Issue#8680: Fairphone - A 100.000 community ringtones; Share yours!

  • @douwe wrote:

    Hey all,

    Our support team member and mad sound magician @Sietse made a crazy composition. Because last week we got over 100.000 likes on Facebook, we we're fantasizing what 100.000 Fairphones would sound like. The same evening @Sietse sat down at his computer and created this:

    I think this is a perfect start to ask the community to share their home-made tunes for their Fairphone.
    (maybe we can even include them in a future update nudge-nudge, wink-wink!)

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#8591: Geforce Experience BETA share option have ISSUE with MSCONFIG

    Hi, I have Geforce experience Beta I had an issue with msconfig.exe that dont show up (but visable in task manager). I decide to format everything (6yrs the last time I did it, so I have to do anyway). MSCONFIG worked fine after fresh install, but when I have try again 10min ago, same Issue. I knew that a software did that, it wasnt my ramdisk, I have disabled the SHARE option in GFE and I was able to use msconfig.exe again! [b]So GFE using SHARE option block MSCONFIG.EXE to show up.[/b] Please fix it :) thanks!

  • Issue#33423: Android - Let's count to 100,000! :o

    You might have seen this game on other forums, so im bringing it here! This game is so simple a babt could do it. Here's how you do it. ... Let's count to 100,000!

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    I remember when I was a kid, there was a man in front of me in the POSB ATM queue who forgot to take his receipt before he left. Before I threw it away, I couldn't help but sneak a glimpse at the receipt, and I remember being awed by the account balance I saw - over $180,000! For those of us who are a bit more financially-savvy, it is a common goal to aim for $100,000 in savings before we are 30 years old. Of course, as Budget Babe, I hope I can reach this goal sooner by starting earlier and saving more. But when I talk to many of my friends about savings, many often shrug me off with how they aren't able to save as much as investment bankers. "I earn too little" is but a lousy excuse. Comparing ourselves to investment bankers is even worse. If you're that unhappy about how much your current job pays you, then go ahead and work in an investment bank! The truth is, it really isn't that hard for a fresh graduate to save $100,000 before he or she reaches 30. The problem li

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    It was inevitable that last October's cyber attack would drive some customers away from TalkTalk. At the time, the extent of the damage was unclear but the company has finally shared some numbers as part of its latest trading update. The provider says that in its third quarter, 101,000 subscribers (95,000 of which were directly tied to the attack) cancelled their contracts, costing the company as much as £60 million. _____________ Source:... TalkTalk loses over 100,000 customers following hack

  • Issue#56496: Ubuntu - [server] windows can not access samba share - username case senitivity issue

    I have been attempting to make samba work on an Ubuntu amd64 server 16.04 I am building. My windows user account name is "Doug". My Ubuntu user account name is "doug". This appears to be the root issue. The related segment of the smb.conf man page is copied below: Code:       username level (G)           This option helps Samba to try and 'guess' at the real UNIX username, as many DOS clients send an all-uppercase username. By default Samba tries all lowercase, followed by           the username with the first letter capitalized, and fails if the username is not found on the UNIX machine.           If this parameter is set to non-zero the behavior changes. This parameter is a number that specifies the number of uppercase combinations to try while trying to determine the           UNIX user name. The higher the number the more combinations will be

  • Issue#62709: Fairphone - FP2: Sync Issue with MS Exchange (contacts)

    @KleinerAdmin wrote: My Exchange account on FP2 in general works: mails, calendar and contacts sync fine. But entering or changing a birthday entry in the Android contacts app prevents syncing contacts with Exchange any more. Syncing works again if the birthday entry is dropped in FP2. If birthday entries are entered or changed in my Office Outlook or Outlook Web Access, these changes are successfully synced with my FP2. Searching the web gives a highly interesting result (androidcentral). In short, an internal format mismatch of the Androids date is most likely the reason my Exchange 2013 server rejects this sync request. I created Exchange server-side logs and found the following error message in the sync-log: SyncCommand_ConvertRequestsAndApply_Change_AcceptClientChange_Exception : Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.AirSyncPermanentException bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.AirSync.AirSyncUtcDateTimeProperty.get_DateTime() bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.

