Issue#441: Dell - Dell XPS 8500 Needs New Motherboard; Any Parts Salvageable?

  • For what it's worth, I bought a used XPS 8500 motherboard on eBay, and installed it in a Cooler Master N200 chassis, with excellent results.

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  • Issue#832115: Dell - Brand new XPS 8900, motherboard USB3.0 connector issue

    I've just received my brand new XPS 8900 this week, in replacement of my Inspiron 530s which finally died after 8 years of good service (realizing my previous post on Dell Community is over 8 years old...). It's the high-end configuration with GTX 960 video card, 256MB SSD, 2TB HDD.

  • Issue#963216: Hardware - Is it possible to remove the OEM CPU cooler backplate from a Dell XPS 8500 motherboard?

    I just ordered the be quiet Pure Rock and it looks as though it may not mount with the OEM bracket installed. Is there any way to remove it? All of the Dell community forums seem to be down at the moment and that seems like where the only helpful stuff is.

  • Issue#1154758: Dell - XPS 8500 multi monitor issue (onboard plus AMD Radeon)

    I have an XPS 8500 desktop with an AMD Radeon graphics card. I have monitor 1 connected to the onboard VGA port, and monitor 2 connected to the AMD Radeon card via DVI. I have multi-display enabled in the BIOS.

  • Issue#18100: Notebook - Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

    I am facing weird issue with XPS 15 L501X screen. It displays windows image for 10-15 seconds and suddenly flickers and goes off(LED lights still on). Laptop screen display has lights but no image. I bought new laptop screen but same situation. I am little confused between cable problem or screen or Video chip problem. Observations posted is completely on external TV. Here below complete illustration. We have 4 option in laptop. 1. Disconnect Projector (Computer Only) - Laptop shows nothing.... Dell XPS 15 L501x Screen Issue

  • Issue#70944: Can't install wireless HP Officejet Premier Pro 8500 on Dell XPS 8900 desktop PC 6th gen i7

    computer:  Try to install the printer software wirelessly and get the following messages.   Software downloaded from HP site:   

  • Issue#72134: [ubuntu] Dell XPS 13 9350 Graphics Issue

    Hello this is my first time using Ubuntu and utilizing the Ubuntu forums. I don't know any rules regarding how to operate here within the forums but I'll preface my issue with a quick story. I am a prospective computer science undergrade and am entering this field with little knowledge. I recently decided to try Ubuntu and installed 15.10, liked it so much i wiped my drive and made it my sole OS. I experienced issues with my network driver for my laptop posted in the title so i upgraded to the xenial development build to utilize the 4.4 kernel. This went well and i had no issues. I had one issue with my laptop not shitting down and sitting at an Ubuntu logo with the dots and tried a fix using gedit /etc/default/grub. Eventually i decided not to change the file because i probably would mess something up and low and behold when i force shut off my computer, i was sent to the grub bootloader (which i had never seen before). With a lot of frustration i eventually figured out i needed to b

  • Issue#330531: After Effects - DELL XPS 15 - 9550 0 AE ISSUE

    Hi, My name is Daniel and i recently bought a new dell xps 15 with a i7 skyline processor, 16gb of ram, 1tb nvme ssd, nvidia 960M. Can you please tell me if i can actually run adobe after effects cc 2015 on the mentioned laptop spec? I am asking this because i installed after effects and all i can get is not real fps and can actually do anything in AE.

  • Issue#332423: Dell - DELL XPS 2710 -Recovery of OS - Motherboard replacement and recovery of Windows

    The license is OEM and the product key is embedded in the UEFI BIOS of the motherboard. If you replace the motherboard and it doesn't have a UEFI BIOS embedded Windows 8.x product key you will be unable to activate Windows 8.1 and may have to buy Windows 8.1 again.

  • Issue#332659: Dell - XPS 13 9333 (developer edition) motherboard dead. AGAIN!!!

    It is the second time in 1.5 years I got my laptop dead due to motherboard issue. Not to mention all the issues with the USB port, touchpad, noise and all.

  • Issue#339209: Dell - XPS 15 9550 With Black Screen Issue

    Seems to be stable. 1.1.15 available here

  • Issue#353822: Dell - XPS 18 Wireless Keyboard issue.

    Having a similar issue. No problems connecting with the keyboard & mouse that came with the computer - and there was no dongle. The original keyboard & mouse only work with the original computer. And when replaced a dongle is required.

  • Issue#360002: Dell - XPS 9550 TB15 dock combo, closed lid issue?

    So, my notes for comparison purposes. I just bought another external monitor and another TB15. For the first time since I got my Dell XPS 15 — through four different USB to various video adapters and three TB15s (one I had to return) — I am finally able to close the lid.

