Issue#850: Lenovo - P50 - Official Multiple Monitor / Display Discussion with Daisy Chainning

  • I'm starting a thread here regarding issues & configuration for the P50 when using Multiple External Displays. I'd like to keep this thread specific to Display Port , or USB-C Multi-Stream related connections where daisy chainning is a part of the configuration.

    Technically, there should be 3 ways to daisy chain monitors with the P50, that is with the USB-C to Display Port cable or using the built-in Mini-Display Port 1.2. Lastly, the Dock, but for now let's focus on the 2 built in methods.


    I've been able to Successully daisy chain 2 Dell U2715H displays with the USB-C to Display Port cable, however, I'm not yet able to get more than 1 display working in extended display mode with 2, or 3 Dell U2415H Displays. If I find a solution I will post back here but feel free to provide feedback in the meantime.


    I'm running Windows 10, with the latest Intel GPU Driver and the Quadro Driver supplied from Lenovo. ( I have the XEON CPU.)

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  • Issue#65266: Lenovo - External Display issue with P50 on Linux

    Hello! I have a P50 (TopSeller 20EN0013US) and dual boot Windows 10 Pro and UbuntuGnome 15.10 with it. I have been having an issue connecting external displays via the laptop's mini-DisplayPort connector. When I plug in an external display while the machine is running, the internal display will begin turning on and off every second, until the external display is disconnected. The external display never turns on. I have the bios set to use dedicated graphics only. I am using the binary Nvidia driver, version 352.63, and have also tried the 352.79, 358.xx, and 361.xx (from the nvidia-drivers ppa) which all have the same issue. I am using the kernel version, which is the stock 15.10 ubuntu kernel. The issue does not occur under Windows 10 Pro. I have been able to work around the issue by setting the mini-Displayport to the primary display device (so it is visible at boot, and ends up being used for the console framebuffer), which then allows me to switch to the console

  • Issue#676608: Lenovo - P50, mini Display Port ... direct connect 4k monitor?

    I'm looking at a 4k external monitor, and had assumed the need for the Workstation dock for a DP 1.2 connection to the 4k monitor.  Is the P50 (right side) mini Display Port able to drive direct connection to the external monitor (at 60hz etc) ... with a miniDP-to-DP adapter?? thanks 

  • Issue#868460: Lenovo - Using the (P50) 4k-Display and external Full-HD Monitor together. Any help?

    Hi Guys, my P50 is running with full resolution and 250% DPI which is absolutely working fine. Yesterday I connected my 24" Eizo (Full HD) to my Laptop, both are working with their native resolution. And here comes the problem. The external display shows everything way to big. Just like I'm using it with a loupe. The internal 4k (primary) has the DPI setting of 250% and Windows 10 shows me, that the second one (the Eizo) is working with 100% DPI. But in my Opinion this can't be true. I think it takes the 250% from the 4k-display an set it to the base of 100% for the external one if you understand what I mean. But I googeled a lot and it seems that there is until now no solution because Microsoft handles that different to Apple? And I don't want to set the 4k-Display to a lower resolution (I know that would fix the problem). I think that I don't demand something impossible?

  • Issue#897841: Lenovo - Display issue in Lenovo X1 Carbon. Though working on external monitor

    Display issue in Lenovo X1 CarbonDisplay non touch. Native resolution 2560x1440 on ci7 8GB 256GB SSD.When I wake the laptop from sleep/power on/restart it keeps happening for around 5 -10 mins then screen goes to normal.Sometimes screen stays dark but when I move the screen to and fro at different angles at some point display starts working.Though on external display it works fine.Now I would like to ask if any one who has the Idea that? 1. Is it a BAD/loose connection between display cable & mother board or between cable and back side of LCD panel?2. Is it a bad cable itself?3. Is it an issue of faulty LCD panel? or 4. Is it a bad motherboard? Please watch the video for exact issue.

  • Issue#1026396: Lenovo - Excel display issues (random black and grey boxes) on external UHD monitor with Lenovo P50/

    Excel puts random black and grey boxes on my external UHD/4k monitor. I'm guessing that many of you may be seeing the same thing since I see many on here asking how to hook up multiple UHD/4k displays. If you are seeing this problem, you may want to head over and vote on the issue at Microsoft's Excel UserVoice so it gets more visibility. I'm guessing this is an Excel problem and not a Lenovo issue but I do think there is a higher chance that people in this forum would see the problem as they are more likely to be using high-end displays.  