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    Teenage dad who left baby in SG50 bag gets 2 years' probation, 100 hours of community service SINGAPORE - An 18-year-old who, along with his 14-year-old girlfriend, placed his newborn son in an SG50 bag and left it outside his parents' home, has been sentenced to two years' probation and 100 hours of community service. He had pleaded guilty last month to a charge of doing a rash act to endanger a human life by leaving his newborn baby unattended. He also admitted to four counts of underage with his girlfriend. In sentencing him on Thursday (Feb 4), Community Court Judge Mathew Joseph expressed his hope that the teenager would become a good father. He is now working as an Internet network cabling technician and contributes $200 towards his child's maintenance. The baby is being cared for by the child's maternal grandmother. The baby's parents are still seeing each other. The court had heard that the young couple, both in secondary school, first met at a function celebrating the

  • Issue#94388: Community Browser Issue

    I noticed for several months that whenever the mouse pointer touches a user name in the community, a balloon with their info pops up and will block the text in the forum post. It will not go away unless I refresh the page.  Can this be fixed?

  • Issue#96155: Fairphone - With headset, no ringtones

    @and.rea wrote: With my headset attached, ringtone is not working, neither on outer speaker nor on earphones. After answering the call, I can hear just fine. Ringtone volume is set to high value. Anybody experiencing the same on FP2? Is there a way to solve this?I am using HONOR earphones (model AM12, Huawei) which work really fine (remote control & mic are good). I tried also another headset with the same result. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#102289: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 17

    Whats new at BT? We have some great news.  On Tuesday 26th January BT released a new version of the MyBT App.  Version 1.5 will now be personalised, meaning you can only see capability for the products you have with BT and due to popular demand, you will also be able to use the app to: · Pay your BT bill by debit or credit card, choosing the amount you want to pay · Track your broadband usage if you’re on a limited allowance broadband product (10GB, 20GB and 40GB options) · Track your mobile usage through the BT Mobile app · Receive home screen notifications for Major Service Outages (MSOs), open orders and open faults The My BT app won the Silver Award in the Best App category of the 2015 UK Digital Experience Awards.  For more information about the MyBT App please see this link, MyBT App.  The App is available via the Apple App Store and via Google play for Android devices. Whats showing on BTTV? Fear the Walking Dead series two premieres on A

  • Issue#106907: NetApp - RSS feed community, authentication issue

    I tried to add the RSS feed of the Tech Team Deep Dive Webcasts to different RSS readers but everytime I get an authentication error. Used RSS feed URL: In the credentials input box in the RSS reader, I used my NetApp portal account but the authentication somehow does not work.The popup shows the message "Enter username and password for 'Jive SBS'" I used my NetApp account username as username ("netapp5588")I tried RSSowl as client software. What might be the issue here?Do I need to use another username? 

  • Issue#114136: Webroot - Bank details of 100,000 Britons for sale on internet

    Banking details stolen from more than a million people worldwide can be bought from an website on the open internet, rather than on the "dark web", for as little as £1.67                                         By Patrick Sawer  13 Feb 2016   Criminals are selling the stolen credit and debit card details of 100,000 Britons on the internet in new market said to be “the largest and most brazen of its kind”.   For as little as £1.67 banking details stolen from more than a million people worldwide can be bought from the website on the open internet, rather than on the "dark web", where much online criminality takes place, it is being claimed.   The website contains private information stolen from a former senior adviser to the Queen as well as from lawyers, bankers, doctors a

  • Issue#115373: You can buy credit card details of 100,000 Brits as easily as hopping on Amazon

    The stolen credit cards details of 100,000 British people have turned up on the open Web and are being sold for less than $2.50, according to an investigation by The Times newspaper. Rather than being hidden in the dark depths of the internet, the Bestvalid site is almost as accessible as Amazon, simply requiring a sign up or login to get going. It also offers help services for dissatisfied customers.... You can buy credit card details of 100,000 Brits as easily as hopping on Amazon

  • Issue#162533: Why 933 so cb..nv report train got issue one. 100.3 better. They got let us know

    933 damn suck now. Not because of jiahui zehzeh, moi long ago boycott them already!

  • Issue#166972: After Effects - Photoshop cc 100% view issue

    Hi, When I create an element 500px X 500px it looks smaller than it should even when I am on ZOOM 100%.I red a lot and didn't find any solutions. I am on MAC 15" and retina screen. Thnx Boris

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    Help share this valuable info and get a new community badge.    

  • Issue#169762: Interesting issue with https://community. .com/profile/points/myprofile

    I am soooooo very close to achieving my next level in . In fact, this post will move me into Ghost level. The issue is that I (was) 5 points away from the next level, and here is what I see: You will notice that the numbere of reviews and how-tos is accurate. One of each will make me Ghost. But all I have to do is answer ONE question, not a few. Should'nt the third bullet read: . Answer ONE MORE question or something like that?

