Issue#430: Dell - Static from AC511 soundbar

  • Has anyone actually searched the web for this? At least two fixes have worked. One is wrapping aluminum foil on the back an bottom of the bar to provide shielding. The second was using a longer USB cable from the computer and not the monitor.

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  • Issue#348915: Dell - AC511 USB Soundbar, static

    This is truly a very bad product. I was stupid enough to buy TWO of them, and the white noise is driving me crazy! It's especially noticeable when you plug headphones into it. Convenient I thought! Not very convenient when you want to rip your hair out of your scull after 10 minutes of usage. DONT

  • Issue#275900: Dell Soundbar AC511 driver causing system freeze/slowdown.

    I purchased the Dell Soundbar AC511 to go under my monitor and it starts to work as expected. However, it occasionally causes CPU to run high and the system basically freezes until I unplug it. When this happens, no sound comes from the speaker and I'm unable to use the volume keys until I unplug it and plug it back in again, when it works again- until the next random time that the driver stops working. Does anyone know how I can diagnose this issue further? Or does it sound like it's a... Dell Soundbar AC511 driver causing system freeze/slowdown.

  • Issue#346080: Dell - AC511 Soundbar--Audio Mixing is Way Off (I just want to listen to Sia...)

    You cant use Cellphone or IPOD or IPAD etc phones in a 3.5mm stereo jack without an adapter to change from 4 connection to 3 connection.

  • Issue#826822: Dell - No sound from Dell Soundbar AC511 with U2715H monitor

    No sound from Dell USB Soundbar (AC511) on USB port at the back of U2715H monitor and the monitor to Inspiron 3558 by HDMI. AC511 is working if connect directly to USB port of Inspiron 3558. Prefer to use USB port of the monitor not Inspiron. Please advice.

  • Issue#827168: Dell - U2715H, AC511 Soundbar, No sound

    For the U2715H downstream ports #10a/10b to work, the U2715H USB upstream cable must be connected from the U2715H Upstream port #9 to a USB port on the Inspiron 3558.

  • Issue#433: Dell - Solution to static noise problem

    Good stuff, thanks Big Smile

  • Issue#924: Slight issue with Klipsch soundbar

    I just got the Klipsch R-10b the other day. Great soundbar and its been working great. The only issue i have is every so often it sounds like the audio cuts out for a split second. I have only noticed it when watching from my Directv box, not so much on blu rays or streaming. Are there Ang settings I can try to possibly fix this?

  • Issue#13025: Notebook - Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

    Hi everyone, ppl, I will build a statue for you if anyone can advise experience with similar laptop. I am testing over a week all options in connecting eGPU Beast by miniPCIe instead of wifi module. With help of egpu guru - nando4 - we tried some options but getting stuck in the beginning - my eGPU could not be detected in device manager... - testing NVidia GTX745 with ATX power supply 300W, tested also with "paperclip trick" To be sure if it's not HW issue, I tested it on Dell E6530... Dell 17r SE 3D (7720), Nvidia 650M, EXP GDC Beast miniPCIe issue

  • Issue#18100: Notebook - Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

    I am facing weird issue with XPS 15 L501X screen. It displays windows image for 10-15 seconds and suddenly flickers and goes off(LED lights still on). Laptop screen display has lights but no image. I bought new laptop screen but same situation. I am little confused between cable problem or screen or Video chip problem. Observations posted is completely on external TV. Here below complete illustration. We have 4 option in laptop. 1. Disconnect Projector (Computer Only) - Laptop shows nothing.... Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

  • Issue#50291: Dell Optiplex 9020 Power issue

    You have to hold in the power supply test switch and the power button to get the computer to turn on. I have replaced the power supply with no change.,

  • Issue#58880: ECMP Static route with BFD Issue

    Greetings.  I have a Juniper MX480 running   Model: mx480Junos: 14.2R4.9   We have a pair of LoadBalancer VMs in an Openstack enviornment using Open-BFD.  They handle incoming traffic for other processing VMs.  BFD is configured on both ends with static routes. In a recent test setup one of the LBs was administratively locked but we still saw application traffic coming in on the externally facing interfaces.  during inspection we saw that the BFD session was in a down state on both the MX and the LB. Normally when either of the LBs goes down, the BFD session will go down and the next-hop peer will be removed from the route tables.  In this instance the MX is not removing the down peer from the route table and still trying to send packets to the disabled LB.    Config   [email protected]# show routing-options static route next-hop [ ]; bfd-liveness-detection { minimum-interval 167; minimum

  • Issue#64959: Logitech - m555b Bluetooth pairing issue with Dell Latitude E4300 running Windows 10 64 bits

    Hello, I've been using a m555b Bluetooth for more than 4 years with the same laptop: Win7, Win8, Win8.1 and now Win10 But I currently can't: after the full new installation from scratch, I'm unable to pair it. The Broadcomm "Dell 365 Bluetooth"  module works fine, I've successfully paired an iPhone 5S, a Microsoft Number Pad and an audioset. It properly detects the mouse (including brand and model), when I press the "connect" button under it. But I press the "pair" button on the Bluetooth setting panel on Windows 10, I obtain the warning box "it didn't work - please try again and check your mouse can still be detected" When I press the "close" button and make a new attempt: no further sucess. I remember having suffered such a similar issue with Win8 3 years ago. Please help me!

