running the usual ZMR250 with 1177M Sony camera/Zeuss esc's/23300kv motors/V 1 pdb etc.... The problem is the image is tearing and even flipping upside-down randomly in the goggles and doesn't seem to be affected by throttle necessarily. Even installed an inline LC filter and still having the problem and also swapped out the FT952 vtx for a new one. Any ideas? Thanks

  • Issue#7049: Sony - sve11125cxb rattling noise to the left of keyboard

    sve11125cxb rattling noise to the left of keyboardis it a dirty fan or worse?please advise next steps for this out of warranty laptop

  • Issue#7171: Sony - Sony Bravia Ex330 double image goes away after 15 mins?

    I'll get straight to it.In the morning when i turn it on, it shows double image where one is superimposed over the other and the distance bw the two images is ~5mm. One of the double image shows a slight discoloration. After 15 to 20 mins, everything goes back to normal and occasional the discoloration happens, (not the double image)Things I've tried1. Ruled out the set top box. It's a tv issue.2. Took apart the tv, tried the apply tape to the led ribbon cable. Tv refused to turn on. Red blinking light.What could be a possible solution /fault? Parts maybe?

  • Issue#7467: Sony - BDV-N9200W sound issue

    BDV-N9200W when switching back to to the home theatre system from another connection on the TV e.g. Apple TV or Aerial connection,  it makes a terrible load kind of electronic buzzing sound.  Do I need to change a setting on the home theatre system?

  • Issue#7586: Unity - Issue with platform settings, changes not applied

    Unity 5.3.1 on Mac, trying to do this: "To fix this you must select the file in the plugins/ios folder. Once you select it you can enter a value in Compiler flags. Put -fno-objc-arc. Another new feature of Unity 5 is that you can now specify additional frameworks that are needed by the plugin. You do this by opening the Rarely used frameworks section and checking the CoreBluetooth framework. " However when I tick the CoreBluetooth framework or enter the compile... Issue with platform settings, changes not applied

  • Issue#8375: Sony - Dav-tz140 USB issue

    Hi, I just bought DAV-TZ140 sound system, when i plug any usb containing movies, video it says no usb data. Kindly advise. Regards Murtaza

  • Issue#9877: Sony - RX100 - can't zoom and camera freezes

    I've only had my RX100 for just under 18 months.  It's not been dropped in water and the fault has seemingly just appeared from nowhere! If you turn the camera on - it works fine... takes pictures + movies record However, if you zoom in, it stops almost immediately at x1.2 and freezes.  Then a message appears "TURN OFF AND BACK ON" If I do this - again camera seems to work UNTIL you zoom in again and it freezes - problem repeats itself. I have tried restoring factory settings and resetting it.  The battery is fully charged. It's not been exposed to the water.  The only thing i thas been exposed to lately is cold temperatures in New York - around -2degreesC but surely that wouldn't effect it?! Sony - I have called their helpline twice and not received much help or support. I have done an online repair form and they have said it costs £120 flat fee for the repair.  I am waiting for information on where to send it.   I am n