Issue#350: iPad 2,iOS9.2.1 AppSwitcher Problem

  • hi there,

    since the update to 9.2.1 i got a problem with the app switcher on my iPad2.
    The double click on the home button normally shows the used apps in liitle windows with content.
    Now some windows are blank (for example: settings window) with no content. Of course tabbing on the blank preview window opens the app and shows the content but not in the app switcher preview.
    Any ideas or help?

    Thank you


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I already did: 'reset network settings' no result

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    I have problems printing from my Mac. All the other devices work perfectly. HP status is " not active" . I get the message. Printer does not respond.

  • Issue#204543: Logitech - UltraThin keyboard cover for iPAD Air 2 on keyboard problem on ios 9.2.x

    Hi Logitech Support, My Managing director who using UltraThin keyboard cover for iPAD Air 2 is facing below problem  after the IPAD ios is upgraded to 9.2.x I have tested the keyboard still working fine with my iphone 6 plus (IOS 8.x.x) works perfectly fine. 1) He could not switch language from the keyboard button2) The virtual keyboard will not able to autohide Do you have any resolution for the above problem ? or advise us which similiar keyboard (latest new tablet keyboard) support IOS 9.x.x without any issue. Regards,Meang Teik