  • Issue#69037: Notebook - ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

    guys, I got a serious issue of my xps15 9550, 1080FHD Terrible response time issue! ghosting! I play PES2016 (I played this game on PC and notebook since 2008, and never has this problem) on xps15, and everything showing dragging shadows! when player moving and ball moving, It hurts my eyes really bad. I set my game right, using Nvidia setting, this has been done million times, can not go wrong! updated latest driver no problem!... ==Serious response time issue of Dell XPS15 9550 FHD

  • Issue#72134: [ubuntu] Dell XPS 13 9350 Graphics Issue

    Hello this is my first time using Ubuntu and utilizing the Ubuntu forums. I don't know any rules regarding how to operate here within the forums but I'll preface my issue with a quick story. I am a prospective computer science undergrade and am entering this field with little knowledge. I recently decided to try Ubuntu and installed 15.10, liked it so much i wiped my drive and made it my sole OS. I experienced issues with my network driver for my laptop posted in the title so i upgraded to the xenial development build to utilize the 4.4 kernel. This went well and i had no issues. I had one issue with my laptop not shitting down and sitting at an Ubuntu logo with the dots and tried a fix using gedit /etc/default/grub. Eventually i decided not to change the file because i probably would mess something up and low and behold when i force shut off my computer, i was sent to the grub bootloader (which i had never seen before). With a lot of frustration i eventually figured out i needed to b

  • Issue#91001: Dell PowerEdge T610 Power Issue

    Hi allI have an issue with a Dell PowerEdge T610. After the server did not boot I bought a new power supply from the Dell agents in South Africa (via India call centre). That was the initial diagnosis from the call centre agent. The server boot up and ran for one day. The server was bought in 2010, so the company decided to replace the T610 with a new one (not the same model though). I managed to extract as much data from the server as I could in the time it was running, and the next day I would have started with exchange exports. Most users had ost files I could recover, which weren't big. Some I could not recover.The company also decided to move to Office365. So most accounts are synced in the cloud, but I still need to recover some mail boxes. I was wondering if anybody could help me with a power supply, which I suspect is the...

  • Issue#94420: Qlik - Bar Chart Static Max Issue

    Attached please find the sample qvw.  I would like to use the dynamic data for bar chart axis.  Data is out of bounds right now.  I am using error bars also. HOw can I make the bar chart axis dynamic  and not provide the constant max value.

  • Issue#148172: ICX6610 Stops Passing Traffic - Maybe issue with static Lag?

    We seen two ICX6610 switches with 2 10Gb Static LAGS each connected to a MLX suddenly just stop passing all the VLAN traffic.  They are running 8.0.10 layer 2 firmware. The only way to fix the issue is to restart the switch.   Has anyone seen this issue?   

  • Issue#198623: Internal WebServer DNS Issue on DHCP users, Static Users are fine

    I have an internal web server with domain name. eg. and its uses local ip address  I created forward lookup zone on my windows DNS server and it works fine only computers with static Ip address. But it doesn't resolve on computer with DHCP.  Static users and DHCP uses the same gateway, DNS server and everything is the same.  renew, release doesn't help on DHCP users. Any idea?

  • Issue#220875: Linux - Dell Latitude D610 DVD issue Mint 17.3

    Hello gang. I have this Dell laptop with Mint 17.3 Rosa on it It works fine But I am always wanting to tinker. I had Ubuntu on a Sony laptop and I liked it until that laptop died I was thinking about putting it on this Dell, but the DVD does not seem to work properly. I know the DVD is fine as it is what I used to install Ubuntu on the now dead machine When I put the DVD in, the icon for a music DVD pops up ( I do have the boot order set correctly as I installed Mint from a DVD) When I try booting to the DVD, it does not recognize it and goes right past it and boots from the HD Any DVD (not music) I put in it thinks its a music DVD and I cannot open it So apparenty there is something wrong with the DVD driver? Any insight? I dont really have to get this to work, all I use this for is for the internet and maybe some of the Libra office and Gimp programs and print from it and all that works just fine Just curious what could be wrong thanks

  • Issue#225521: Ubuntu - 14.04 Install Issue Dell OPTIPLEX GX270

    I am trying to install 14.04 Server on my Dell OPTIPLEX GX270 from USB. It used to have a dual boot of Windows XP and 12.04 Desktop. The bios version is A07 (The newest from dell) and the video buffer is set to 8 MB. I have tried to install about 10 times now and each time at different points I will lose video output. I have tired the setting vga=normal and running nomodeset I have also ran a memtest. The CPU is a Pentium 4 with Hyper threading. I have tried with HT on and Off. I have also tried adding an PCI video card with the same result.

