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Issue#506520: [SOLVED] Lubuntu 14.04 LTS - bootable/live USB creator does not work

  • Hi All,
    I'm attempting to create a bootable/live USB with Lubuntu on it.
    I have a PC with Lubuntu 14.04 LTS on it. I downloaded the 16.04 LTS iso. I've used the 'startup disk creator' . I've selected the iso, and the USB drive. It's writes the bootable iso, no errors.There is a succes msg at the end.But when I tried to boot up from the USB, it's fails, and does not boot up.
    Error msg:

    Missing paraameter in configuration file.Keyword: path gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image.

    I've tested the 16.04 ISO, the hash is matches to the official hash number. This USB drive works well under Win XP. So there is no hardver error.It's a Lubuntu error.



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    Re: gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image

    solution: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2249701

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    It basically doesnt work. Code (CSharp):     public void OnLoading(GameStateEvent ev)     {         SceneManager.LoadScene(Game, LoadSceneMode.Additive);         Game_scene = SceneManager.GetSceneByName(Game);         SceneManager.SetActiveScene(SceneManager.GetSceneAt(1));       } aaaaand nothing. The other scene is still active, and if i manually set active scene in editor it works. Checked the variables with debugger all proper, Game_scene contains the right scene, it just doesnt work.

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    Hi for me not work knemo in ubuntu Lts 14.04 run terminal Code: :~$ knemo QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave. KNemo is already running! QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave. how to fix?

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    Good morning, your Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 does not work on my Mac Book Apple, running El Capitan.  You can help me do upgrade your software?  Cordiality.  Luca Franceschi Trento italy

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    I have been having this issue since yesterday. I have looked through the forums and posted on a few to try and find a legitimate solution for this issue. Using WTFast is not a real solution but a work around that we should not have to do to play a game/beta that was pre-ordered. I am just wondering if I have missed something somewhere or if those of us with the Mike issue will just not get to play in the beta. I would just really like to hear something official about this. ( I have done all port forwarding, router/Modem resetting with no results. The odd thing is I can play on my Xbox One in the same house but not on my PC) Using WTFast does allow me to connect but my trial unfortunately expired yesterday (due to MHO) and I am not paying another company to play in beta.

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    When I get an incoming call when connected to WiFi at work the call drops at 7 seconds after I answer.  If the person calls me right back it connects and the call quality is good.  Outgoing calls are no problem.  WiFi SMS/MMS work

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    I have an Exchange 2010 server that is running on Server 2008. It's a standalone server so all the roles are on one box. There were no issues with the box until last week. System-wide, Outlook is now having a hard time connecting or communicating with the server. If it opens (sometimes it stalls and won't open) it then gives a "Not responding" message. When you attempt to send an email, it stalls... though it will eventually send. As I said, this is a system wide problem and is affecting people with and without cached exchange mode turned on. When it has problems communicating, you can ping the server with no issue and everything else network related is working. OWA and active sync are all working with no noticeable issue. (I have people logging into OWA as a workaround right now). The server itself is fine, no hardware issues (that I...

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    After scouring the internet and opening tickets with Blackberry I can confirm 100% that the battery drainage and heat issue with the Blackberry Priv for T-Mobile users is due to: The My T-Mobile app.  When you go online you read lots of replies and gets lot of people offering advice (turn your display down, turn off your location, turn off sync, etc, etc). I tried them all.Once I disabled and uninstalled the my tmobile app (I actually deleted all t-mobile apps) the problem was solved. It was like I had a new phone. I highly recommend this for T-Mobile users. Good luck!

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    Old pc, trying to run it with a Lubuntu Live usb (Pentium D 805 with 1.5GB RAM). It prevously ran WinXP fine, then sat around for a long time. Now I try to boot Lubuntu 15.10 64-bit, but it freezes after it loads the DE. Mouse/keyboard stop working, but the clock keeps ticking. I ran the checkdisk and it says 2 errors every time, even though I can run the live USB on my main pc. I rewrote it with both Pendrivelinux & rufus, and even tried the LTS with the same problems (and 2 errors again). Memtest returns no errors, just checkdisk. What now?

