Issue#6956: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] resizing display

  • for whatever reason. The display I am currently using cuts off.
    In windows I would go into nvidia settings and just resize the desktop to fit. However, I do not see any such option in Xubuntu.
    Any suggestions?
    Annnnd, I just figured it out for myself. For any future reference. The problem was with my monitor. For some reason it was selected as A/V instead of PC for hdmi input settings. I have zero idea why that should matter, but there you go

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  • Issue#122624: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] KDE 4.13 - OpenGL screensaver doesn't display at the forefront anymore

    Hi all, as I've just found the cause to my issue, I'd like to share it with you, in case some of you would face it as well. One day I noticed that upon entering the screenlocking mode, my OpenGL screensaver stopped displaying at the forefront. Instead, the KDE login screen was displaying (allowing me to enter my password to unlock the screenlocker and get back to my KDE session). Additional symptoms: - what I would call the "keyboard focus" wasn't set to the password field. Each time I had to press any of my keyboard keys once before the focus went to the password field (then I could type in my password normally). - when pressing Enter after my password, I could see the OpenGL screensaver display very shortly before getting back to my KDE desktop. Which made me understand the screensaver was running fine, but not displaying at the forefront as it used to. Today at last I could find a KDE option that, when disabled, would solve my issue. Go to: - KDE system configurati

  • Issue#247988: Ubuntu 11.04 display issue

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to use ubuntu, can anyone help me on my problem. I installed Ubuntu 11.04 32bit on my terminal(pc) and it works fine, however I would like to use another second display but it only mirrored it, I can't extend the display, because the monitor preference is UNKNOWN. this is the terminal I use. help me to solved this issue pls.

  • Issue#362811: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] Firefox / Yahoo Issue

    O.k.....Now that I have reset the password, I have managed to clean quite a bit of ''clutter'' off this little netbook.......however, the one thing I can't figure out is why, when clicking on the Firefox icon, Yahoo opens as the browser......I can't set Firefox to default browser because it does not open at just goes straight to Yahoo......anyone know why ?.......Del.

  • Issue#605663: [ubuntu] Compiz - rotate cube - 3 monitors - display issue

    Hi Folks, I'm in Ubuntu 16.04, with XFCE4 running. Now this issue cropped up I think when I upgraded to 15.10, can't recall exactly, but something like that. I have 3 monitors, and I'm using compiz. I know there are other GPU compositors, but I'm actually loving compiz a lot, so switching at this time is not okay for me. I use rotate cube to switch between my workspaces a lot. It rotates all monitors separately, not one big cube or whatever. The issue is when I rotate the cube, each monitor sees the monitor beside it, and spills outside the cube ( ). Now, in the past the cube only showed THAT monitor it was relevant to, not spilling out and displaying adjacent monitor content. It's kind of weird to explain, so I hope the graphic helps! I was hoping that this would be fixed in 16.04, but it looks like this is an unreported issue. Can anyone advise please? I've tried messing with the options in Rotate Cube, but I suspect this is a code bug, not configurat

  • Issue#831360: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] How to Remove NVIDIA Proprietary Display Driver.

    Greetings, Had a Nvidia graphics card die and replaced it with a Ati Radeon graphics card and all is working good. My question is how do I totally remove NVIDIA proprietary display driver and anything Nvidia related to the Nvidia graphics card. Ubuntu Mate 16.04 is distro installed. Thanks.

  • Issue#870374: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] 5.5-inches HD display of Mi 5

    Mi 5 awesome handset by Xiaomi with 5.5-inches HD display with 144.6 x 69.2 x 7.3 mm (5.69 x 2.72 x 0.29 in) dimensions 1080 x 1920 pixels (~428 ppi pixel density), Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow), Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 CS, 6GB RAM, 16 MP, f/2.0, phase detection autofocus, OIS (4-axis), dual-LED (dual tone) flash rear camera and more. Euro 2016 Live StreamWatch Finding Dory OnlineWatch The Legend of Tarzan OnlineWatch The Purge: Election Year OnlineWatch The BFG OnlineWatch Independence Day: Resurgence OnlineWatch Central Intelligence OnlineWatch The Shallows OnlineWatch Free State of Jones OnlineWatch The Conjuring 2 OnlineWatch Now You See Me 2 OnlineTop Gear Season 23 Episode 6 Live StreamRay Donovan Season 4 Episode 2 Live StreamMurder in the First Season 3 Episode 2 Live StreamDevious Maids Season 4 Episode 5 Live StreamThe Last Ship Season 3 Episode 4 Live StreamKeeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12 Episode 9 Live StreamMistresses (US) Season 4 Episode 5 Live Stream

  • Issue#1046674: Lenovo - Yoga 900 Display Issue Solved...

