Issue#154: Sony - What wireless bluetooth headphones will work with Sony XBR65X850C TV

  • Looking for wireless Bluetooth headphones that are compatible with Sony XBR65X850C 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV (2015 Model)

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  • Issue#497148: Playstation - Which Sony wireless headphones work perfectly with the ps4?

    I want to buy new Sony wireless headphones that is compatible with the ps4 is there any recommendations?The reviews says that it won't work because of the mic or that I need a USB receiver or the aux won't fit...Thanks

  • Issue#1050098: Sony - How well will Sony MDRZX770DC Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones work for lawn mower noise

  • Issue#4125: Radio Control - Sony MDR-1ABT/S Bluetooth Headphones

    Sony MDR-1ABT/S Bluetooth Headphones for sale. Silver. US version. Good condition. Small cosmetic flaw on the front of cup. These were lightly used over the past few months and are in excellent working condition. Includes headphones, US manual, usb charge cord, audio cable, bag and original box. Asking $150 shipped or best offer. No trades please. Thanks Rick Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#5353: Sony - Can TV Sony BRAVIA KDL-65W850A be connected to headphones via bluetooth?

    I am planning to buy bluetooth headphones and I was wondeirng if the TV Sony BRAVIA KDL-65W850A can be connected to headphones via bluetooth?  If so, can I have two headphones connected at same time? Thank you, Rafael

  • Issue#6137: Sony - wireless headphones and the F5

    I'd like to use wireless headphones with my Sony F5. Does the camera support this via bluetooth?I can't seem to find this functionality in the menu. Thanks.

  • Issue#23391: Sony - Pair a set of Bluetooth headphones to my XBR65X810C

    I intend to pair a set of Bluetooth headphones to my XBR65X810C TV but have lost the path to accomplish that task.  Can anyone provide guidance to how to proceed?

  • Issue#28390: Sony - Best to have features like connecting bluetooth headphones to Andrroid TV XBR850C..

    Hello, I have couple of Best to have features for this Andrriod 4K UHD TV, my model is XBR850C. 1. When you are planning to add Bluetooth Profiles like Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), Hands Free Profile (HFP), Headset Profile (HSP).Is there a work around to connect my Headphone without buying a bluetooth transmitter. 2. Please enable Wide button everywhere, as these 4K TVs upscale everything the cinena scope videos looks awkward as picture expands only vertically. Similar horizontal expantion happens watching 4:3 resolution videos in the APPS like Netflix/ Amazon video/ YUPP TV.We desperatly need this option to change 4:3 to zoom (vertical/horizontal) globally. 3. 3D videos only watchable in default video player, when I use other players it changes the settings back to normal.Please add 3D option to quick access while watching videos (so that we don't need to back to settings) 4. When I

  • Issue#31867: Logitech - pairing with Sony Bluetooth headphones

    How do I pair the bluetooth audio adaptor with Sony bluetoothe headphones so I can listen to the output of the TV on the headphones

  • Issue#38345: Sony - Sony NWZ-A15 Bluetooth Pairing Issue?

    Hello, I recently purchased this walkman on the basis it was bluetooth compatible. I decided to upgrade from my NWZ-E585 as that was not bluetooth compatible. The A15 is certainly not cheap so i expected no problems. So because i had no issues at all with the E585 for a number of years, I thought i'd upgrade this year to a more modern uptodate walkman. I bought the NWZ-A15 primarily to use with my Samsung mini-hifi (MX-J630) via bluetooth, as i could only use AUX with the older walkman player. I expected it to pair via bluetooth without problem. However the A15 cannot find it at all when in pairing mode. I have made sure the hifi is in BT ready mode but it wont pair. I have updated the walkman to the latest firmware (1.21) and also played around with the various bluetooth connection settings on the walkman, but all to no avail. I've attempted both system storage and microsd aswell. Still no pairing whatsoever. It is certainly not an issue with the hifi because i can connect to it via b

  • Issue#156054: Sony - Bluetooth headphones will not connect/pair??? On the XBR65X930C or any XBR Sony TV, Why? Sad.

    This TV is $3-4k, has andriod, and has bluetooth, but does not connect to Bluetooth Headphones. Why? I even bought nice Sony MDR-XB950BT/B thinking they are both higher-end Sony products...but NOPE does not connect...VERY disappointing! Seems like a simple software update or is a VERY cheap part to add to this amazing TV. Also, please allow more apps like CNN and CNBC!!! Thank you... PS. I have to use my ROKU to listen to wireless (as they have the wireless headphone ability built in for less than $100 for the entire system!) which means I am NOT using the Sony TV Andriod system/apps at all ;-(. Come on Sony why not allow this easy/cheap feature on your TVs that have Bluetooth already? You even allow a wireless subwoofer to connect to (I bet more people will/would use Wireless Bluetooth heaphones than the wireless subwoofer!). 

  • Issue#176514: Sony - Wireless headphones using RF for LG tv

    I have an LG TV, 42LW5300-UC. I want to use wireless headphones to listen to the TV channels. I have a pair of Seinheisser 120 and with the coaxial/optical to r/l audio converter I can listen to the analog channels. Do sony wireless headphones connect directly to the optical cable and allow for the 5.1 or DTS to be transmitted via RF ?

  • Issue#198265: Sony - Does Sony 43w950c bravia TV support Bluetooth headphones

    Hi. Does Sony bravia 43w950c support Bluetooth headphones....and if it's support does there will be any variation from the picture and the sound

  • Issue#206556: Sony - Sony VAIO svt1311x9es Bluetooth issue

    Problem with Sony VAIO svt1311x9es I can see my laptop on my iphone but it not pairing and it not searching on my laptop aswell?