  • Issue#1061439: Lenovo - Lenovo P50 second monitor issue in Ubuntu 16-04

    Hi there, I have been having difficulty in getting a second monitor to work with Ubuntu, and was hoping someone with better skills than me has found a fix for it. I'm running a Lenovo P50, Xeon E3-1505v5, 64Gb RAM, 4Gb Quadro M2000M as a dual boot Windows 10/Ubuntu 16.04 workstation. Windows detects the second monitor both using HDMI and with a displaylink-compatible USB dock. In Ubuntu, plugging a second monitor directly into the HDMI port doesn't seem to get recognized. Using a monitor through a USB dock (with latest Ubuntu displaylink driver; 1.1.62) also doesn't get recognized, despite the fact that if I runsytemctl status displaylink.serviceit states the service is active. I'm guessing this is an issue with the dual graphics set up on the machine, although there's enough Skylake processors out there now that I don't think this kind of set up is too unusual. According to the 'overview' window (under "system settings", "details") in Ubuntu, I'm using the Intel P5

  • Issue#11126: Lenovo - Y50-70 Display Issue

    Hi, Purchased a Lenovo Y50-70 on Black Friday and still waiting for their business partner in the UK, Digital River to sort out the issue since 19 December 2015. When booting up the laptop or when initially brought out of hibernation, the display flashes an image and then goes black (with backlight). This has rendered the laptop unusable unless using HDMI to connect to an external monitor but this does not allow me to view BIOS settings or anything outside of the Lenovo boot up screen briefly or Windows before it flickers to black. Having googled and looked on various forums, I've tried the following to no avail: Upgrading to Windows 10 (it had 8.1 pre loaded)Upgrading the integrated Intel HD and NVIDIA video graphics driversFlashing the BIOS to 3.03Full resetI was wondering if anyone from the community or Lenovo were aware of any other fixes available? My frustration is that they don't appear to stock the model I have any longer and those of comparable spec is subs

  • Issue#46457: Lenovo - Tab 2 A10-70 External Monitor Display

    Any user know if this tablet can connect to an external monitor display?  If so, how? Thx.

  • Issue#50195: Lenovo - P50 Turbo Boost Issue

    NotebookCheck just reviewed the P50. They liked it. However they noted the speaker pop (discussed on this forum) and they reported that the Turbo Boost (on their unit) was not working most of the time. They guessed that this was a "configuration" problem. (Nonetheless they still rated the P50 at 88%.) I would like to get a P50 but will wait until these bugs are straightened out. My question is, how will we know when these bugs are fixed? Flycoop      

  • Issue#50841: Lenovo - G510 Display issue

    Hey everybody hope you are having a good day. So this morning i was doing some work on my laptop in university,  turned it off and went home. About a hour i turned it on again it starts but no display was showing all the keys and backlight is working but the screen is blank. I tried attaching to an external hdml cable and it works fine. cant really seem to understand the problem here please help me out it. I dont have money to buy a new one T_T Thankyou

  • Issue#55459: Lenovo - C260 Display Issue

    Hi, I have a lenovo C260 with a smashed screen, I bought a hdmi to vga adapter but can see anything on the screen so i can switch it over, i was wondering how i could do this, maybe there is a hotkey fix to send to the hdmi port.any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Issue#58123: Lenovo - W540 external display issue withn ultradock after driver upgrade

    Graphic drivers installed on W540 i7 via Lenovo System Update on 2nd Feb 2016.  (, Intel; 354.45, Nvidia now reported in Control Panel).  External display blanking now back: had gone following firmware upgrade (fwdphb03.exe) under the previous drivers.  No other changes to system. Dell U3415W via miniDisplayPort.  Was working perfectly! Anyone else found this happening after the driver update? Thanks    

  • Issue#71754: Lenovo - Thinkpad p50 tick sound issue

    Hi all, I just received my Thinkpad p50 and I pretty much like it. However, there is tick sound from speaker and it keeps me annoying. Is there anyone who experience same problem or any suggestion to fix it? Thanks

  • Issue#92699: Lenovo - Using port replicator - can't see monitor display if I close laptop lid

