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  • Issue#343928: Radio Control - (wrong forum please ignore) unless you want an awesome QAV500

    PRICE DROP Please see pictures 2-4 for exactly what you are getting. Picture 1 is pretty old. Lumenier V1 QAV500 frame (mint condition) Lumenier 30a SimonK ESC (mint condition) Lumenier designed Tmotor manufactured 4008 620kv motors (around 2 hrs of use, great condition. Bearings are smooth) Shafts might need tightening/threadlock. Add a FC and radio gear and you are ready to go. FPV gear, FCs, batteries, props, etc available on request - please see Price not inclusive of PP fees or shipping. We prefer paypal gift - please check our fantastic trader rating. Accepting Paypal, Venmo, and Google Wallet. Items may take up to 3-7 days to ship. Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A Views: N/A

  • Issue#15970: Acer - This forum is for Aspire Desktops. Please read if you have an issue with an Aspire Laptop.

    All, We've noticed a growing trend for posts regarding Aspire laptops in this forum. We apologize for any confusion that this has caused. We'll be taking corrective actions to get posts to the right placed, but this forum is dedicated to the discussion of Aspire Desktop products.   Posts for Aspire Laptops will be moved to the appropriate forum moving forward.   Thanks,Cory

  • Issue#84349: Radio Control - (3) 180's, all have same issue, what in the world am i doing wrong?

    So, I have built maybe 20 quads. All have been 250's or larger, so I got a couple of 180's, and over a week, I put all three together. All have ztw18 lite's, all use cc3d's, but all are different frames, and 1 has 1806's where the other 2 have 2403's..the cool red motors :) So all three of these are doing the EXACT SAME THING..!:eek: All seems perfectly fine running thru the setup wizard with the cc3d's, using open pilot. The radio setup, perfect. Go to fly the things, and youspool them up to get them off the ground, irregardless of flight mode, and just at the point where they will lift, they go crazy and just flip over off into the grass (or the wall) every freaking time! I have tried everything here..all the motors are "new", all the esc's are right out fo the package, as are the cc3d's and pdb's etc.. The props are all 4x4.5BN DAL's, and they are all correct orientation, all the motors are spinning correctly. I have made sure nothing is touching the CF of the frames,

  • Issue#103043: Hardware - Wrong forum, delete.

    Sorry wrong forum.

  • Issue#113375: Lenovo - Issue with Windows Recovery / wrong disks

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E530 with Windows 7. It was acting a little slow, so I wanted to do a clean reinstall of Windows.  It wasn't having any other major problems. I paid Lenovo for a recovery disk. I ran the recovery disks.  It asked me for a product key which I did not have.  I contacted Customer Support who told me I wasn't under warranty and they couldn't help.  I contacted Sales.  They discovered they had sent me Windows 8 recovery disks.  They sent me Windows 7 recovery disks the next day. I turned my computer on and it was asking for the product key again.  I tried to get into the startup utility program by pressing F1, F12, F2, F10, delete repeatedly.  None of them would let me get into the startup utility program.  I turned the computer off again (full shut down). When I turned my computer on again, I have a blue screen saying "Recovery" and "Your PC needs to be repaired" and "You'll need to use the

  • Issue#144868: Hardware - please delete wrong forum.

    dam it, wrong forum, please delete mod

  • Issue#160102: What's wrong on my tv? Or what's the issue?

    I'm calibrating my Samsung lcd led. I using i1display pro and calman eutihaist. As a pattern generator I'm using mobile forge trough iPad to Apple TV 4. On the brightness pattern I'm lowering brightness to 45 - but I can lower more as I still can see the black box. But if I lower it any more my meter can't read the black as it shows 0cd/m2. Is it possible that my tv are turning the led off as the black lever are going to low? Or is it my meter that are having trouble reading it? When I'm trying to watch the black pattern from avshd709 trough the usb at my tv I can see that I can lower it a bit more. The contrast ration for now at my tv is around 2950 is that good or bad?