    ... by accepting and installing the new Windows 10 Home update to Version 1607! Don't know why, but Microsoft fixed something in graphics that allows instant, proper switch back and forth between the built-in display and my external display. And, as a bonus, the external desktop even looks just like the built-in - just bigger - with no monster icons! My setup is:Yoga 900-131SK (Win 10 Home x64 - 16 GB - 512 GB - All Lenovo S/W updated installed)Sceptre XG22 (w/ DVI to HDMI cable)Cable Matters USC-C Multiport Adapter w/ Ethernet (linked to my 900 with a 3' USB-C extension cable - >$15 from 7-Port USB 3.0 HubMicrosoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse - BluetoothTargus ADB33USX Keyboard - Bluetooth New Version 1607 worked for me. I recommend it!

  • Issue#1135216: Ubuntu - just upgraded to 16.04 LTS, display issue

    I look at some of the other threads, but did not see my issue. I boot up and everything is fine. No problems at all. I go away for a while, monitor is just sitting there as if nothing is connected to it. If i touch the keyboard nothing happens This is a desktop, I had no issues before? i just turn off my screen lock to see if that fixes it

  • Issue#1185066: Linux - Ubuntu Display Resolution Issue

    I am newbie to the ubuntu world. And now I have problem in the display resolution. I am sure that the display card works fine as that did so when the ubuntu was installed. But later I made some mistakes by typing some unknown codes (my big fault) in the terminal, which has made my display resolution limited to the current "800x600". And when I typed the xrandr command, the following codes are shown: xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default Screen 0: minimum 800 x 600, current 800 x 600, maximum 800 x 600 default connected primary 800x600+0+0 0mm x 0mm 800x600 75.00* The unknown coded I typed: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gma500/emgd sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install xorg-emgd emgd-dkms emgd-xorg-conf sudo emgd-xorg-conf (*that command wasn't run successfully in my computer though*) What should I do to fix that issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#1193875: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] Dovecot doveadm scripting issue

    Have used script below with Dovecot forever to purge emails. #!/bin/bash # DOVEADM="/usr/bin/doveadm"; $DOVEADM expunge -A mailbox Drafts savedbefore 365d $DOVEADM expunge -A mailbox Sent savedbefore 365d $DOVEADM expunge -A mailbox Junk savedbefore 30d $DOVEADM expunge -A mailbox Trash savedbefore 30d On a new server, get: sudo: / command not found yet using sudo doveadm expunge -A mailbox Drafts savedbefore 365d sudo doveadm expunge -A mailbox Sent savedbefore 365d sudo doveadm expunge -A mailbox Junk savedbefore 30d sudo doveadm expunge -A mailbox Trash savedbefore 30d As individual command works. Is there something wrong with original script?

  • Issue#2164: Ubuntu - VPN issue (Astrill)

    So weird issue here... Trying out Kubuntu for the first time (15.04) and as I live in China I need a VPN to access, well, anything useful. Astrill works fine at first, went to their site, downloaded the deb and installed it and it works fine except for one thing: It only works with the account I was using when I installed it. I installed it using my Admin account, and then switched to a regular user account, no luck. If I launch it, the icon bounces like it's launching and then nothing. I tried launching it with a second admin account..same thing. If I reinstall it in the second account, it launches but then the original account cannot use it. So basically, any time I wish to switch accounts I need to reinstall the package? That's weird. Anyone heard of anything like this before? FWIW, I have had similar issues with various codecs. Video plays fine, but only for the account that I used to install the media player with. (mainly for SMplayer) Help?

  • Issue#2210: Ubuntu - Ubuntu 15.10 - Boot Issue

    Today I have installed ubuntu 15.10 on my Vaio laptop, then i installed nvidia proprietary driver from "Additional Drivers" and now when i boot (screen after grub menu) it gives me following error Code: --------- [8.764321] intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: thermal reporting for required devices not...

  • Issue#2343: Linux - [SOLVED] Thunderbird & Outlook 365 - suddenly folder display broken on all accounts

    This is about some major Thunderbird (or Outlook ) weirdness that started today....or at least that I noticed today. Everything used to be good. I could access all my Outlook 365 imap folders on Thunderbird (3 different Outlook accounts), it was sunny and warm and the birds were chirping outside. Suddenly, all of my Outlook folders - except for Inbox and Trash - disappeared, and my world came to halt. Maybe a bit dramatic, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem, maybe starting today? If not, I'd really appreciate any guidance on how to best troubleshoot. To be more specific, I have three unrelated Outlook 365 imap accounts, and a few other non-Outlook 365 imap (different services) accounts. All non-Outlook 365 imap accounts are continuing to work 100%. The Outlook 365 accounts, all of a sudden, stopped displaying any folders other than Inbox & Trash. When I click on subscribe, nothing is checked at all (not even Inbox). Checking any folders (even those displayed