    I must have messed up a power setting or a port replicator setting while trying to troubleshoot a different issue because now it won't work like it used to. Before this, I could close my laptop lid and see the display on my monitor. Now, however, when I close the lid, the monitor says "entering power save" and goes black and the computer shuts off. I have my port replicator setting at Notebook Monitor Off -- that's the only way I can get my monitor to display at the proper resolution.. What is the proper power plan setting that will let me accomplish what I want to do? The way things worked before I started messing with everything was that I could shut the laptop and see the display on my  monitor. The computer did not shut down when I shut the lid. Pushing the power button would shut down/turn on the computer. Also, when I booted up the laptop, the laptop display was the only one that came on -- the monitor remained black until I shut the laptop lid and then the display woul

  • Issue#110835: Lenovo - W541 Multiple Display problems

    Hello, I have a W541 running Win 7, with the Quadro K2100M video card + onboard Intel card. I'm trying to use the thunderbolt port to daisy chain two more monitors together. One is is an LG Ultrawide (34UC97) which is thunderbolt enabled, the other is an ASUS PB287Q, which has display port in. Scenario 1:I hook up just the LG via thunderbolt. No problems, everything works as expected Scenario 2:I hook up just the ASUS via DP (using the thunderbolt port). No problems, everything as expected. Scenario 3:Thunderbolt to LG, thunderbolt out of LG into the DP of the ASUS. ASUS isn't recognized. AFter reading about the LG, it seems that it only talks to other thunderbolt enabled devices, and doesn't necessarily output DP1.2 out of the other thunderbolt port. Makes sense (sort of, I was under the impression that all thunderbolt ports could pass DP, even if it's not full thunderbolt capable device on the other end). Which brought me to... Scenario 4:Borrowed my co-worke

  • Issue#147904: Unity - Multiple Monitor - Target Display not working

    Hello, I'm simply adding a new camera. When I do this. . . since the Canvas (UI) has a Target Display value of "Display 1" The UI moves to this camera (it takes over the main camera). But there is no control to set the new camera to "Display 2" which is what I'd like to do. I am trying to build a simulator that runs on three monitors. Any suggestions?

  • Issue#154029: Lenovo - Display size of bbc iplayer on TV monitor

    When I display BBC iPlayer from my laptop to my TV, I end up with a black margin down the lefthand side of the TV screen.Is there a way of getting a picture extending to the full screen of the tv monitor?

  • Issue#155096: Lenovo - p50 back light won't turn off when external display connected

    When I first started using my p50, I hooked up my Dell display using the mini display port and set it to only use display 2 in windows and it would display the Lenovo boot screen on the external display and the p50 display would be completely off. Everything was as I wanted it. Except I wanted to run hyper-v and I thought maybe it would be nice if all my cables went out the back, so I tried the hdmi and played around in the bios to get hyper-v working. Now I the boot screen doesn't show on the external monitor, and as others have reported the hdmi is intermittent. After booting, the external monitor comes up at the windows log in and the laptop display is black but the backlight is obviously on. It does this with hdmi and mini display port. It does this even if I change display priority or delay in the bios. I've reset the bios (which doesn't actually reset the virtualization settings, fyi), I've even reinstalled windows. The only way to get the display to turn off

  • Issue#159900: Sudden Triple Monitor Issue - The display settings could not be saved

     "I have been running a Triple monitor setup for at least 3 years now and all of a sudden..."

  • Issue#160066: Hardware - Sudden Triple Monitor Issue - The display settings could not be saved

    I have been running a Triple monitor setup for at least 3 years now and all of a sudden one of the monitors will not connect. Whenever I try to 'Extend desktop to this display' I get the error 'The display settings could not be saved. Please try a different combination of display settings.' The triple monitor config I now have is DVI+DVI+DisplayPort-DVI active adapter. Is there a fix or workaround for this? I have tried everything I could think of, I re-installed AMD drivers. Reset resolutions on Desktop displays. I have also tried DVI+HDMI+DisplayPort-DVI active adapter but it now seems that my ATI Radeon HD 5850 driver will not extend to a 3rd monitor. I am using an Accell B087B-001B UltraAV Display Port/DVI-D adapter I cant understand how all 3 displays worked perfectly for a couple of years then suddenly stopped. The Display port adapter works when only using 1 screen. With DVI + DVI + DP to DVI connected. Only DVI + DVI work. with DVI + DP to DVI connected. DVI + DP to DVI bo

  • Issue#161715: Multiple monitor issue (windows 7/amd video cards)

    Greetings,I have a user running a desktop with 4 connected monitors. They are all on extended view. However, one of them keeps loosing connection. It does not seem to be monitor specific, usually between 2 separate ones. The strange thing is, is that this didnt start happening until AFTER we unplugged it for maintenance. We plugged it back in and the problem started happening. The cable/connections seem to be fine/undamaged. The PC itself has 2 video cards in PCI x slots. All monitors are running off long vga cables (monitors are on second floor while computers themselves are on a floor below). -2 monitors are running on vga to display port adaptors-2 monitors are running on vga to dvi adaptors (each vid car has a dvi and display port)The video cards are AMD HD 7420?. I updated the drivers to latest release. That did not help. I also...