  • Issue#217290: Lenovo - Old Forum posts associated with wrong person?

    All, I'm thinking the port of the data over from the old motorola forums didnt work as planned.   My post history is associated with a totally different user "khalleron", except that persons profile has my photo avatar, and latest posts are all those made by me on the old forum.   On this new forum, my profile shows no history, and my avatar is incorrect. An example of this is the "Marshmallow??" Thread I opened back in October. Anyone else notice this? Here is screenshot. 

  • Issue#226275: Lenovo - New Lenovo Forum TIme /DAy issue

    I have my Timezone set as Central, but all the posts are reading one DAY behind - all today's posts (on the Friday, March  4th) are showing as the March 3rd. The hour and AM/PM are correct. Cross-posted, I just found this.

  • Issue#226909: Need help to get unbanned from a forum (legit issue)

    I hope people see this and dont dismiss me as one of those VAC banned scums. I have an actual problem here. i got banned for a minor infraction (mentionning a key reseller in the forum) and i got a 24hour ban from the forum. Im not arguing against that, i guess i deserved it. i didint minded too much, it was on the division forum and that palce was getting crazy with trolls. But that was 2 weeks ago and i still havent been unbanned :confused: I tried contacting the mods throught the "moderation messages" thingy on the right panel as was instructed by someone else but im getting zero response. Help please ? game's launching soon and i decided to buy it. id kinda like to be able to chat over there :(

  • Issue#230339: Ubuntu - Fedora forum issue

    Saw this over at Wilders ... Thought I'd post it here just in case: Forum attack alert!

  • Issue#250223: Giffgaff says the PAC I got from O2 is wrong. How do I solve this issue?

    I called and received the4 PAC from O2, but on the form for transfering my number to giffgaff it says that the format of the PAC is wrong. I got a PAC only with numbers, GG says that it should also contain letters. Is there a number I can call so I can solve this?

  • Issue#266309: Unity - Text displayed wrong on Android (font issue?)

    Hello. I am working on a project that uses a Text Mesh with bold text. The font is Tw Cen MT, the character size is 0.1, the font size is 90. This text is rendered with the "GUI/Text Shader" shader. I'm trying to build this project with Unity Could Build for both Web and Android. Everything works fine on the Web version, but the text in the Android build looks funny. I've attached two examples, as you can see in the Android build the font is not bold, is wider etc. This is how it should... Text displayed wrong on Android (font issue?)

  • Issue#268726: Spotify - iOS Only Issue - Duplicate Tracks Play Wrong Order

    Hi, I have this issue only with my iPad version of Spotify.  My Desktop and Android phone do not display this issue. I have playlists with duplicate tracks.  I want to play a specific track based on my playist order.  If I play a track on a playlist and a duplicate track exist on that same playlist, the program plays the first instance of that track regardless of the track I selected. For example: If I had a playlist with two copies of Song A, one at the top and one at the bottom, Song A at the top would play regardless of the copy I selected.  

  • Issue#275281: EA - purchase issue, wrong code?

    I recently bought the sims 4 game in a store (JB HiFi) where I live and the code i have redeemed in origin has only given me what seems to be a demo of some sort? every time I open the game it says "game time offer has already been used on this account" although I am 100% sure i purchased the full game? please help??

  • Issue#280003: Ubnt - Load balance wrong route issue

    Hi, running EdgeRouter Pro 8pt on firmware 1.7.0. I have a setup that uses two PPPoE WAN links and multiple VLANs on eth2. Ive attempted to setup load balancing so that a specific WAN connection is used per interface/vlan. As a guide I used the following link No failover used in my solution. The router is connected via eth2 to a EdgeSwitch 24p 250w switch. VLANs have been configured on the switch. Brief route overview: eth2 -> pppoe0 eth2 vif 100 -> pppoe0 eth2 vif 101 -> pppoe0 eth2 vif 103 -> pppoe1 eth2 vif 104 -> pppoe0 For testing purposes I have configured ports on the switch to correspond with the VLANs so I can test each WAN route. During testing I find: - If I connect laptop to switch port for VLAN 100 I get the correct WAN IP. - If I reconnect to switch port for VLAN 103 I get the correct WAN IP. - If I then connect to switch port for a VLAN other than 103 to obtai

