Issue#8671: Fairphone - Forwarding text messages

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    How do I forward text messages on to someone else?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#35292: Text Message Forwarding issue

    I am trying to enable my Text message forwarding on my iPad, I had it enabled, but it never forwarded text messages but I never really cared for a while, but now I want to get it sorted out. So, today (because I had it enabled but was not working) I disabled it in my iPhone (iPhone 4S) and then tried to enable it. It asked me to enter the code that was being show on my iPad, but there was no code! So I did a bunch of looking around and have tried everything I have seen; signing out on... Text Message Forwarding issue

  • Issue#39413: Giffgaff - Hi, I have issue with text messages, where and how do I direct this issue?

    Sorry, not used this service before.I received a text message today where half the text sent was not received but half of a text sent on the 19th January was added onto the text received today.I dont understand, what has caused this to happen? How to stop it happening again?Thanks. 

  • Issue#57893: Fairphone - FP2: Google Messenger does not send any text messages

    @amers wrote: Hi, I would like to use Google Messenger instead of the default SMS/MMS app, as it remembers my selection of SIM1/SIM2 for a given conversation. (With the default messaging app, it is necessary to select the SIM with every single message that is sent - or re-configure the settings for a given SIM.) Google Messenger is set as the default SMS/MMS app. While receiving texts (SMS) works just fine, Google Messenger does not send any messages: when trying to send the message, a short negative sound can be heard, but the text does not appear in the conversation history and the message is not sent over the air. Any other experiences with Google Messenger on FP2? Thanks and greetings! Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#64901: Android - Issue with Text Messages suddenly speaking when phone is locked

    This isn't so much a problem as a solution. My Moto G operated as normally until yesterday when it suddenly began speaking when i'd get a text, saying who it was from, etc. I did not change any settings on my own, so it baffled me. I searched around and found no solutions, since i did not... Issue with Text Messages suddenly speaking when phone is locked

  • Issue#87431: How do I set up forwarding of calls and text messages?

    How do I set up call forwarding and can I set it up for text messages also to be sent to another device?

  • Issue#113703: Blackberry - forwarding text messages on priv?

    Moved to PRIVâ„¢

  • Issue#121998: Fairphone - Settings for text messages/SMS

    @JensN wrote: I have a hard time figuring a few things about settings for text messages. My problem is that my phone vibrates whenever I get a SMS message. It annoys me very much and I wanna turn that off (I see the texts whenever I look at my phone) - but how do I change that? I can't figure out. Also, in a message conversation it says "Received DATE" - but it doesn't show the exact time unless the message is relatively new. Where can I change this? Last thing: In the conversation it writes the name of my phone company (not Fairphone, but the one I pay my monthly bills to) just above the messages. Is there a possibility to turn this off? I don't wish them to advertise more than necessarily. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#441930: Giffgaff - I'm having issue sending longer mms text messages. I have to split them which is annoying

    I'm having issue sending longer mms text messages. I have to split them which is annoying. Anyone have any clues. 

  • Issue#674363: Fairphone - I receive text messages twice, or even several times

    @branchi wrote: Each time someone sends me a text message, I keep on receiving it twice, or even several times.It happens with different people so it's my problem, not theirs. I have the Android version 4.2.2.I have Fairphone Kola Nut 1.8.7.I hope you know howw to fix this! Thanks in advance. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#829039: Fairphone - When I send texts with Mighty Text from my PC, they don't show in messages on my FP2

    @pwarrey wrote: I use Mighty Text on my PC to send a lot of texts via my phone. ( It works very well, and is an easy way to send bulk texts, and quickly type stuff. On my previous phone, all the texts I sent via Mighty Text appeared also on my phone. Using the FP2 the texts I send do not appear on the phone screen at all. Mighty Text are blaming the customisation of the OS on the phone. The texts do send ok, they just don't appear in the history on the phone. They appear in the history on the PC screen. This is a shame, as it is a really good feature. Has anyone else had this problem? Am I missing a setting somewhere, or is this really a software bug on the FP2? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#1177243: Fairphone - Export text messages (sms) to other device

    @Minilena wrote: I'm sorry if there already is a topic on this matter - I searched and couldn't find one. My FP1U has been a champ but will now retire as I need to use several apps that it just can't manage very well (or at all). One of the major things making me reluctant to upgrading is that I haven't found a way to export my text message conversations from the default messaging app; I often need to reread old messages from far back and having them on my "new" phone (buying a used one - gotta stay sustainable!) would make me so so happy. So: Is there a way to export entire conversations or all messages from the default messaging app on FP1U? Preferably to a format that Google's messaging app can handle but just about anything would do Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#2124: I am receiving multiple duplicate text messages

    Just a couple days ago this started up again for me. I had either multiple missed text messages and missed voicemail, while getting duplicate after duplicate text messages. Once I restarted my phone I was inundated with text messages and the voicemail that previously did not come through. I tried a few different text messaging apps (not handscent yet), and getting duplicates with all. Really frustrating!

