Issue#8684: Fairphone - Lockscreen: Disable autostart of phone App

  • @rop962 wrote:

    Every time I unlock my screen, the phone app is starting showing the recent calls. How can I disable it? I want to see my default screen, when I unlock my phone.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#100995: Unity - Can't disable portrait orientation in Windows Phone 8.1 (Universal App)

    Hello! I have the same issue as . My application starts, i see splash screen (landscape orientation) and after some seconds orientation of splash screen becomes portrait. Unity version 5.3.2p3 . My PlayerSettings are: PlayerSettings.defaultInterfaceOrientation = UIOrientation.LandscapeLeft; PlayerSettings.allowedAutorotateToLandscapeLeft = true;... Can't disable portrait orientation in Windows Phone 8.1 (Universal App)

  • Issue#296375: App resuming issue when built for windows phone 8 platform from unity

    I have added rate us link in the application. When I close rate App link and want to come back to my app it crushes. After a lot of struggle I managed to avoid crushing but still the app is unable is give any display, just a blank screen. Please help me, Thanks. I am developing an application using unity 5.2.2f1 and target platform is windows phone 8. Everything is fine when target platform is WP8_1. I really need to build for WP8 so I can't switch. Regards.

  • Issue#598180: Fairphone - Lockscreen widget issue

    @andrewl wrote: Hello, for some reason my fairphone seems to think I've had it for over 6 months, it has only been around a week. Any ideas on how to reset the counter on the lock screen widget? Screenshot_2016-05-10-18-11-59.png1080x1920 429 KB My Fairphone is 06 months, 02 weeks, 00 days old! Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#8673: Fairphone - Imgur app does not work

    @Tom_B wrote: The Imgur app (a life necessity) doesn't work on the Fairphone 2. It loads, but then opening an image fails (does nothing). I've seen no such reports from other users of the app (millions). This makes me think it's the fairphone's doing. The 'enable privacy Impact' setting has no influence on this behaviour. I do not think it's related. Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#8691: Fairphone - Notifications still sound if silenced phone is put in priority notification mode

    @evidemment wrote: I'm not sure it's a known bug... but I put my phone in priority notification setting and it still makes the notification sound even if silenced... anyone has the same problem? Posts: 4 Participants: 3 Read full topic

  • Issue#9719: Android - App that turns off the Data when the phone gets locked

    Requesting one that simply doesn't do more than turning off the data/lte when i lock the phone and turns it back on when i unlock it. Tried Juice Defender and it did not work. Having root.

  • Issue#10784: Is there a way to selectively disable app's permissions without rooting your device?

    I have Android Version 4.4.4, is there a way to selectively disable app's permissions without rooting my device? If not, is this because of republic wireless? or is this because of Android?

  • Issue#11646: Skype - Video chat app ( galaxy s6 ), friend can't hear music I'm playing also through my phone

    Skype app on Galaxys6 video calls; buddy can't hear the music I'm playing out of Pandora or YouTube simultaneously in the same way that Shazam can be open and hear the apps playing from the phones speaker and do its thing. How can I fix this discrimination for my Skype experience Please? I want my friend to hear what I'm playing with the phone. P.S. even while music is playing and I'm on the call talking to him, he says he can only hear my voice like some king of noise cancellation is happening. Help me fix this/create an option? ):

  • Issue#12442: Runtime issue with 64bit Unity game integration into iOS native app

    My company integrates Unity games into our native iOS app. Basically our iOS app would run the Unity code when a user decides to launch any of the games. With the past 32 bit of Unity and native iOS code, we were taking Unity generated Xcode project files, and compile them into a static lib for the native iOS app to use. Whenever the user chooses to launch any of the games, UnityAppController would be loaded, and ran. This worked well for us. But with the latest 64 bit builds, the same... Runtime issue with 64bit Unity game integration into iOS native app

  • Issue#12614: Fairphone - FP2: Calling app Dialer is verry slow, buggy, hooky

    @bbuldmann wrote: Hi, When I want to use the telephone app / calling app Dialer it is verry slow, buggy, hooky, when pushing some contact until the calling screen is shown. So one has to wait for a second or so until the new screen is shown. I think for the most important app for a phone this is anoying, as it happens that I tap twice a certain contact to start a call, which already was started... Makes it not nice to use... Do you have the same issue, is there any workaroud?? Cheers,benni Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#12703: Ubnt - Mobile app Windows Phone 10 ?

    Hello,We use alot of UBIQUITI AP access points for our customers and now we have installed cameras in shops / bar.The trouble is that we have customers who do not want to change their mobile app to use the IOS or Android.But they have Windows Phone mobile 10.I searched several solution to remotely view cameras (even RTSP URL) but impossible to do - see the cameras.Do you have any idea of an app compatible with your cameras?Or a simple solution to implement.And thank you not to tell me to go under Android or IOS !!!!Sincerely, Yan

  • Issue#12825: Fairphone - Need help about led control by app

    @Franck wrote: Hi, 1st i am french then sorry for my english i do my best . I want to control the led on my FP2, on other phone i was using Light Flow to do it. But with this app i cant do it on FP2 or i don't know how to do it. Someone know how to do it with Light Flow ? or with an other app ? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#17532: Fairphone - Volume too low during phone calls + panels (FP2)

    @Adlheidr wrote: I have turned the volume to the maximum, but when I am outside I am barely able to hear what people are saying. Any one else having this problem and is there anything I can do about it? The volume is low when I am inside aswell it is just more noticable when my surroundings are louder. Apreciate the help! Also, I have created another panel on my homescreen but I could not choose where to put it. As for now, my new panel is to the right of the recent and most used apps. I would like to have this recent-panel to the far right and my new panel with apps imediately after the home-panel but I did not manage to move the recent-panel. Is it posible? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#17569: Radio Control - Android HOTT Viewer App Issue

