Issue#155: Sony - SONY DSLR-A 100 Unable to use card. Format CF card fails, times out.

  • The CF card can be read perfectly in my PC. Bought a new 4GB CF card to test, same result. When I turn on camera it shows "Unable to use card. Format?" I confirm "Yes", getting the "Formatting card..." screen but progress bar does not show any progress, then just goes blank and fails. Checked the pins inside the card slot and they look fine. I've reset the camera, no help. Any other ideas?

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  • Issue#572752: Sony - Unable to format MicroSD card

    Hi all, I have a sony MicroSD Card SR-32UY which I am unabel to format, i tried windows laptop also but it keep giving me error message as windows cannot format drive.I ahve tried locking and unlocking SD card but getting same error message. Please help

  • Issue#614298: Sony - Sony RX-100 IV memory card issue?

    I use Sandisk (extreme pro) never had issues with them. Took my camera out on a hike (didn't bash the camera against anything (kept it perfectly safe). Took gigabytes worth of photos and videos on my 64GB card, was able to preview photos up until the end of the day when I get a message that read something like:Unable to use memory card. Remove and reinsert and reformat. brought it home and tried inserting it in my computer, computer couldn't even recognize the card. Tried about 5 different software recovery programs nothing. Still unable to reinsert the card succefully in the camera. read in another forum to reformat the card and use a specific recovery program. After reformatting computer recognized the card but nothing on the card. Lost all my photos. why would the camera ask me to reformat a card that previously recorded just fine? The card worked just fine after reformatting. I feel the camera is to blame? Just REALLY bummed I lost a lot of good photos.

  • Issue#284087: Sony - SD card wont format. FDRX1000V

    I was recording in 4k and the battery ran out. I came home and tried to format the card, Windows tells me that it is unable to format. When I try to delete the "Private" folder it deletes but if I open the SD card again its still there with all the files. When I try to format through the FDRX1000V it keeps saying RCVER

  • Issue#603877: Sony - where do I have to contact for Sony Canada Gift card issue?

    I had Sony style gift card worth 550 $. This card was sent for replacement to Jesica at Sony Canada head office.this issue has been pending for more than a year now. she is not coming on phone neither replying the phone.A resolution in the matter is required.Ashish Tiwari647-669-2440

  • Issue#809231: My Sony Z3 will not read my giffgaff sim card, i've replaced the sim card numerous times

    Still no luck... The phone IS unlocked to O2 but will not pick up a service and will not search for networks. I have basically lost out on a £15 goody bag over the last month as i've hardly been able to use it. I will be switching providers and seeking legal advice if this issue is not fixed within 2 days.

  • Issue#928652: Sony - Finicky sxs card - format questions

    Hello all, if this has been covered please link me if you can help. I have an orange sxs card that is acting weird, whilst shooting (HD)  had 5 messages to rebuild database including one that said "can't rebuild" - at that point the card went into the penalty box till the night dump. I did recover the footage. A couple days ago the same card just wouldnt record...again it got a "time out"  Has anyone experienced this? I only format in camera but is there another way that is more complete or "resets" the card.  THANK YOU!  Mark Foerster csc Toronto

  • Issue#1986: Sony - Baffling XQD card error

    I have found some threads similar to my problem but not exactly the same thing. First, some background that may be helpful in troubleshooting, followed by the issue at hand.I rented two Sony 128GB G series XQD cards for a project. I am recording UHD in XAVC-I at 24p and 48p.One of the cards would not format in-camera. I tried deleting the files in the clip folder (card was near full) and inserting into the camera. The camera then proceeded to format. It gave me some quirky issues later on during recording: reaching max clip number when time was still remaining on the card. Footage was still ingested and the card complied with formatting in camera afte that.Last night, I recorded around 30 mins of footage on this card without issue. When turning my camera after a break, I get an "Unknown Media" error message. I turned the camera off and removed the card. My laptop will not recognize the card when trying to mount through the USB card reader. I stil get "Unknown Media" error messages when

  • Issue#4593: Sony - FLAC Files on SD Card

    FLAC Files will play fine from system storage, but the same files are not "seen" when put onto an SD card. "No Songs In Selected Item"

  • Issue#10503: Sony - Action Movie Creator software - how to import gps files not still on sd card?

    So i've figured out that when video taken from any of the gps cams by sony are still located on the micro SD card.. the sony action creator software can toggle to select the memory card reader drive letter and it automatically shows which clips have gps information for speed. However.. what of the case where you need to remove these files from the card.. i tried to recreate the structure of the card and then browse to the video but the software doesnt detect the gps info.. i tried to put the gps files in with the videos, but the software doesnt detect the gps info.. How can this be done without leaving the videos on the card forever? Thanks in advance  

  • Issue#16076: Sony - Estimated time of video in HD vs STD with 60GB memory card

    Hi,  I own an HDR-CX380. My batteries are charging so I'm using the power cord., but the "problem" is the same. I'm using a Lexar 60GB SDHC. When in STD the estimate for the lenght of video is 1h57m. When I change to HD to time goes up to 3h55m. I would think that the reverse would be true...HD = 1h57m vs STD = 3h55m. Can you set me straight, or am I wrong!? Thank you

  • Issue#21561: Sony - SD Card reading full

    My Sony DSLR SD card is showing that it's full, but there are only 170 photos on it. Any suggestions? I've checked it on my computer and it shows over 14 of the 16 GB are still free. Thanks!

  • Issue#26516: Sony - Sony a6000 SD card

    Bought the camera in October without problems. Now it won't recognize the formatted SD card. It wants to reformat the card each time I turn the camera on. Of course that erases all previous pictures. I've tried numerous SD cards. Help!! Can't keep the camera if it keeps doing that.