  • Issue#172612: The inherent issue of a mindset in this community (PVE vs PVP)

    I think there is an inherent problem emerging in this community already. That problem is people feeling there is a distinct difference between a "PVE" and "PVP" player in this game. I don't believe there is intended to be a distinction. I don't believe the intended design of this game is to create two separate "camps" or "groups" of player types. Truly I feel this game is designed to create a sense of tension and moral conflcit within a world that has descended into chaos. We're all agents on a mission to clean up the city, take out the trash, and become stronger over time with gear & skills via experience/time. When we enter the DarkZone, we aren't entering a PVP arena. We're entering an area in which the crime and chaos has gotten so bad, and the contamination is so strong that the authorities had no choice but to cordon it off into a quarantine zone. While in this area we're going to find bigger and badder NPC's than we see in the open

  • Issue#185255: EA - Missing 100,000 coins from deluxe edition

    I got the deluxe edition and preorder bonus via EB games, I redeemed both codes. When I loaded into the game I only had 100,000 coins when the deluxe edition scan card and back of box said 200,000 coins. Whats the deal? Ive seen other posts mentioning xbox live outages as the cause (doesnt explain why half the coins were given and not the other half)  

  • Issue#188768: Skype - Skype Screen Share Window issue

    I wanna show a game but all my friend sees is black (and sometimes white) screen with just my pointer. Some game (that is windowed) can be seen tho.  However, when it is FULL SCREEN they may not see it. So please fix

  • Issue#204548: BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 18

    BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 18 Whats new at BT? BT TV App gets new kids' section, more channels and brand new library of on demand shows BT has launched a much improved version of its TV app on both Apple and Android devices with a new, dedicated kids' on-demand and catch-up library, seven more channels and a fantastic collection of premium entertainment catch-up content. Read more here, Much improved BTTV app BT Sport reveals exclusive live Premier League games in April BT Sport will show four Barclays Premier League games in April, including the relegation six-pointer between Norwich City and Sunderland and London derby West Ham United v Arsenal. Read more here, BT exclusive live Premier League games in April Whats showing on BTTV? Spectre serves up lashings of style and thrills Bond’s back, and this time he’s saving the world with bigger bangs, badder villains, and better quips than ever. You can watch the trailer right here, Spectre Trailer Suffragett

  • Issue#210301: Playstation - Buy $100 of games, get $15 credit issue

    so... i bought the division for $99.99 at like 11, and then psn when down after i bought a $10 code on amazon, so i cant  redeem it and buy a few supply cases in black ops.just wondering if this will cause an issue with the $15 credit

  • Issue#214301: Playstation - Get $15 Credit For Spending $100 Issue

    I purchased over $100 before the end of the sale ($129.99 for The Division - Gold Edition), however it never gave me my $15 in credit. The sale clearly said it ended 3/1 11:59 PM PT, and I made the purchase 3/1 ~8:30 PM PT, before the maintenance. So what happened to the $15 credit I'm owed?

  • Issue#217321: Fairphone - MMS issue: info?

    @Sven_De_Potter wrote: Hi, Seems that I cannot send MMS with FP2. I have an account with Ello Mobile (Belgium) and have been trying for days to enter the right data, to no avail. Anyone have a clue? Cheers, Sven Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#230762: Fairphone - Facebook pages and Instagram issue

    @eralaek wrote: I am not able to publish photos with the Facebook Pages Manager App, when clicking "publish" noting happens? I am not able to share to other apps with the Instagram app, nothing happens when clicking the icons (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc). Solution? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#232419: DLC/Expansion suggestion: 100 000 000 BC!

    I think a DLC or expansion with dinosaurs instead of animals would fit well into the world of Oros. The "climate" and vegetation already breathes cretaceous atmosphere in my opinion. Sure, it would make no sense for a human being existing in that time, but did Blood Dragon make sense? ;)

  • Issue#234361: Successful $100,000 Kickstarter Dev Calls It Quits Due To Drama

    In 2014 nearly 4,000 backers pledged $100,000 for a silly game about being a bear. Yesterday, despite seemingly happy backers and 78 percent positive reviews on Steam, Bear Simulator’s developer says updating the game any further is “a lost cause.” ____________________ Source: kotaku

  • Issue#241297: Playstation - Community/notification issue

    So all of my notifications i get say they are from the day before even if they are from the day im on. And none of my communities will load. I have restarted both my ps4 and my internet. I have also checked my date and time. Any solutions?

  • Issue#243420: Fairphone - Instagram link issue

    @Sven_De_Potter wrote: Hi, not necessarily a FP-reletad issue (I think), but I cannot seem to link my Instagram-account to any other social media. Anyone experienced this problem? Cheers, Sven Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic