Issue#829996: HP - SOLVED: Pavilion x2 10 touch screen & audio failure after Windows 10 automatic upgrade (June 20

  • For the second time, Windows 10 Update has automatically installed a "critical update" that causes the touch screen and audio to fail!


    First time I managed to do a System Restore to get back to functionality, and when it installed again I re-ran the original Intel Atom Z3000 series driver set (HP file sp72926  signed Oct. 2015), which restored functionality while allowing the Windows Update.


    The second time (25 June 2016), I tried reinstalling the drivers but this time it aborted and forced a rollback, leaving me without touch or sound.


    Finally I hit upon a solution!  Device Manager revealed that the I2C drivers were failing to load properly (Code 31 errors).


    I opened up the "Drivers" folder of the unpacked sp72926 and found a folder "I2C" there.  Inside was a set of files including an .INF file.  I right-clicked it, selected "Install" and voila! Sound and touch instantly returned, without even the need for a reboot (although I did one just to make sure).


    No problems for the past several hours.  Appears fixed to me!


    Device Manager reports 5 listings of "I2C Controller", all by Intel, all version 604.10143.1010.2969, all dated 2015-06-08


    When I updated the I2C driver using Device Manager, Windows Update downloaded and installed version 604.10154.1010.7150, dated 2015-10-01.  Reboot will determine if it still works properly.




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    For the second time, Windows 10 Update has automatically installed a "critical update" that causes the touch screen and audio to fail! First time I managed to do a System Restore to get back to functionality, and when it installed again I re-ran the original Intel Atom Z3000 series driver set (HP file sp72926  signed Oct. 2015), which restored functionality while allowing the Windows Update. The second time (25 June 2016), I tried reinstalling the drivers but this time it aborted and forced a rollback, leaving me without touch or sound. Finally I hit upon a solution!  Device Manager revealed that the I2C drivers were failing to load properly (Code 31 errors). I opened up the "Drivers" folder of the unpacked sp72926 and found a folder "I2C" there.  Inside was a set of files including an .INF file.  I right-clicked it, selected "Install" and voila! Sound and touch instantly returned, without even the need for a reboot (although I did one just to ma

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    To whom it may concern,I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14, and had problems with Lenovo Transition after I had upgraded my operating system to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1.Simply, Lenovo Transition stopped working in stand and tent modes.Here is how I have fixed the problem.Step-1: Uninstall Lenovo Transition and reboot your laptop.Step-2: Install Lenovo Transition 2.1  from Open Device Manager under Control Panel and update the driver for Intel(R) HD GraphicsStep-4: Make sure that Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow rotates the screen 180 degrees. Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow will bring the screen to its normal position.Step-5: Bring your laptop to the tent mode and check if the screen rotates.I hope this helps.

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    i upgraded to windows 10, and surprise surprise my touch screen is gone.   no drivers, no hint of it anywhere on my pc settings,  i tried finding a link on HP's website to redownload the software, no such luck, you would think for such a common problem hp and microsoft would get there act together and provide a patch.  Any ideas anyone. thanks

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    By upgrading to windows 10 saving no files at all, the resurrection began. Switched off when done and later powered up again.With no keyboard attached, theres a nice picture and thats it. WiFi logo etc loads up showing some action but the parrot is dead, no touch at all. Plug in the keyboard and life begins.It appears to be common on some devices. The taskbar and startup box obtained from right clicking the taskbar in PC mode then selecting properties has no startup tab.Bemused as the touch screen did get some use when new.Anyone help to finger feed the parrot?

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    Selling HP Pavilion 23, Touch Screen, Keyboard also touchscreen, approx. 2 years old Specs: i3-3240 3.4GHz, HP 2AF9-H77 (board), DDR3 1600MHz 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 2GB, 500GB HDD, Built-in Speakers Software: Original Windows 10, Trend Maximum Security Anti-virus (1 year), MS Office 2013 (Word/Excel/Outlook/etc) Reason for selling is due to upgrading to full fledged traditional desktop~ SB: $350 BNP: $500 Self-Collect @ Bukit Batok MRT or my house Interested can SMS/WhatsApp me at 9 2 three zero nine 4 five 0

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    I am receiving numerous blue screens do death.  10 is not stable for more than 5 minutes once it boots up.  I upgraded from 8 and have no USB boot stick.  Can Acer community help me?   Will Microsoft help me?   I have posted in ten forum for possible help with windows 10 experts (not Microsoft).    I have detailed error messages and even test results for memory, disk and drivers.   Very frustrating to have trusted the upgrade and now be completely unstable.  Just looking for next suggestion.   Thanks in advance

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    Problem  I got a Pavilion x 2 detachable for Christmas. I am experiencing a problem with my graphics driver with the tablet/notebook. The screen goes black for 1 to 5 seconds and then it comes back. It reports something along the following lines: "driver was able to recover intel hd graphics r 8.1". Additional ProblemsHP Assistant on the device is unable to update drivers. It simply reports that installation has failed. No additional information is given. Attempted FixesPC Reset - I have gone to settings>>recovery>>reset this pc. I have done this process twice and each time the graphics driver issue reappears.I have attempted to install graphics driver from Intel directly, but it reports I already have the up to date drivers.I have tried using HP Assistant program to update my software and it fails. (BIOS, Bluetooth, and etc. It does not matter)

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    reapetedly turns off in the middle of upgrading, says that it needed to be cooled down. would automatically reset back to windows 8.1 upon turning on my laptop. the code for the error is 0xC1900101-0x2000C. once its on, the screen says the instalation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during APPLY_IMAGE operation. tried to look up the code number but got nothing. any clue on what i should do, because it upgraded beforei  restarted it to factory manufacture to take away the blue screen

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    I was wondering if it is a common problem to have the screen brightness buttons on HP PCs not work after downloading Windows 10? I've tried to troubleshoot as best I can, but a lot of the computer jargon goes over my head. Is there a standard fix? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    I am using Unity 5.3.2p1 and visual studio 2015 community. I have selected in Unity in the player settings Portrait or Portrait Upside down AND default orientation = auto rotation. In Visual Studio 2015 package.appxmanifest it also is selected as Portrait and portrait flipped. However my game on a Dell Windows tablet shows in landscape mode. (Not desirable at all) Is this a bug? Is there a workaround to force portrait?

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    I recently purchased a NUC6i5SYH and have installed Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I'm using 16GB (2x8) HyperX DDR4 Ram and the Samsung SM951 256GB NVMe SSD.BIOS  version is 33. The NUC is attached to a BenQ FullHD Monitor via HDMI out, which has speakers built in. I have installed the latest Graphics drivers as well as the Realtek Audio drivers.Each time when I boot the device, I get a red X symbol on the speaker icon in the task bar telling me that no audio device was found. When I click on it, Windows identifies the issue and prompts me to restart. When I do that, the speaker is recognized and I can hear the audio boith via HDMI and the Audio jack.Next time I boot, I get the exact same issue again. How can I fix that?I already tried uninstalling the Realtek audio driver, which doesn't make any difference.

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    I have dual graphics laptop.Recently i just reinstalled my OS,when i install my intel hd graphic card driver the display is working properly but then when i install my second graphic card driver and that is Ati/Amd the display just gone black.i tried a couple of things but it just won't do it.By the way,I got the drivers from the laptop's manufacturer site. Somehow i did try installing the latest driver i got from amd site,went well at first but it became laggy and keep restarting after the window log on.I havent found any solution for this problem so please help me i will really appreaciate your kindness and also forgive me if something is wrong with my english..A really big thank you for those who's helping ⟐ Commented February 8, 2016 at 5:42 pm -0700