Issue#234: Android - File Manager

  • looking for an easy to use file manager
    any opinions on X-plore File Manager

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  • Issue#32670: Android - es file manager

    If anyone forget esfile manager encryption password They can contact me and I will remove the password and I will send the file [email protected]

  • Issue#79784: Android - How do I music saved on a sd card to my phone using a file manager?

    I recently changed to a moto e from a phone with lesser storage. My sd card is full so I have a new larger one I want to transfer to but I don't have a computer. Is there a way to transfer my music on the SD card to my phone? I have a file manager but I don't know what folder or anything to... How do I music saved on a sd card to my phone using a file manager?

  • Issue#88153: Android - Massive Thumbnail File Issue.

    I recently tried to figure out why so much of my phone storage seems to be taken up by what appears to be nothing whatsoever. To do this, I downloaded a storage analyser and discovered not one but two massive thumbnail files in my DCIM folder. After combing through some other forums I opted to... Massive Thumbnail File Issue.

  • Issue#89972: Android - CWM backup file not showing up in file manager.

    I backupped my phone from the option given in cwm recovery. When i switched the phone on, my storage space got low and i want to transfer the backup to my pc but i cant find the backup in the clockworkmod folder. Even with 'show hidden files' option enabled.I only got one file there that was... CWM backup file not showing up in file manager.

  • Issue#219232: Android - HTC SYNC Manager Backup Issue

    I recently upgraded my HTC One M8 from AT&T's Android 4.4.2 to 5.0.2 and ran into the "Device Unavailable. Please reconnect phone (4)" error message. I got around the connection error by re-installing the AndroidHTCSYnc2.APK. The missing APKs were no where to be found on the phone, so I copied... HTC SYNC Manager Backup Issue

  • Issue#228760: Android - No Downloads present in default File Manager

    hello... I recently performed a complete factory reset on my LG G Stylo...& downloads ONLY go to the default 'Downloads' app (the one w/ the orange icon). Prior to the reset, they went to the default File Manager > All Files > Internal Storage > 'Download'... No Downloads present in default File Manager

  • Issue#388573: Android - Snote file transfer issue

    Hello, I have a Note 5 phone and an older Note 8.0 tablet. I used a coworkers tablet to write notes and then transferred them to my phone via wifi direct. I was then able to continue editing my notes on my phone. Today I have transferred my notes from my phone to my tablet to continue adding to... Snote file transfer issue

  • Issue#435923: Android - Select silent through file manager

    Hey guys, I'm using a galaxy s7 edge but I still get sound notifications when my phone is set to vibrate. I went to the Gmail settings page, clicked on my account, clicked on the inbox sound and vibrate. However, when I click the notification sound tab (to set it to silent) theres no option,... Select silent through file manager

  • Issue#482249: Hardware - Is there a File Manager/Explorer on IOS like ES on Android?

    I currently use only Android and I'm considering some IOS devices. One thing that's given me pause is file management. I use ES file Explorer on Android, is there anything comparable on IOS? Because even on android I've been unable to find a satisfactory alternative. With ES I can connect to multiple SMB shares, and multiple cloud services (including multiple accounts from each service) and copy files directly from and to the phone. I couldn't make do without this functionality. But there's also the way it handles media: A lot of android file explorers I've tried allow me to play (stream) one file at a time directly from cloud/SMB directories, but that's it. ES lets me play a folder, or select multiple files and play them (and even select yet more files and "add to playing" on the fly). I use this functionality every single day. The same applies to images; I can slideshow through an SMB folder of images without having to download them or anything. ES has many bugs, but try

  • Issue#592774: Android - Hide Folder & Files From File Manager...

    So I've got a folder with files contained within that has contents I'd like to hide from prying eyes. So far as the pics contained within I've found a gallery app that has a hide feature, but not a file manager with the same feature. The file manager that I was using was RD File Manager which... Hide Folder & Files From File Manager...

  • Issue#636791: Android - LG G3 will not play itunes mp3 in any file manager

    Brand "new to me" LG G3 will not play itunes mp3's in any file manager. Two issues here: 1) I cannot drag & drop an itunes file/podcast/etc. to the sd card in the LG as I could with my previous smartphones. My workaround is to drag it to the desktop first, then from the desktop to the sd... LG G3 will not play itunes mp3 in any file manager

  • Issue#702541: Android - What I can & cant delete in file manager

    I have all these folders in my file manager that I don't know if I can delete or not Bc I dont want to like mess up my phone and the way it operates. If I delete these will it affect the way my phone works or operates? View attachment 105454 Thank you so much for your help‼

  • Issue#740964: Android - Doogie Valencia 2 y100 file manager only shows SD card storage, not phone storage

    help would be much appreciated.

  • Issue#1152191: Android - How to get a single instance file shortcut (file manager)

    Hi, I placed a shortcut to a .txt in my home screen, but whenever I click it, it opens a new instance of the file. Anyone knows how to make it open the same version I was working with? Thanks

  • Issue#1184670: Android - X-plore File Manager LAN feature

    I've been using the 'LAN' feature of X-plore File Manager by Lonely Cat Games to access files on my Windows 7 PC for a year. I'm using the paid version. I just got a Windows 10 PC and can't seem to get X-plore to connect to it. The scan feature does not show the Windows PC 10. I emailed... X-plore File Manager LAN feature

  • Issue#1194554: Android - File Manager Discrepancy

    Ok, here's one I haven't seen addressed - If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, just point me to the right thread - Thank You. Although my Settings -> Storage & USB -> Internal Memory lists 16Gb of storage the File Manager (and all File Manager apps I have tried installing) keep saying I've only got 10.58Gb... File Manager Discrepancy

  • Issue#226: Android - Bluetooth Connect Issue

    So I am a runner and I have a Fitbit and a Garmin GPS watch. Both sync seamlessly to apps so that I can track my fitness. HOWEVER for some reason my Note 5 will NOT connect to these devices. I can't figure it out! (I also have connect issues with my GMC Acadia) Help!!!