  • Issue#54636: Blackberry - PRIV battery heat issue solved

     I spent the better part of 2 hours with bb level 2 tech support. Read this through before you start NetworkTMOBILE OK we had to reset the entire phone Then we updated the standard apps / using playstoreThen updated the OSOS / using TM Then loaded the apps I was using Then updated these /using playstore  We backed up the phone .. Using Super Backup Took some time .. Battery life now awesome including surfing web.. All day plenty battery to go.  I did turn off a lot of the unnecessary features on the MyTmobile app. Shut off all the advertising push ****bleep** * as well and the continuous TM usage notifications. I did leave the security and health monitoring set to 24hrs operational.  I did change the network setting to LTE 4g3g no 2g  I dis turn off the auto connect for wi-fi .. But that's  just me making my phone more secure. I want to control.  This is one way to fix the two issues. Go

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    Hello. I am attempting to move my player up, down, left, and right on a 2d plane. However, I was getting what is apparently a common issue where diagonal movement was compounded by 2 different vectors equalling more than 1. The solution, apparently, is to normalize the vectors and then use those normalized vectors to move the object at the end of the function. The problem I am having now is that I can no longer move up or down, it only allows me to move left or right, and I can't figure out... [Solved] Diagonal movement speed issue

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    Hello, I wanted to try Lubuntu on my Toshiba SM30-154. It has a Pentium M 1.4GHz and 1.25GB RAM. I used a bootable USB and followed the instructions on how to force PAE. After hitting 'try Lubuntu', it first seemed to work normally. I was warned about PAE being forced. After a few seconds, the screen started to fill with ^[[3~ . After another few seconds, these would go away and the Lubuntu logo would show up. However, the display started to flicker. It would stay on for a fraction of a second and then turn off for a second or two. The backlight turned off when the image turns off. This did not happen back at the screen where you can choose to install of try Lubuntu, so it is not hardware-related. The computer does seem to make some progress at first, since the on-screen text changes every time the screen turned on, but after a while it got stuck, or at least I think so (I can't really see that well what it is saying...). I do not know what is causing this. I tried multiple USB's and

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    Building Creator: Create buildings easily in a few minutes right in Unity. Video (30 seconds) Main Features: - Create buildings very quickly. - Build skyscrapers or residential houses with the same tool. - No need to use a 3D modeling tool. - No coding required. - Source code included. - Buildings have colliders set up automatically. - Buildings have Unity LOD interiors, unload - Very low poly, all flat surfaces. -... [Work-In-Progress] Building Creator Tool: build low poly buildings in minutes. Feedback welcome.

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    This is my first high endish gaming computer, my old Asus G51 was not playing games on high or even medium well anymore so I decided to upgrade and thats what leads to this post. Here is my setup. VIII Hero Motherboard I5-6600K Gskill 32Gb Ram 4x8 WD 1TB HD 1 DVD Drive CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Fractal R5 Gaming case Evga Supernova 750 PSU XFX R9 390 I installed everything over a full day carefully putting everything in its place and hooking up the correct wires, everything looked amamazing and I was ready for the first boot up. I press the bootup button and it lights up with beautiful fan and MB led lights. It goes through the codes all the way up to Q 99 with the Boot LED lit then the fans slow down and nothing...No display, no beeps, just...nothing. Hmm thats weird. So I try it a few more times and the same issue. I talk to asus support and realize that my RAM is not on the QVL (Although GSKILL says it will work). They say I need to RMA it. I decided to order some QVL Ram and have

  • Issue#75980: Giffgaff - Always on Data- What if the 4G network doesnt work so well at where I live?

    Basically, I bought the £20 goodybag, however, the 4G network rarely works at where I live and it is also the time where I need fast interent the most, is there anything that I can do about it, has anyone encountered similar problems?  

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    I posted about this a few days ago but got no replies. I wanted to make a better post with images to demonstrate my issue. I have a palm tree I made with tree creator. I capture a render of a single tree to a RenderTexture each frame: I then use this texture in an unlit shader for a bunch of tree billboards. Here is the problem though; when alpha cutoff is anything but 1, this is all I see: The correct... Tree Creator RenderTexture capture strange alpha issue

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    I am using mostly playonlinux (so all different versions of wine) however i get this problem with both the wine package from slackbuilds, and within playonlinux, when configuring wine (winecfg) and testing the sound. I can hear no sound in any games, or with the test button; this prints out in the terminal: Code: Aerr:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"winepulse.drv": libjson-c.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so ALSA lib dlmisc.c:254:(snd1_dlobj_cache_get) Cannot open shared library /usr/lib/alsa-lib/libasound_module_pcm_pulse.so err:ole:CoInitializeEx Attempt to change threading model of this apartment from multi-threaded to apartment threaded I had recently installed these packages alsa-plugins-compat32-1.1.0-x86_64-2compat32 pulseaudio-compat32-8.0-x86_64-1compat32 , hoping they provide what migh