  • Issue#2486: [ubuntu] 14.04 LTS - could not resize windows on external display

    This is a installation of 14.04 LTS (64-bit) after upgrading from 12.10 on my ThinkPad T61. This recent upgrade is great on this old T61 (Intel Dual Core 2.6 GHz 4GB [email protected] 14.1" LCD 1440 x 900). Finally last night I put this T61 back to its docking station which is connected with a monitor, keyboard and mouse and powered up with 14.01 LTS. The external monitor is an NEC MultiSync LCD 2060NX with 1680 x 1050. To my surprise, window resizing is no longer work. If I move the mouse cursor onto any edge of any window (such as Chrome and Firefox browsers, terminal and any other informational window) and drag it with the left button (to resize the window) it would not respond. I still can use the mouse to move and re-position a window with mouse and I can still use mouse to click on the "enlarge" icon on the window which would then occupy the entire screen, just not the resizing. And this only happens with the external monitor (with the laptop LCD shut). I don't recall havin

  • Issue#3211: Ubuntu - [PPC] sound on a cube- hopefully solved

    My jessie/xfce cube has been too quiet... so I had to get the sound working. This led me down a bunch of red herrings of trying to understand what was going on with the soundcard driver, snd-powerpc, etc. Then I realized... there is no card on the board! It's all done through the speakers. So that wobbly path led me to: sudo apt-get install alsa-base alsa-utils blacklist as desribed in In /etc/modprobe.d/ (mine had a alsa-base-blacklist.conf) blacklist snd-aoablacklist snd-aoa-fabric-layout blacklist snd-aoa-soundbus blacklist snd-aoa-i2sbus blacklist snd-aoa-codec-tas At one point, I had put in /etc/modules a line for snd-powermac. It's actually not needed, so I commented it out. Here is where you make it all work. Alsa installs the usb module/driver just fine, (at least for me), so one would think it would be ok. The problem is that it assigns the usb driver to the wrong slot, as it assumes that you have an onboard card. So

  • Issue#3271: Ubuntu - Keep getting 'can't open display' for whatever remote client i try

    I am not using ubuntu but tinycore linux. I am desperate and the forums over there are abandoned from what I can tell so I posted here so that maybe I'd get a response. I installed command line only install so had to install X etc manually. I kept getting that message 'can't open display' on the tinycore command line. I tried with tight vnc and rdesktop. I have installed the xstart thing and now the core install loads into the desktop by default. As a side note how do I stop that? I want x for rdp etc but i still want to boot into core and load X only as needed. Anyhow I was reading an article which said: If you have problems the first thing to do is to see the value of the variable DISPLAY on the client. If it is not set at all or set incorrectly you need to fix that, for example export DISPLAY= I put that line into the command line. Then I tried the clients again. Now it seems to hang for like two mins on the pressing of return but eventually it just return

  • Issue#5194: Android - [SOLVED] Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error

    I am getting a "Unknown issue with Google Play Services Error" when i open Google Apps like Gmail. I recently Unlocked the Bootloader and Rooted my Turbo. I dont see Google Play Services in Play Store to Update. Does anyone have any suggestions for the issue? Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#5942: Solved - ThinkorSwim - Getting Build 1880.62 or later to run on Ubuntu 14.04 or later

    Jan 25, 2016 On January 23, 2016 TD Ameritrade / ThinkorSwim was updated to Version 1880.62 and part of that update was to require ThinkorSwim to run on Java Version 8.x on Linux Operating Systems. I'm currently running Linux Lite 2.6 (based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) on my machine, and this morning when I fired up ThinkorSwim, it just hung at the "Updating Software" screen and never progressed any further. After going to the ThinkorSwim Support Site, I found that part of the update was a new requirement for Linux to have Java 8.x installed on the PC, and to tell ThinkorSwim to use it from now on. Here is the link to the ThinkorSwim Technical Document for January 23, 2016. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Open the Technical Notes" to see the full document and instructions. The full Linux instructions can be found at the bottom of the page, and I have also pasted them below for your convenience. In short, I performed these steps and the ThinkorSwim Tradin

  • Issue#5969: Playstation - I have solved my issue now I just have a general question for long time ps vita users

    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.