  • Issue#170828: Lenovo - Thinkpad P50 / External Monitor does not awake from power saving mode.

    Hi all, Does anyone know how to awake an external monitor from power saving mode?? Once my p50 goes into sleep mode, my external monitor (Dell U2711) cannot detect HDMI connection to the thinkpad p50. However, when I hibernate or reset to default in Bios set up, the monitor detects the HDMI connection again. I think the video card (Quadro m2000m) forces to disconnect the HDMI connection when sleep mode is activated but I dont know how to fix this. Should I call for service to Lenovo or could it be fixed by changing settings in video card driver? Thanks in advance. 

  • Issue#192264: Lenovo - How to use external monitor with P50?

    Fn-F7 does not start Presentation Manager.  Is it even supported on the P50?

  • Issue#214461: Lenovo - ThinkPad P70 Multiple Monitor

    Good afternoon -- Just got a new P70 and love the resolution on the main screen at 4k.  However, I have 3 other DELL P2314H monitors hooked up through the docking station.  Running on Win 10, monitors hooked up with RGB, DVI and So far there are 3 issues: 1.  I keep loosing the monitor on the RGB cable, it keeps going to a nasty resolution and the NVIDIA control panel calls it a NVIDIA Digital Display 2.  The resolution on the Dell monitors when working correctly are allegedly at 1080 however everything looks grainy and over sized even though the icons are all set at 100% (the smallest avail) 3.  When I de-dock the monitors all swap places Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Issue#228085: Lenovo - (49MB) update fix only display bug and increase in sound not sound quality, battery issue

    After i updated (317MB) with bugs, i waited for another update to fix diplay, sound and fast battery draining problems however when i update another (49MB) it fix display issue and increse in sound not the sound quality and battery draining not solved. please give an update for sound quality and battery issue ASAP.

  • Issue#235364: Lenovo - moto x pure display discoloring issue

    Hi , I noticed today that something is wrong with my display. When projecting black color ,there is a decent sized area that produces dark blue hue ,instead of black ( for example when switching between apps, or when moto display is active, or when in general the pixels are supposed to be black ,not off ) . Has anynone had such issues and what should my next step be - should I contact moto support and probably ask them for a repair ? Thank You.

  • Issue#243073: Lenovo - Random Flickering of P50 FHD Display

    Just received my P50 a few days ago. I realized that the fhd display flickers at irregular intervals. This became more frequent when I put a video into full screen mode. Is there a fix or is this a defect of the display? Thank you.  

  • Issue#259246: Lenovo - T440P Monitor Issue

    Hello,  My user has a Lenovo T440P laptop with a yellow line running right down the middle of the screen. It only shows up on the laptop screen, not any external monitors. This line appears as soon as the computer it powered on before POST and never goes away. Any ideas as to what troubleshooting steps I could go through to figure out exactly what the issue is? I'm assuming video card but I want to be certain, could also be the monitor. 

  • Issue#269219: Lenovo - Yoga 260 Display Issue Blue Looks Greenish

    I have bought a Yoga 260 with 16G RAM and Intel i7 6500 from lenovo online store, Singapore in Jan 2016. The screen color especialy the blue seems to be very off and seems more greenish. than blue (e.g Facebook homepage looks cyan blue instead of the normal blue). I have compared with 5-10 different mobile/desktop/laptop screens and the blue colore on my Yoga 260 screen always seems to be greener. (e.g. see video link of yoga 260 screen  comapred to my phone screen) .  I have already been to the  local Lenovo Service Centre once. They have acknowledged the issue but they are not sure whether its a problem in my individual machine or the full yoga 260 product line itself. As they themselves did not have a machine to compare to they advised me to compare it with another Yoga 260 model which  I unfortunately can't find  in any physical store in SIngapore. I am not sure hwo should I proceed with this issue now. Can somebody  advise if they are also facing