  • Issue#360978: Notebook - Selling Parts for Dell XPS 15 9550

    Sorry new to this forum, Please let me know if this post is not allowed on this. I am selling Parts for the new Dell XPS 15 9550. Here they are: RAM: 2x8gb DDR4 2133MHz Part No. TD3KX... Price: $150AUD each or $300AUD for both SSD: SM951 512gb SSD Part No. 3WF8W.. Price: $300 AUD Will ship international. just Pm me where you live and I will give you quote on registered post. Will only accept Paypal.

  • Issue#370284: Dell - XPS 15 9530 Touchpad issue

    I brought XPS 15 9530 in early 2014, Its very hard to do drag drop operations from the beginning... and left side of the TouchPad poped up around 1 mm above palm rest area? Is any one experiencing similar problem? Regards, Raghavendra

  • Issue#373111: Dell - XPS 9550 Headphone / audio issue

    A known problem. Did they fix it yet ? I have the same problem

  • Issue#375196: Dell - XPS 8500 Upgrade to Windows 10

    Other than that, it all works perfectly fine! I don't understand why Dell doesn't want to support these models though, since they're from 2012 so they're pretty recent still.

  • Issue#375472: Notebook - Dell XPS 13 L322 'glitch' crash issue

    Hi there, I bought the laptop off ebay a couple of weeks back and for the first week it was fine. I've since been having this pretty horrible crashing issue that strikes about one per day depending on usage. The screen turns into this blue, green and purple 'glitch' style effect where it is separated into chunks while still being able to slightly see the original display. Here is a photo of the issue: It seems to strike seemingly randomly. I can... Dell XPS 13 L322 'glitch' crash issue

  • Issue#375856: Dell - Dell 1558 Motherboard Issue

    How to identify the motherboards suitable for my Dell 1558 studio laptop with proper spec ? Found out that the problem is with the onboard graphics card, so i need to change the complete motherboard. Any hope to resolve this ?

  • Issue#391205: Dell - XPS 8500

    It is very poor on Dells part to say that a system is upgradeable will not handle windows 10, if I would have known about this sooner I would have gone to HP. Is this a switch and bait company, and I paid good money only to find Dell will not provide new drivers for Win 10.

  • Issue#410829: Dell XPS M1210: How To Fix No Sound Issue On Dell Laptop?

    A uncle's Dell inspiration laptop has no sound while we trying to play any video or songs. I have checked the sound settings and the sound is not muted. I have also checked drivers and other settings. but No good luck. what kind of problem may be in this sound issue.

  • Issue#425841: Dell - Dell XPS 8300 graphic card issue


  • Issue#426088: Dell - XPS 13 Battery Not Present Issue

    My XPS 13 9343 which I purchased in September 2015 just started showed that I have no battery present. I haven't dropped it and I take good care of the battery. There were no signs of the battery acting up.

  • Issue#428278: Dell - XPS 2710 AIO - Help on Motherboard

    I have difficulty getting replacement motherboard 3VTJ7 for my XPS 2710 blackout screen. Please kindly advise where can I get the replacement motherboard of same 3VTJ7 type.

  • Issue#428281: Dell - XPS 2710 - Motherboard replacement - Please Help - where to Buy

    I have difficulty getting replacement motherboard 3VTJ7 for my XPS 2710 blackout screen. Please kindly advise where can I get the replacement motherboard of same 3VTJ7 type.


    I have difficulty getting replacement motherboard 3VTJ7 for my XPS 2710 blackout screen. Please kindly advise where can I get the replacement motherboard of same 3VTJ7 type.

  • Issue#429107: Dell - XPS One 2710 motherboard replacement 3VTJ7

    Part 3VTJ7 is the motherboard itself. But you have to search for and buy the kit associated to your current operating system. YCGJ1 (Motherboard 3VTJ7, DPK Windows 7) PKND9 (Motherboard 3VTJ7, DPK Windows 8 Home) 1PMFP (Motherboard 3VTJ7, DPK Windows 8 Pro)

  • Issue#442069: Dell - XPS 9350 and Dock with 180W Adapter (4W2HW) COnnection Issue

    What's the dock's model? Is the OS up to date? There may be a setting that switches between the available internet options based on the availability of bandwidth and whenever the WiFi signal appears stronger, it switches to it.

  • Issue#455078: Dell - BIG ISSUE WITH XPS 13 9343 WIFI Windows 10

    Hi there, i need help to solve issue with wifi on Dell XPS 13 9343 with Windows 10 clean install. The Issue is wifi access point field are low and instable and often some access point are not visible also when we are next to access point. Same pc with Windows 7 works well.

  • Issue#458029: Dell - Dell XPS 13 9350 sound ling issue

    I have the same issue on xps 13 i got in feb. ling noises which sound like electric interference of some sort. Initially I thought its something odd about the laptop (was from dell outlet, hence refurbished) and had a screen, motherboard and power socket replaced by an engineer.