  • Issue#6805: Samsung Display: Backlight issue: dark semicircle appears on right side of screen

    So this is a second hand Samsung SyncMaster S23B300 (23") HD DVI monitor but worked fine when I first got it, daily use, no issues till recently so hopefully the previous owner didn't know about it. The issue is, when I turn the monitor on after it being off, a dark semicircular shadow radiates from the right side. If I press on the plastic frame, things return to normal, and after a bit of fiddling I can get it stable and make the screen appear normal again. However, this is becoming more frequent and more difficult to remedy each time it happens. It seems like a small issue and I am used to fixing things myself, I can solder etc, but I have no idea how these monitors work. I am under the impression that it could potentially be a capacitor, or even simply some bad connection. Should I just open it up and have a go? Any tips? Pic: Usually forget to take a pic when PC first starts up, so excuse the peek into my Youtube habits. I have noticed its

  • Issue#6807: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 451

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 451 for the week January 18 - 24, 2016. Links to UWN Wiki page: In This Issue Welcome New Members and DevelopersUbuntu StatsTour of our Wiki PageLoCo EventsSerge Hallyn: Cgroups are now handled a bit differently in XenialXubuntu: Xubuntu at The Working Centre's Computer Recycling ProjectUbuntu Studio: Ubuntustudio 16.04 Wallpaper Contest!Lubuntu Blog: Box theme 0.58Martin Pitt: Results from proposed-migration virtual sprintFind-a-task 2.0Ubuntu Cloud NewsUbuntu Clock Update Reflects Convergence Design ThinkingSCaLE 14x, day 1: Shuttleworth delivers the grand vision for UbuntuIn The BlogosphereOther Articles of InterestFeatured Audio and VideoWeekly Ubuntu Development Team MeetingsUpcoming Meetings and EventsUpdates and Security for 12.04, 14.04, 15.04 and 15.10And much more! General Community News Welcome New Members and Developers El Acheche ANIS, on behalf of the Ubuntu Memb

  • Issue#7817: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] nautilus doesn't list /var/www

    [It turned out to be my own silly mistake, of course] Can someone tell me why Nautilus doesn't list the directory www in /var? I can list it from the command line without any trouble, but it doesn't show up in nautilus. Actually, I want to open a file deep in the /var/www/html/... hierarchy inside Inkscape, and it looks like it uses a dialog from nautilus. Any clues? Max. 15.10.

  • Issue#7941: Ubuntu - [SOLVED] Can't connect to NFS shares

    I've done a fresh install of ubuntu server lts on my nas server and have shared two directories via nfs by following the guidelines on and entering; Code: /sharefolder  *(ro,sync,no_root_squash) in /etc/exports for each directory to be shared. Running "showmount -e localhost" on the server then shows both the directories; Code: Export list for localhost:/sharefolder * However, running showmount -e on my linux mint cinamon 17.3 client gives the following error; Code: clnt_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - Unable to receive: errno 113 (No route to host) Running nmap on server on itself gives the following; Code: Starting Nmap 6.40 ( ) at 2016-01-26 11:33 GMTNmap scan report for Host is up (0.00080s latency). Not shown: 996 closed ports PORT      STATE SERVICE 111/tcp  open  rpcbind 139/tcp  open  netbios-ssn 445/tcp  open  microsoft-ds 49152/tcp open&nbs

  • Issue#8646: Geforce - Nvidia Control Panel Scaling Issue, Changing from Display to GPU not saving???

    I'm trying to change the scaling in nvidia control panel to GPU but every time i change it it just reverts back to display even though i hit keep. I've tried every solution I've come across but none have helped me so far.

  • Issue#8757: Ubuntu - Best option for a 4-display support

    Hello! I would like to know, based on your experience, which is the best graphics card to work with Ubuntu with 4 displays attached. Important note: 4 displays at a time! Will there be any problems if I buy 2 graphics cards to configure it in Ubuntu? Or it will self-install? (Maybe this is the cheapest option, because it's difficult to find 4 displays in one same graphics card). The cards will be for working with it. I will not perform any gaming at all. Maybe I will use it also as a media center some days but I don't think this should be something to take into account. Thank you!!

  • Issue#8763: Ubuntu - Brightness reset issue

    I have a HP laptop on which I have installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Every time I boot the machine, the brightness is maxed out and I have to adjust it again. Is there any way to tackle that issue ?

  • Issue#9067: [ubuntu] Onboard sound not working - only available through display port.

    I'm not able to hear audio through the front headphone jack, only through my monitor connected to the graphics card. The audio quality through the DP is very low, and I'd rather get the decent quality audio. The onboard audio has been enabled in the BIOS, and device is being picked up by ALSA, but does not appear in the list of playback devices or in the sound options menu. Is there an obvious step I'm missing to re-enable it? Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16:29:26.png Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16:29:13.png Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16:29:41.png Attached Images Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16:29:26.png (25.4 KB) Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16:29:13.png (44.8 KB) Screenshot from 2016-01-26 16:29:41.png (45.3 KB)

  • Issue#9758: Asus N551 and Ubuntu 14.04 trackpad issue

    Hello, Today I got new laptop Asus N551VW-FY204D. Everything is great with the laptop, the only thing is that the trackpad is not working. Ubuntu is not even recognize it. Can some one help me. Thanks in advance!