  • Issue#250: Android - [Support] issue with upper left hand corner after verizon update on Samsung S5

    Very new to the forums and first time poster here. Be gentle my Android friends! [emoji6] Just updated my s5 to the most recent software pushed by Verizon and now I am having an issue I've never had before. The upper left hand corner, where most, if not all, apps use as their three bar "menu" button is no longer responsive. Using Reddit Is Fun as an example, and I can't access my subreddit menu. Anyone else having this issue or have any thoughts? I saw online someone stated that their... [Support] issue with upper left hand corner after verizon update on Samsung S5

  • Issue#2385: Unity - Android IL2CPP file size

    Hi guys I build a game for android with Mono2x setting and it file size is : 32.2MB , with no stripping and .NET 2.0 was used But with a same source code I'm using setting with IL2CPP ( with stripping engine code and .NET 2.0 ) the file size increasing to 84.6 mb So what happen with IL2CPP build file size ? or did I make some setting wrong ? Thanks.

  • Issue#5004: Android - Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5194: Android - [SOLVED] Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#8084: Android - how can i backup a file

    I have a app with a database file, is there a backup I can install on my android phone that would automatically send me a copy of that backup file/folder at the interval I specified to my email address in case I loose my phone I have a backup copy in my email thanks

  • Issue#9510: Autodesk - Linked Excel File Issue - Does Not Resize

    Not sure of an easy way to explain the issue. To my knowledge, we received drawings from a client that contain linked Excel files, Excel files that I do not think we have on our network.  Though, they may not exist on our network, I can still right-click the spreadsheet, go to OLE, and it does open in Excel and allows me to make changes, in which the drawing does reflect after saving. The issue is that, if I add or remove a row or column, the display of the spreadsheet on the drawing does not account for this, therefore, either pushing rows/columns out of site or displaying a blank space where the row/column used to be. When adjusting the spreadsheets size in the drawing, it only allows me to adjust the scale, not what the spreadhseet displays.  I've attempted to just completey copy and paste the spreadsheet in and remove the original, but when attempting to go back into the new spreadsheet to make changes, it says the link has been broken, being that the

  • Issue#10190: Android - How to use a local file to test a program

    Hello, I was wondering how to use a local file (i.e. something off you local disk drive C for testing purposes. I am working on understanding the URLConnection thing in android and want to try to bring a txt file in for processing, but I don't know how to because C: is not a valid html code.... How to use a local file to test a program

  • Issue#10806: Android - Tf700t keyboard issue

    I have tf700t and when I connect it to the keyboard dock it doesn't type. The only thing that works is the mouse and track pad. The dock still charges the device. None of the keys do anything. I tried replacing the top half of the keyboard(the part with buttons, not the battery and motherboard)... Tf700t keyboard issue

  • Issue#11223: Android - ES File Explorer file sharing questions

    My android tablet is set up to share files via LAN with two pcs, WINXP and WIN7. When I click on LAN>WINXP in ES File Explorer, there are some folders named ADMIN$, C$, etc. I can access all the other folders on WINXP except these. When I try to access these folders, I get a "Login fails"... ES File Explorer file sharing questions

  • Issue#11481: Android - Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

    Hi Androidforums, is anyone else experiencing an issue with music unlimited, whenever they use up their data high speed data, music services such as spotify and iheartradio seem to stall as well? I am currently on the $40 dollar plan, and have a phone that I used prior with T-Mobile. T-Mobiles... Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

  • Issue#11996: Android - Looking for a print-to-file app or plug-in

    I use a couple of journaling apps on my tablet that don't have any way of printing out entries or saving them in a text or pdf file. The best that I can do is to share the entries with another app that does have this capability. One such app is Adobe PDF Reader. The problem for me is that,... Looking for a print-to-file app or plug-in

  • Issue#326932: Issue regarding running exe file and passing command line args c#

    i have one c# console apps which expect some parameter when invoke exe file. this is the code of my console apps. tell me is there any fault in code using System.Drawing; using net.sf.dotnetcli; namespace GenerateTiles { class Program { public struct OPTIONS { public const string FILEPATH = "f"; public const string TARGETFOLDER = "t"; public const string REMOVEXISTINGFILES = "d"; public const string MAXZOOM = "max"; public const string HELP = "help"; } static void Main(string[] args) { Options options = new Options(); options.AddOption(new Option(OPTIONS.FILEPATH, true, "File to parse")); options.AddOption(new Option(OPTIONS.TARGETFOLDER, true, "Folder to create tiles")); options.AddOption(new Option(OPTIONS.REMOVEXISTINGFILES, false, "Remove existing files")); options.AddOption(new Option(OPTIONS.MAXZOOM, true, "Max zoom dimension")); options.AddOption(new Option(OPTIONS.HELP