  • Issue#27588: Sony - Cable Card

    I have a KDL-V32XBR1 and need the host id, data id, and cable card id so that Comcast can pair my new cable card. When I go thru the menu to applications then cable card, all I can access is the "reset" button. I need the "show" button but it is not highlighted and I can't access it. What can I do to get these id numbers? Thanks!

  • Issue#35202: Sony - can i upgrade to a new graphics card for my SVL24127CXB

    Wanted to know if i could replace the Geforce GT 620m in my SVL24127CXB to a better graphics card, can't find the answer anywhere.

  • Issue#38407: Sony Xperia M2: Sim card reader doesn't click in anymore

    I have a Sony xperia M2 but my sim doesn't want to click in anymore. Is there a way that I can fix it and repair it on my own . Do you have a guide are some way where I can find it how to do this ? ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 10:37 am -0700

  • Issue#48467: Sony - My Debit Card was Charged, but I did not receive what I paid for

    Good morning I recently was trying to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops3 Awakening DLC over the weekend, and so I paid $49.99 from my debit card in order to do so, via the Playstation Store on the PS4. However, as I check my library to show the DLC, it is not there, nor has it downloaded, nor is there any record on my Account that I ever purchased it. However, my debit card was still charged.  Any help with this may be appreciated Regards, saphire

  • Issue#61126: Sony SLT Alpha-65V: SD card can't be inserted

    Hi guys, I think I have ruined my camera SD card slot, the SD-card can't be inserted , when I push it into the slot, it return back without getting in place. even I can't hear any click to let me know that the SD card is in place. How can I repair this? do I need a new spare parts? any reference parts number? Thanks a lot

  • Issue#64241: Giffgaff - I' just want a sim free Sony z5 compact. Phone , nothing else , no SIM card, no contract.

    I think that should be £349 but it adds £12. What's rage £12 for ?

  • Issue#64864: Sony - For Sale - Card Readers

    Sony SBAC-US20 USB 3.0 SxS memory card reader. slightly used, perfect condition with cable in orignal packaging.  very low hours. never used in the field. -  $175. Sony AXS-CR1 USB 3.0 AXSM card reader.  Brand new in the box - $350.  Please PM if interested.

  • Issue#65535: I bought a new Sony Compact phone but my current GiffGaff sim card wont fit.

    Can I get a new nano sim card and keep my phone number?  Thanks!

  • Issue#85098: Sony - Has anyone tested a 128GB card in the FDR-1000V?

    And if it works, which one did you use?

  • Issue#92676: Sony - Has anyone tested a 128GB card in the AS200V?

    And, if so, which brand/model of card? I am interested only in a maximum of 1080P 60FPS 50mbits/sec.

  • Issue#108748: Sony - Where can I redeem my Sony gift card?

    I have a Sony gift card that was given to me (by Sony corp.) in lieu of a refund.  Since the online and retail stores have closed - where can I redeem my card? Thanks!

  • Issue#113342: Sony - unable to play mkv format on KDL-48W700C

    Hi, MKV is listed in the table of compatible file formats for USB playing for my KDL-48W700C. However, my TV returns the message "unsupported content". Please suggest how this can be fixed.

  • Issue#118635: PlayStation Vita: Modify Propietary Sony Card Reader to a MicroSD Reader?

    Hello there, I am wondering. Is there any possible way to swap out the Sony card reader and switch in a MicroSD card reader? I understand the pinouts are a bit different and shape, but other than that the size in dimension make it seem possible. Or will the new security on these cards prohibit me from using the MircoSDHC? ⟐ Answered February 14, 2016 at 11:59 am -0700

  • Issue#122902: Sony - memoery card

    I have a Sony HDR-CX115E camcorderCan I use aSDCX  SD  10HS1 64GB memory cardIf not what is best

  • Issue#125563: Sony - Does the new M series XQD memory card allow 200 continuous images in the Nikon D5 as the G se

    I want to find out if the new M Series XQD card 64 GB will allow the new Nikon D 5 camera to take 200 continuous shots as the G series card allows.  The new M Series card has a write speed of only 150 MB/s as compared to 350MB/s of the G series. It has been said that the new M Series card is made specifically for the Nikon D 5 camera but I cannot confirm the continous shooting limits of this new card. Thank you

  • Issue#135659: Sony - Wrong card purchased

    I was sold Plus cards not PSN cards and now I have a 2 year subscription to Plus. I was trying to add funds to my wallet to buy a game. I am not wealthy and I have been saving to get this game. I don't even want all the funds back I would be happy with just half. Sony says that there is no way to remove the subscriptions and place the funds into my wallet. Beings that I have a retail and customer services background I know there is something that can be done. I am a reasonable person and all I would like is assistance in solving this issue. I do not want to hear "there is nothing that we can do" again. I have been a loyal PS owner since '95 and I have never had an issue that was not solved quickly and politely before. I have raved about this company and turned many friends and family into PS owners. This issue has disappointed me greatly. This is the first time that Sony has given me the run around and told me that they cannot fix an issue. 

  • Issue#140327: Sony - Does the BIOS allow Intel WiFi card upgrades

    I have a VAIO VPCZ13KGX and 1290X., with ISBSYS-00260339-1040.EXE BIOS, and would like to upgrade the orginal Intel WiFi Cards for AC and other features.I am told that BIOS from some manufactures have "Whitelists" that prevent use of ugraded wifi, and that the BIOS must be edited to allow upgrade if a list exists. Does anyone know if Sony's BIOS have Whiteliists, and, if mine doew, how to edit. Thank you