  • Issue#286239: Issue with Troubleshooter showing wrong information

    One of our machines sent an alert informing us it was at 3% of space left on a partition. When I went to the machine this was not the case. It was 100% available. What I did: Went to troubleshooter in inventory and viewed the device. Noticed that one partition named PBG image was at 3% avaible space. Went to machine and disc management showed 100% free space. I will attach pics and screenshots to help

  • Issue#295053: Correct forum for connectivity issue

    Hi: New here. Can someone please tell me which forum would be best for posting a wi-fi connectivity issue with my Macbook? Thanks LordBlarg

  • Issue#297345: Autodesk - Sorry wrong forum! STL problem 3D printing

    *****   Sorry I cant't remove this  ********   I need to send two bodies in STL format to 3D printer, Body 1 (main body) and Body 18 (support material).The bodies is not physically connected to each other (space 0.3 mm).In the "Make-function" it's only possible to select one body!How can I select more than one body, is it possible?/HÃ¥kan  

  • Issue#317272: Giffgaff - Mobile version forum issue?

    Is there some issue with using the mobile version of the forum? The arrow is missing next to where you change the drop-down page no. so you're stuck on page 1.

  • Issue#334035: Ubnt - Forum issue

    There is no forum for AirCam discussions?

  • Issue#347967: Forum issue

    Having odd issues. I received an odd temp ban earlier for posting 5 times in 10 minutes. Guess it's an overly harsh anti spam preventative measure, but whatever. I was out for about 1-2 hours for it to reset, no big deal. Oddly, though, it deleted ALL of my posts, forum topics I created looking for answers, etc. It basically reset my account back to 1, even deleting posts from other game threads. Anyone able to look into this?

  • Issue#351229: ignore this wrong thread

    Sorry wrong place

  • Issue#399573: Radio Control - Please Delete wrong forum!!!!

    Please Delete wrong forum!!!!

  • Issue#404791: Autodesk - Forum Issue

    When I go to the Autodesk Foum and try to change any search criteria(date added, kudoed...etc) or change the organization of the list(by date, by likes...etc) all the responses disappear. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks,

  • Issue#411531: Autodesk - Wrong forum sorry

    Once again, I have posted this in the wrong place. Hello all, I am wondering if there is some way to do this, to use a driven dimension as a parameter. As it is, driven dimensions do not appear in the parameters menu. if you hover over a driven dimension, it gives you the dimension number (i.e. d22, d46, etc) but you can't use it in the parameters menu. Here is what I am trying to do:We make custom cases/shipping crates. I want to put in the L, W, H of a part, say 3 x 4 x 5, define thickness packing material, define part spacing, and use the resultant size to make the case. Usually, I'd just say (in the parameters menu)something like the folowing:CaseW = (PartL+(Packing*2)) to define the case width if there is only one part. But in most of our cases there are several parts (most the same size, and some very different). So the math looks more like: ((Part1L+Part2L+Part3L)+((NumOfParts-1)*Spacing)+(Packing*2)) for individual parts(((PartL*PartQty)+((Num

  • Issue#453445: Put in wrong forum DELETE Please


  • Issue#490372: Dell - Dell venue 8 pro usb issue or wrong otg cable?

    I'm agree with Darryl_Gittins

  • Issue#494034: People posting in wrong forum

    I've noticed a lot of first time posters lately, mainly French, posting in the wrong forum getting their messages in the English LabVIEW forum rather than the French. This as always happened occasionally, but it seems like there is a major uptick of this happening in the last few days. Anything change recently with the structure of the forums making it harder for people to find the correct forum to post in?