    Hi guys. Has anyone else experienced the issue of Rx and Tx Reciever signal data not being shown using the HOTT Viewer App on a Samsung Galaxy 3 ? Any ideas? Attachment 8646219 Attached Thumbnails Views: N/A

  • Issue#20906: Philips - youtube app live channel issue

    suddendly the live channel are not working anymore on youtube app , I get this message This video is not available for this device report this error Iv6F6D1e9jQxVwKd to help for solving the problem . So what happen ? would be nice get an answer by philips staff My tv is PUS 7809 with latest fw , my country is Italy

  • Issue#25343: Giffgaff app keeps crashing on phone and iPad

    Giffgaff app keeps crashing on phone and iPad, so cannot access details of my account

  • Issue#25722: Webroot - I have a text app on my phone that I use for years, but now I have a warning to Uninstalle

    Next Sms app on my phone. webroot is asking me to unistall because has a potential treath, I have been using this app for years, and why is that now?

  • Issue#27628: Fairphone - Uber app not fully functional

    @Alex_Edds wrote: The Uber app won't let me add the destination field. It picks up my current location but I am unable to enter any text, the key board doesn't even come up. I thought this was a problem on the app but I've tried it on friends phone and it works fine. I have noted a similar issue with other apps where I can not click on certain links. For example the Y Plan app doesn't allow me to sign in with Facebook. It looks like it tries to open a dialogue box but it doesn't. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#31813: Fairphone - Phone dead whilst charging

    @weemistermac wrote: My new Fairphone 2 goes dead whilst I have have the charger plugged in. I've tried a few different chargers but get the same problem. Won't power off, no screen function, no main buttons. Anyone know of this problem? Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#32188: Fairphone - FP1 wifi app reacting in super slow motion

    @surfling wrote: hey everyone, i've been happily using my FP1 (very first edition) since it came out, have regularly updated the software and never had any major problems. but for some months now the wifi app is reacting extremely slow whe i open it; choosing a hotspot, entering passwords etc all goes VERY slow to the point you think it might be frozen. any ideas how to solve this?is there a way to reinstall simply and only the wifi app? thanks for your help! Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#32674: Fairphone - Recent Apps not displayed in app switchers

    @Setarkos91 wrote: Hi,Is anyone else using app switchers like SwipePad Switchr or Loopr? They install and work fine, but when you use them, the list of recent apps is always empty - Loopr says 'No recent apps'...Using the recent apps button (right of home button displays all recent apps just fine though...). Privacy Impact is enabled. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#34308: Fairphone - FP2: How to disable ZIP file verification on self-compiled recovery?

    @das_g wrote: Continuing the discussion from FP2 Softbricked - Recovery Help: FP2 Softbricked - Recovery Help FP2 Softbricked - Recovery Help If you're using a self compiled recovery you might as well disable the zip file verification.How is that done? Does one have to edit the source code before compiling? FP2 Softbricked - Recovery Help Yes, yolu'll have to do some patching. It's written in the wiki post a wonderfull work from vivia I've read the complete wiki post and searched that forum thread, but am still not sure what you're referring to. @lklaus Can you quote the actual changes that have to be made to the source? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#34325: What is the pink button, bottom right, on my phone bejeweled blitz app?

    Nothing happens when I push it but it makes a clicking sound?

  • Issue#36304: Fairphone - Why is the fair phone 2 so heavy?

    @philip wrote: The fairphone 2 weighs 168g, according to wikipedia, as compared to 170g for the fairphone 1. I think this is quite heavy and it is the only serious downside of the fairphone (I have seen the fairphone 1). Is the weight necessary because of the modular build, or is there a chance that the next version is lightweight? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#37054: Android - Disable auto app updates

    LG34C Optimus Fuel - I have a ton of preloaded system apps that I don't use. They still update + use all my internal memory. How do I stop this from occuring? Also, when I moved Facebook app to my sd card it won't work. Move it back to the phone + it works fine. Any ideas? TIA

  • Issue#37600: Spotify - Playlist loading efficiency problem in Windows Phone 10 app

    Hello, I recently got myself a Windows Phone 10 smartphone (Lumia 640) and downloaded Spotify on it. The problem is, that the app takes a whoooole lot of time to load my most used playlist, which has over 400 songs in it. It deals with loading other playlists very well (I have over 100 of them), only if they don't contain a lot of songs.It is very frustrating, since when I usually walk to university, work, etc, sometimes it can even take 5 minutes for me to only force the app to start playing some tunes. Also, my playlist is entirely downloaded for offline listening to my phone, so I don't see a problem into having it loaded immediately. For me as a user it automatically comes in mind that the song loading algorithm doesn't work very well for bigger playlists in the WP app. Of course I take into credit that the phone itself is low-end and isn't the fastest one, but even then - my old and slower HTC One S doesn't have any of these problems in the

  • Issue#40363: BLU Studio 7.0: Why doesn't the phone have a camera app?

    When you click on camera or a social app to take a picture or a video, the camera says can't connect to camera. ⟐ Answered January 31, 2016 at 6:20 pm -0700

  • Issue#40442: Android - [Guide] Best ad blocking no app needed for rooted phone

    Figured I should share one of my favorite things about having a rooted android. Ad blocking via host file replacement. This is great as it doesn't use any extra resources other than space (11.4mb for May 20 2014 update) for the host file (the stock host file is tiny and does not have any ad... [Guide] Best ad blocking no app needed for rooted phone

  • Issue#41024: How do i disable guided access on an I phone 5 I click home key 3 times but it does not unlock.

    Very simple question..Bu it won't unlock.