  • Issue#2404: iPhone text messages with hyperlinks

    I have a question about hyperlinks in messages. I have written a server monitoring application that sends out text messages to people on call with a hyperlink. The message looks like this: (Server Alert) The person who receives the text message can tap the link which launches a browser and read the alert. Our staff has a wide variety of phones including Apple, Android, Microsoft and I think one BB. Out of 20 different phones... iPhone text messages with hyperlinks

  • Issue#3203: Text Messages with Pictures never arrive

    What are the settings to 'download media content' in text threads? People send me pictures but they never arrive. I've heard the APN needs to be set correctly - what is that, epc or fast? Also what about the proxy server fields? Running Windows Phone 7.8 on a Lumia 900. I believe this phone is "supported" (since the 925 is) but then TMO also says 'service cannot be guaranteed on non-tmobile phones' What is a 'tmobile phone'?-Super confused

  • Issue#4923: Cannot get code for text forwarding

    Maybe you guys can help me. Until last night I had no issue with the text forwarding from my phone to my iPad. This morning I noticed some of the texts I got last night didn't show up on my iPad so I turned off the forwarding on my phone and tried to reconnect the iPad and the phone. No matter what I try (and I have done soft rests and network resets on both). Nothing works and I can't get the code I need to connect them. I should say that they are both on the lastest public beta version... Cannot get code for text forwarding

  • Issue#6959: How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Galaxy S3

    “Hi, how to recover deleted text messages from Galaxy S3 ? Some precious text messages are deleted by mistake, can I recover them? How? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.” Well, sometimes we may delete files from our phone by mistake, it is quite common now. And now, recovering lost files from Galaxy S3 is not a big deal. With some proper data recovery tools, we can easily retrieve lost data from our phone. Here, I will show you how to retrieve deleted SMS from Galaxy S3. As is... How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Galaxy S3

  • Issue#7464: Blackberry - Unable to uninstall Android Apps and screen flickers while opening Messages (Text Messa

    Hi ,I am Blackberry Leap user and I have typical two problems. Please read below. 1. Recently after an OS update to, I have started facing an issue that I am unable to uninstall android apps. They are not been shown on the home screen but they still show as installed through amazon app store and can access them from there. Also cannot find them in App Manager--Device Monitor--- Storage. 2. When I open Messages (text message) through Blackberry hub or Messages option on the home screen. The screen starts flickering. It flickers for some seconds and then stabilizes. I am facing this issue since I have bought Leap (6 months from now). This seems to be a regular problem with the device and happens always. May please suggest solution to these problems. Cheers!!!Praisy

  • Issue#10299: Giffgaff - Friend not recieving my text messages but i can recieve theres

    Please can anyone help my friend is sending my texts which im receiving but she isnt receiving my replys were both on giffgaff & are calls are working fine?

  • Issue#12889: Giffgaff - Multiple text messages being sent....

    I seem to have a problem sending texts to other GiffGaff mobiles - I send a text, get a notification saying 'Woohoo that text was free...etc'. Then another. Then another. Then two error messages saying 'Message could not be sent'. Then another 'Woohoo that text was free...etc', then another 'Message could not be sent'. I have unlimited texts on my goodybag so cost isn't a problem (for me anyway) but I have no idea whether the person I'm texting has received it, or not received it, or received it ten times, and my screen is constantly being blocked up with 'text sent' or 'text not sent' messages. I have done the manual network reset, reset the phone, checked network coverage. Any more ideas? This is driving me nuts.