  • Issue#279267: Ubuntu - DELL Vostro 3560 usb issue

    Hi, i have a dell Vostro 3560, running elementary OS 0.3.2 Freya (64-bit). The Laptop has 4 usb ports, all of them said to be as USB3., but if i check, the hardware is shown as 3 ports with USB2. and only one with USB3. all of the ports are blue in colour and none of them have the symbol for USB 3. Quote: lsusb Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0a5c:21d7 Broadcom Corp. BCM43142 Bluetooth 4.0 Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0c45:648b Microdia Integrated Webcam Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:0129 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5129 Card Reader Controller Bus 001 Device 003: ID 138a:0011 Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS5011 Fingerprint Reader Bus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub Bus 003 Device 006: ID 22b8:

  • Issue#320835: Logitech - Harmony Smart Control Soundbar Issue

    Hello I recently got a harmony smart control hub, but I've having some trouble with my set up.  I tried looking for answers in the forum, but I didn't see anything that was similar. So my set up is LG TV, D IN Samsung Soundbar, Xfinity Cable Box, and XBOX One.  When I set everything up on the app everything works find and I can turn on/off or control everything correctly.  I then set up the remote control set and activity for the following order:XBOX One - OnXfinity - OnLG TV - OnSoundbar - OnLG TV input - do nothingSoundbar input - do nothing. Whenever I turn everything on I see that everything is activated as I see the lights flash like they're on, however for the Samsung HW-J250 it gets activated again somehow and turns off.  I've tried rearranging the power on sequence, but it always does the same thing.  It first turns on the soundbar and then later it turns it off.  I've tried having the Soundbar Input switch to D.In, but that doesn't help.

  • Issue#329673: Dell Raid controller issue

    I have a Dell Power edge T310. I received a foreign congfiguration  on my PERC 6/I controller. I cleared it out and rebuilt the drive. I updated the BIOS to 1.12 and the PERC 6/6i from 6.2  to 6.3. Now, the OMSA version 6.2 isn't showing any information. Do I need to update the OMSA too?

  • Issue#330531: After Effects - DELL XPS 15 - 9550 0 AE ISSUE

    Hi, My name is Daniel and i recently bought a new dell xps 15 with a i7 skyline processor, 16gb of ram, 1tb nvme ssd, nvidia 960M. Can you please tell me if i can actually run adobe after effects cc 2015 on the mentioned laptop spec? I am asking this because i installed after effects and all i can get is not real fps and can actually do anything in AE.

  • Issue#332854: HP ProBook 430 G2 Notebook PC wifi Issue

    Hi Team I got my HP ProBook 430 G2 Notebook PC  around 6 months back. but now one issue I am facing that it is disconnecting from WIFI in every 5-10 min then I need to put in airplane mode and again on in a sec then it is again working fine. but I am frustated of doing so. Can you support me in this matter. Regards Pulkit [email protected]

  • Issue#333585: Dell - Is my UltraSharp UP2414Q alright? -- Colour/brightness uniformity issue

    Since previous users may have used it, there is no telling what they changed from our factory calibration. This is why I always buy new directly from Dell and never from a reseller. CN0-WWRHC-74445-4CI-121L Manufactured on December 18, 2014. So you have a three month old monitor.

  • Issue#337096: Dell T7400 Dual CPU issue.

     "Hello everyone, first post, after quite a bit of searching I decided to just..."

  • Issue#337997: Dell Precision 5510 Network Dropping Issue

    I have this new Dell Precision 5510 and it has from the start been giving me network issues. When trying to transfer from a local server on same network, a 3GB PST file, the file transfer would start at around 95MB and considerably slow down toward the end of the transfer to the point it hangs and disconnects without ever completing. It's running Windows 7 x64 all patches up-to-date. Latest Dell drives and firmware.To simplify the troubleshooting, I disabled wireless adapter and only used the USB-C dongle for WIRED connection. I used different known good cables and different switch ports all together with same results.After contacting Dell support, they opted to replace the motherboard. After the swap, same issue still persists.I just received the TB15 docking station which also has an ethernet port thinking it could be the dongle that...

  • Issue#339209: Dell - XPS 15 9550 With Black Screen Issue

    Seems to be stable. 1.1.15 available here