Issue#25: Tableau - Bar line with number of records line break inside

  • I am measuring total time worked by job by employee.


    Right now I have this information:


    Leia did 1 job in 5 hours

    Han did 3 jobs in 6 hours

    Luke did 4 jobs in 10 hours

    Obi did 4 jobs in 7 hours


    I want to know if any one job took an employee a long time or were they consistent with their time. Did Luke spend exactly 2.5 hrs per job or did he do 3 jobs in 3 hours then the last job took him 7 hours to complete?


    The numbers I have are total time worked by employee and count of jobs worked by employee (the exact dates worked are irrelevant (so shuffling around the numbers isn't an issue)).


    I've attached a basic view of what I'm looking for.


    Ideally the quickest turn around on a job is marked first, then the 2nd longest and so on. So the last break would always be their longest job worked. Also would be nice if the color slightly changed based on how long it took them to work that job, however this isn't a must.


    Any help is appreciated.



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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