  • Issue#21330: Not getting text messages from abroad across three different giffgaff accounts, but they get ours

    Hi guys, need some help if possible. Have been able to text and receive messages with my brother who lives in Azerbaijan without issue, then this week, suddenly not getting any of his replies, but he gets my and my folks messages. Any ideas? He has both a foreign mobile and a UK one, not receiving messages from either phone. Help greatly appreciated 🤔

  • Issue#24349: Giffgaff - Text messages not sending

    Hi. I have been having problems with sending sms for a while now. The status keeps showing as sending and that keeps going on for hours. I've got one hanging from about 8 pm yesterday. Still not sent at 7:55 am this morning

  • Issue#24938: Giffgaff - text messages sent out twice

    Every time I send out a text message, it's send twice and billed twice. I didn't find anything in settings to change this. I have a Sony Xperia phone.Can anybody help with this? Thanks Barbara

  • Issue#27595: lollipop installed. now my phone doesn't make or receive calls or text messages. What to do?

    I have a moto X  first generation.  Installed lollipop on `/28.  Now my Republic phone doesn't do the basic functions of making/receiving calls or text messages.  what to do?

  • Issue#30502: Skype - Group Chat Issue - Messages Aren't Coming Through

    Yes yes, I'm highly aware that there's other threads like this but this one might be different from all the others. I do text role plays with one of my dearest friends and, to keep all our RPs sorted out so we're not scrolling through our own private chat for 10 (yes, 10!) different universes to pick up where we left off...none of my messages are going through. I've tested 7 out of the 10 and the only time that they DO go through is with our private conversation. I'm fully aware that my friend is online (he's trying to get help from a rep as we speak!) but he says that NOTHING is getting through! (If you really wanna be technical I've had a 70% failure rate of having my responses all within a matter of minutes!) Please help, we're at the ends of our respective ropes here...

  • Issue#32195: Unity UI.text issue with text/font

    Hi community, The problem that occurred is whenever the text rectangle is set to an even height it looks like this(perfect): View attachment 171631 (height = 20, even) but whenever the text rect transform is set to an uneven height it looks like this(ugly): View attachment 171632 (height = 19, uneven; it seems like the vertical spacing is off) I want to note that: I tried multiple versions of unity(5.3.0, 5.3.1) I used at least 3 fonts(arial, corbel,... Unity UI.text issue with text/font

  • Issue#32675: Fairphone - Cryptic truncated text on lock screen

    @ArjenU wrote: In my lock screen, I see some text that is truncated: lockscreen.png540x960 624 KB I'm very curious what this "BEWE..." is meant to stand for. However, tapping or swiping it, gives me my pincode pad, and after typing the code I just enter the home screen. Anyone have a clue? Thanks! Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#36714: Lenovo - vibe p1 : delay in display of text messages

    All my text messages are getting displayed late by 7 to 8 minutes.For example.i sent a message frm another phone to my phone vibe p1 at 1:00 pm,the message is "successfully delivered" is disayed in the other phone immediately..but I am getting the message after 8 minutes I.e., 1:08 pm. But in message details the message received is shown as 1:00pm itself. I have tried for few more times and I am having the same problem.Please help me in rectifying the issue...Thank you

  • Issue#42784: Giffgaff - Cant receive text messages

    Good Afternoon I joined GiffGaff 7 months ago and for the most part I think they are excellent. However since joining I have experienced an on-going problem whereby I don’t receive all my text messages. There is no pattern as to what I don’t receive; in other words it is at random, across all networks both in the UK and Internationally. I have reported it many times to GiffGaff agents and while helpful they are unable to get to the route cause and resolve the problem once and for all. I have tried all solutions suggested on the community page including getting a new sim card and a new hand set. When I joined GiffGaff I had a split port and this took quite a while to resolve. I wonder is this the route cause to the issue? I am now wondering if I need to get a new sim card and brand new phone number and just start fresh. Looking forward to hearing if someone else has experienced this too. Sarah

  • Issue#42785: Giffgaff - Delays Sending and Receiving Text Messages

    Since Friday I've been experiencing long delays in my phone sending text messages.  When I send the text the symbol appears to indicate it is sending but never goes away.  I don't get a failure report, it just stays in 'sending' mode. If I close and re-open the messages app the time on the message updates but still doesn't send. However in some instances it is sending the message and multiple times. I am also not receiving texts or having long delays in receiving them. I've tried: Cleaning the SimRebooting the phone (many times)Turning Airplane mode on and off Manual RoamingChecked the message centre numberChecked for network issues - there are none and my husband who is also on giffgaff is having no issues Are there any other things I can try?  This is hugely inconvenient!