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    I have a G35 Gamin Headset that has been working fine on Windows 8 (using generic drivers)Two days ago my left ear channel stopped working. First thinking it was a mechanical i gave it a shot and googled the problem.  The problem seems to have been a issue for about 5 years! and is due to Logitech make crap software for their products. A shame for such a large company. I have tride all the fixes but still get no sound.Setting balance.Switching to two channel only.reinstalling flashreinstallining different Logitech driver versions.using different computers.etc etc. I know its not a mechanical issue as i got it to work with a old Windows Vista machine that has not been updates for years, and it worked fine using windows generic drivers. So now, how do i fix this? It happened 2 days after the newest Flash player update, no idea if that has something to do with it.  Best regardsGrankotte.  PS. my Pid number is missing due to loads of glue on the area

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    Hi, I have been trying to make a bookable live USB with more than 4gb + of persistence , I tried many methods googled a lot none seemed to work so please help, these are the methods I tried:- Method 1 = http://ubuntu-usb-large-persistent-storage.blogspot.ae/ , Problem = I followed it exactly made casper-rw as ext 4 partition manually followed exact words exact way but in the end when I try to boot it would just bring me to a black screen with a blinking underscore key. I tired allign with mib and cylinder both didn't work. Method 2 = I used my 8gb usb which had ubuntu without persistence to install ubuntu on my 64gb sandisk extreme , I partitioned the USB with 1 being for ubuntu as ext4 and the other being for normal use as ntfs. Problem = This worked fine I booted the first time it seemed to work perfect I was unsure about persistence so I rebooted after an automatic update that updated packages and my usb wasn't listed in boot options anymore. UEFI never worked the one that did w

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    All,   What do multiple Academy Award-winning cinematography legends, flying jetpacks and man-eating catfish have in common? They’re all in the pages of the latest issue of CineAlta magazine.   Issue #7 features profiles on two distinguished Cinematographers with five academy awards between them, an F5 documentary on Jetpacks for the Smithsonian Channel, several feature film projects, an in-depth look at Discovery Channel’s 4K 60p workflow, a Columbia University thesis film, and much more.   CineAlta magazine tells the production stories of cinematographers, DIT’s, and Directors, among others, using Sony’s digital motion picture cameras in diverse production environments, and the workflows experienced in post-production.   The applications explored in the magazine range from feature films, documentaries and sports to live concert productions, television shows and online content creation. All stories are told in professionals’ own words through balanced, r

  • Issue#104676: Skype - Pending Payment. Live Chat Does NOT Work

    2 seperate payments for a skype number made on 3rd Feb 2016 are still 'pending' 8 days later on 11 Feb 2016. One was made via paypal and one via credit card. I am livid after 5 attempts at live chat to resolve the issue....every chat operator has majically gone silent at exactly the same point in the conversation after verifing my account through email code. No support email address. No phone support.  Skype support is pure rubbish. They don't deserve to be in business.

  • Issue#105357: [lubuntu] Using GParted While OS is Live - Trying to create swap and /home partitions

    I'm trying to use GParted in my Lubuntu OS. Can I use this while the OS is live, or do I need to do this from the LiveCD/USB? I have two 200GB HD that I am working on, one from a previous thread that I have encountered frustrating hangups from a previous Ubuntu install, and this HD that I just let go through the installer as normal without partitioning just to get something clean and functioning. (Linux N00b, DOS and XP oldskooler). I figured out how to do a really cool print screen (Alt-Print Screen) that cuts only the active window via the google. This is what the HD looks like (screen print below). I am amazed that the Used portion is 24.7GB, and I have not done any app installation at all. On the other drive, I was only using a 20GB root. Why is so much space being used? Question: How should I go about creating a root / part, a swap, and the rest in /home from what is there? What sizes, etc? I am running 4GB memory, so on the other HD I created 20GB root, 5GB swap, and the rest a

  • Issue#110749: Unity - SceneManager.SetActiveScene does not work [SOLVED/WORKAROUNDS]

    It basically doesnt work. Code (CSharp):     public void OnLoading(GameStateEvent ev)     {         SceneManager.LoadScene(Game, LoadSceneMode.Additive);         Game_scene = SceneManager.GetSceneByName(Game);         SceneManager.SetActiveScene(SceneManager.GetSceneAt(1));       } aaaaand nothing. The other scene is still active, and if i manually set active scene in editor it works. Checked the variables with debugger all proper, Game_scene contains the right scene, it just doesnt work.