  • Issue#212063: Sony - wireless headphones

    want to hookup headphones to my 850c 65 inch 4k . there is a hookup for headphone on the tv but i have to disconect them each time i want to go back to reg audio . These should be left connected and i should be able to back to headphones or regular audio from my tv. what imput do i use for this

  • Issue#215596: Sony - Sony PS4 Bluetooth support for Sony MDR-XB950BT headphones.

    Why won't the Sony PS4 add bluetooth profiles for it's own Sony Bluetooth headphones such as the MDR-XT950BT?

  • Issue#221800: Playstation - Sony Gold wireless headphones PS4 No Audio

    I have checked PS4 Settings: Devices>Audio Devices>All AudioI have paired and re-paired headphones by using reset hole on dongle, and holding two buttons on device, then turning on. PS4 picks up headphones, and I can hear my own chat.  But NO game or video audio. In Audio settings I do see that Volume Control section is Grey, and cannot be altered. Help...what else is there to do?

  • Issue#253428: Sony - Just bought new Bravia with bluetooth and can't connect Bluetooth headphones, not supported,

    WoW Sony, you are not getting a happy customer with me. Just purchased your Bravia XBR49X830C 4K TV with bluetooth and found out you can't connect a pair of bluetooth headphone or much else for that matter to it. This is un acceptable, should I return your product or what.

  • Issue#261741: Sony - MDRRF985RK Wireless Headphones

    These are used in the Masterbeadroom to keep the wife happy when I watch TV during the night. In order to charge them I have to put them on the transmitter on my dresser. Unfortuantely, it is difficult to align them on the charger as my dresser is quite high. It would be much more practical to have the transmitter on the dresser and the charger on my nightstand. If I used them in the living room the transmitter could be on the entertainment center and the charger on the table next to my chair. We learned this from portable telephones years ago. Do we need to recreate the wheel everytime we develope a new product?Doen't anyone ask these simple questions?Do I have to buy two sets to get another charger? Won't the other transmitter interfere with the other thousands of wireless cancer causing items in the room already?Regardsbigdemerson

  • Issue#265751: Sony - NW-ZX100 Bluetooth connection to a paired device does not work after initial connection.

    I was able to pair my NW-ZX100 to my car via the bluetooth feature.  Everything worked great.  Then after leaving and returning to the car the device cannot connect.  It tries but continuously errors on the attempt.  I'm sure I can delete the pairing and re-pair it but shouldn't have to do that every time I get in the car.  Any ideas?

  • Issue#269686: Connecting Sony TV to Sony Bluetooth headphones

    I am trying to connect Sony TV, sony kdl-55w905a to my brand new headphones, wireless headset dr-btn200m. Any ideas on that? I cant seem to connect it via bluetooth.

  • Issue#278035: Sony - Problem charging MDR-ZX770BN wireless headphones

    I succesfully charged up my headphones when I received them but now I am trying to recharge using a Windows 10 laptop. I am using the USB connection that came with the headphones and the laptop is connected to mains and not in hibernation or sleep. The red light on the headphones comes on for about a minute but then goes off again.The FAQs suggest I try again which I have but it keeps happening.Any ideas?

  • Issue#391543: Sony - can wireless mouse and keyboard work with sony bravia tvs

    Can logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo work on bravia tvs ?    I plugged the wireless receiver into one of the USB port on the sony KDL-60W630B.    It did not work.   Please help.

  • Issue#395257: Sony - Bluetooth Headphones MDR-NWBT10 Won't Charge

    My bluetooth headphones have stopped working. When I plug them into charge the red light flashes constantly but they won't turn on or anything. I've tried resetting. What's going on??

  • Issue#397336: Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth Headphones

     "Sony MDR-XB950BT Bluetooth Headphones, excellent condition, work and sound great. Comes..."

  • Issue#421299: Sony - Screen mirroring wireless issue

    I have a bravia, full hd, 40 inch, internet TV.....i screen mirrored it with mobile and PC (Dell inspiron, 13 inch, windows 10). For mobile it works fine…for pc the wireless screen mirroring has some problem…the screen trickles and stops some time for 2-3 second ……I guess the problem is with connectivity ……how can I solve this..please comment.... P.S- i want to avoid HDMI cable at any cost...

  • Issue#472911: Sony - Bluetooth headphones

    I bought a pair of MDR-ZX330BT bluetooth headphones but I can't get them to connect to any device. They're switched on, charged but no matter what we do we can't get them to pair up with anything.  Anyone else suffering the same?

  • Issue#473433: Sony - Bluetooth not connecting to headphones

    Good day, my Bravia KDL-47W802A is not connecting to Bluetooth headphones. Please help

  • Issue#509879: Sony - X8500C not detecting bluetooth headphones

    Bluetooth headphones not showing up while searching for bluetooth devices.The device shows up fine on iPhone but not on tv (X8500C 4K Android tv), do I need to upgrade any firmware ?Thanks

  • Issue#527328: My Sony bluetooth headphones stopped working on Premiere Pro

    I have been using Premiere Pro CC 2015 for Mac using my Sony MOR-ZX330BT bluetooth headphones for sometime with no problem. Then one day, seemingly arbitrarily they stopped functioning after premiere gave this response: I've tried changing the default input and output to the sony headphones to no avail. I've tried changing the sample rates down to 8000 from 48000 with no luck.